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Surgery with Dr. Distefano




This is my first post on this website, i'm suffering from a receding hair line and I'm considering surgery with Dr. Distefano.

Anyone used Dr. Distefano before for his surgery, how good is his work?


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Welcome to our new social community and enhance discussion forum. Blogging is typically used by patients to share their hair restoration experience and photos. Your question would be better addressed by posting it on our popular hair loss discussion forum.


Best wishes,


Bill (Falceros)

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Hi Bill

I had HT with Drs in RI and I would not recommend any of them. They are using triple blade to extract hair follicle and the chances of damaging the hair during extraction is extremely high. I am very disappointed with my HT. I would highly recommend you check Dr in NYC with more experience and definitely do not us triple blades which most Dr s have stopped using them a long time ago.

I know I am late in answering you but I just got on this site recently.

Good luck

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