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Sessions required for Hair transplantation!



A person, who has been experiencing excessive hair loss and decides to go for a hair transplant, will have to consider several points to consider. The first point is whether to opt for a single session or multiple sessions. In a single session, a large area of the scalp is covered while multiple session where smaller areas covered in every session. It is advisable that one take the advice of your surgeon before considering either of the options. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of both the processes. Advantages of a single session are

1. In a single session, the surgeon or hair specialist will try to cover as much area as possible.

2. As it is a single session, a person would require less number of leaves from work and also require lesser time to recover.

3. Single session hair transplants are less expensive than multiple sessions.

Disadvantages of single session are

1. As a large are of the scalp would be covered in a single session, more strain would be felt by the patient.

2. There may be chances of transplanted hair to fall off over a period of time

3.In case of FUT, the scars might appear bigger in a single session procedure.

4. The hair density obtained may not be of expected level.

Advantages of multiple sessions are:

1. The surgeon gets more time to perform the surgery making it more comfortable and produces good results.

2. The hair density of hair is also great when smaller sessions are used in hair transplant as the hair expert is able to concentrate on perfecting the small area.

Disadvantages of multiple sessions are:

1. Chances of over harvesting on the same area by another surgeon are possible.

2. Ideal hair density may exist in the initial few sessions, after which there may be less density of hair left in the donor area.

3. If the density in the recipient area increases, there can be an increased risk of blood flow to that area which can damage the newly placed grafts. This can make the surgery to be a failure.

4. Multiple sessions require a very experienced hair surgeon and also more staff members to assist him during the surgery.

As seen we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages of both the methods. However, it is highly recommended that one seek the surgeons advice before taking any decision


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