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For the young men out there.



Hi Guys !!!

This is my first ever attempt at a blog .No point been on this site if your not going to share your experience .

I'm really writing this for the young guys going bald right now and panicking thinking their life is over .

What made me decide to write this is seeing a young guy on-line balding at 22 and basically suffering a complete collapse in self esteem . That to me is dangerous because I was once that 22 year old with the exact same feelings.

I first noticed I was going bald at around 21. You know you go to hairdressers and you get home and go hymn I can see my scalp .It wasn't that noticeable the first year in that no one else could tell except me as I had fairly thick hair at the time .However by the summer of next year my hair loss began to speed up. I tried to ignore it ..ah no big deal its not that bad ect . However other people noticed it and began to pass comments .Hey your going bald ha ha (we have all been there). The problem for me was none of friends were going bald so I became an easy targets for the one liners. Over night I went from a fairly confident guy to a complete mental mess . I thought my life was over .I stopped going out with my friends .Talking to girls not a chance !!. I stopped going to social gatherings and spent most of the summer lying on bed asking God why me ?.

Suffering from a complete collapse of my confidence I decided I needed a quick hair transplant to make my problems go away.I would have been a Norwood 2A at the time. I knew absolutely nothing about hair transplants at the time or the different meds out there. All I knew was that I needed this problem fixed before anyone else noticed I was going bald . I came across a few adds in a newspaper about a world famous hair transplant company that flew surgens in to Dublin .They claimed to be number one in the field and would make your hairloss worries go away for only € 2000 euros, I checked their website and being desperate i said these are the guys for me. I rang the number advertised and was put through to a marketing lady who asked me a few questions and told me i was indeed a candidate for a hair transplant and would i like to book the surgery ?.

Now at the time my confidence was in bits.All i knew was that i wanted the problem solved . I booked a date but alarm bells in the back of my head started going off. It just didn't seem right the setup . Who would go for a surgery with out meeting the doctor well in advance ?. Still i had the money and i was not nothing going to spend another summer suffering with baldness.

Thankfully i came across this website in the nick of time . I do believe that if i had not done some proper digging and found the Hair Restoration Network i would have made the biggest mistake of my life . I cancelled my appointment pretty quickly after reading stories on this forum and counted my blessings .

After looking at other guys stories i started on the Rogaine and to be fair it did slow my hairloss down for a time.

Around the age of 26 my hairloss began to speed up again.So i took the advise of other men on this site and met with a proper HT Doctor .

I was given a years supply of Fintasteride. More important for me was that my mind was put at ease . I was given a realistic outcome to what one could expect from a hair transplant and most importantly i was told that i was a candidate .I was told to take a year or two to think about it and not to rush in to anything .To do it for your self and the right reasons .Unfortunately for me the finasteride is something that didnt work out so i had to stop taking it.

That is my story in nutshell . I just want to warn other young men out there dealing with the shock of going bald .To be careful and DO NOT RUSH IN TO ANYTHING. As you can see the differnce between a proper HT doctor and the chancers are huge.

I hope and pray that as many young men as possible dealing with hairloss find this site and are saved from making a huge mistake as i was.

At the moment i just shave my head and get on with it ,I am not ging to rush in to anything although i plan on having a hair transplant some day .


The Kerryman


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