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3600 grafts Dr Koray Erdogan - Asmed Clinic 5th November 2015



Hi Everyone

I recently had FUE surgery at Asmed Clinic to restore my hairline and temples. I started losing my hair about 9 years ago and I was able to cover it up fairly well up until about 1 year ago. Since then it has got much harder to cover it up and it was really starting to annoy me and it was affecting my confidence, so I decided I would have FUE surgery. After looking on this Forum for many months I decided on Asmed clinic because of all the well documented cases and great results from this clinic.

I arrived in Istanbul on the night of 3rd November and was taken to the Radisson Blu by the Asmed driver. The next day I was picked up at 14:30 and took to the clinic for my consultation with doctor Erdogan. I was met by Alessio who had been my point of contact via email and he would also be my interpreter on the day of my surgery and he is a very nice guy. My blood was taken and also blood pressure then they took photos of my hair dry then wet. I then met the doctor and he assessed my hair loss and estimated I have around 8200 grafts available. The doctor drew a hairline which I liked. I was advised 3600 grafts were needed for my procedure which was fine as this is what I was quoted. I then got my head shaved then more photographs were taken and the doctor then made slight changes to the hairline. He asked if I liked it and I did but asked him to make a slight adjustment to my right temple which he did but thinking back I should have left it because it probably looked better how it was before but not a major issue.

On the day of the operation I was picked up at 07:20am along with 2 other guys and we were taken to the clinic. We changed into the clothing given to us by the clinic and the procedure started about 08:00am. The anaesthetic injections were very uncomfortable, maybe even slightly painful but it needs to be done so you just need to man up :) The extractions were finished about 1230ish I then had lunch and after that Doctor Erdogan made the incisions which took maybe around 30 or 40 minutes then the grafts were implanted. There was a few times during the procedure that I felt pain but I just told them and they gave me more anaesthetic. The procedure finished just after 18:30 so it was a very long day as I got all 3600 grafts in 1 day. I was taken back to the hotel and got the head down for the night. I actually had a good sleep after taking the pain killer given to me by the clinic.

The day after the procedure I was picked up and took to the clinic for my 1st wash and they explained how to wash it properly etc. More photos were taken and I was given shampoo, cream and spray along with a usb with all my photos on it. I then flew home the following day. I was quite worried about travelling home afterwards but it was nowhere near as bad as expected, I did get the odd funny look but nobody seemed all that interested. I did see other people at the airport who had a HT done also

The photos I have uploaded are pre op with dry hair and with wet so you can see how much it has receded. Also uploaded photos of the day after the procedure after the first wash and photos taken today at the 2 week mark.



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