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Dr Hakan Doganay, 5,000 Grafts FUE - April, 2015



My Hair Transplant experience with Dr Doganay + team

Transplant Date / Graphs – Day 1: 2,500 Grafts ;3 April, 2015 and Day 2: 2,600 Grafts; 4 April, 2015

Surgeon - Dr. Hakan Doganay, Antalya, Turkey

Tools Used - Choi Hair Transplanter / Implanter Pen Technique

Pre-surgery - Norwood 5 / 5a

Cost - 1.5 EURO per graft

Choice of surgeon - I chose Dr Hakan Doganay due to (1) recommendation on the Hair restoration network, (2) communications with Mustafa (doctors representative) and (3) advice from fellow members. I contacted several doctors before making my decision. The pre-communication with Mustafa was brilliant in terms of alleviating all my concerns. I find him to be kind and thoughtful and appreciated his help and advice.

Experience: In advance of my flight, I requested a letter stating the reason for travel to Turkey. I arrived in Turkey on 2 April with my family. We were met at the airport by Kaan (really nice man). He took us to the hospital. I met Dr Hakan Doganay and Muslum. We discussed my hairline and the surgery. I discussed the medication I was on, and they took photos etc. I was then shown my room at the hospital. My family paid to stay at the nearby hotel. Muslum kindly took us around Antalya.

Surgery (Day 1 and 2): In the morning, Dr Hakan Doganay meets you in theatre. He inserted the atheistic injections. His team then completes the extraction using a motorised tool. I then had a break for lunch. Dr Hakan frequently checks progress as does Muslum. In the afternoon, the doctor uses the Choi Hair Transplanter to insert the grafts at the front of the head. Dr Hakan held my skin tight and also checked progress frequently with colleagues. When he took breaks, his team implanted the grafts in the middle / the back of the scalp. 5,000 grafts was split over two days.

Post surgery - I was given post surgery instructions which I followed exactly. I currently take propecia, biotin and use rogain foam every day. I did not take these medications pre -urgery. I have not had any side effects from the medication. I have to cut the propeica with a pill cutter which is not ideal, however, I wash my hands every time I handle the medication as my wife is pregnant.

Opinion: My experience of Dr Hakan Doganay and his team was excellent. They are all really nice people. I read a negative comment regarding Fatima (one of the nurses) - I can honestly say she is very nice and caring. In fact all the team are caring. They looked after me; this was especially important as I had declared pre-existing medical condition. I am currently 6 months post surgery. I am happy with the results!




I have Choi Hair Transplanter / implanter Pen technique

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