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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Can Help Increase Your Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Body Image



TORONTOOct. 13, 2015PRLogScalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a Hair Loss Treatment that has been around since the 90s. This procedure was not recognized by a large number of people then, and it has gained popularity in the last few years. Scalp Micropigmentation goes by a number of names which include; Hair Tattoo, Hair Loss Treatment, Medical Hairline Restoration, Hair Replication, Hair Micropigmentation Treatment, and Thinning Hair treatment.

Although the SMP procedure goes by several names as listed above, the treatment procedure is the same. Many people, and especially the young ones are quite affected by the effects of balding, and this has lead to low self-esteem, self-confidence, body image, and sexuality. Most of these people have felt embarrassed by the Thinning Hair problem, to the extent of looking for whatever procedures that can assist them in restoring their self-confidence. Some of the procedures that they have gone for, and have produced more devastating results include; Hair plugs, wigs, Hair growth shampoos, hair growth serums, hair conditioners, and hair transplants.

At Scalp Esthetica, we believe that you should first embrace the baldness since it has already come, but you need not live with it. You need to visit us for a Hair Loss Treatment to help you get back your self-esteem by looking like you have just been shaved. The new look after SMP is confident, bold, and daring as well. The Thinning Hair treatment procedure has been known to restore your self confidence and also make you have a new outlook on life. Scalp Micropigmentation is a procedure that is carried out on both men and women of all ages, skin color, skin type and any stage of baldness. Come to Scalp Esthetica and have your scar concealed by the Thinning Hair procedure instead of wearing hair wigs that make you feel uncomfortable all day. SMP procedure does not hurt at all. The customers, who have previously had the procedure carried out on their scalps, describe the experience as multiple mosquito bites.

We apply a medical grade cream on your scalp in order to numb it and reduce irritation and pain during the Thinning Hair procedure. Our pricing for SMP procedure is quite low and mostly depends on the extent of the baldness or scar, and the amount of the work that is being carried out. The cost is approx. $2000 for covering a client’s scalp for Thinning Hair, whether male or female, and up to $5000 for a full Hair Loss Treatment (Alopecia Universalis). Considering that the minimum for a hair transplant procedure is $25,000, the cost of SMP is relatively low. As well, there is no scarring with SMP, nor are there any side effects as with hair transplants. Also, the results of having an SMP treatment are instant, compared to months and years with having a hair transplant.

All you need to do is visit our offices and talk to one of our SMP technicians who will carry out the consultation procedure for free. Because Scalp Esthetica is a very busy clinic, they must limit the time that you can take with the technician, and this is the reason why we encourage you to have the questions that you require answered before visiting the technician. After the consultation, our technician will be in a position to give you an accurate quote, and also answer any and all the questions that you may have regarding the SMP procedure.

Visit www.scalpesthetica.com for more information about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), and you will understand why they have been voted one of the Best SMP Clinics in Toronto for Hair Tattoo and Scalp Tattoo.

Visit us online at:







Scalp Esthetica, 1 Eglinton Ave East

Toronto, Onta





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