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Scalp Micropigmentation: Finding the Best SMP Scalp Tattoo and Hair Tattoo Clinic



Scalp Micropigmentation: Finding the Best SMP Scalp Tattoo and Hair Tattoo Clinic

Scalp Micropigmentation: Finding the Best SMP Scalp Tattoo and Hair Tattoo Clinic

More and more Men and Women have now heard about a new procedure called SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation, also referred to as Scalp Tattoo and Hair Tattoo, to treat baldness, hair loss, hair transplant camouflage and thinning hair.

SMP is becoming more popular worldwide, but potential clients have a hard time choosing the Best SMP Clinic to go to to have a Scalp Tattoo or Hair Tattoo Treatment.

Here are some tips from Scalp Esthetica on finding the Best SMP Clinic:

1) Ensure that the SMP clinic is reputable. Reputable Scalp Micropigmentation clinics have been around the longest, or are associated with larger SMP businesses that have partnered up to provide proven and tested results.

2) Ask to have a consultation first. The SMP Artist or provider should have extensive knowledge of the history of Scalp Micropigmentation, as well as the benefits and the risks associated with having a Scalp Tattoo Treatment. IF they seem not to know their material, benefits and risks, or act and say things that just don’t make sense (i.e. we can do SMP Scalp Tattoo in one day, etc), then they are most likely a new technician and do not have enough experience in the industry.

3) Ask to see Pictures and Videos. However, be very careful. There are companies that are so new that they are showing clients generic pictures of other people’s work on their website and in their photo albums. The Best SMP clinics will have photos and videos of the people they have worked on on their cell phones, computers, cameras, Instagram, etc, with the actual client and the SMP Artist in the picture. If the before and after photos are without the SMP Artist in them, then they are probably a new SMP provider and have very little experience.

4) Ask for references. If in doubt about the Scalp Micropigmentation clinic, ask the SMP Clinic to provide one or two references from actual clients. Most likely, a good SMP Clinic would have a couple of clients that don’t mind speaking about their experience and exceptional results from having an SMP treatment.

5) Ask what kind of needles and pigments they are using. The three most important aspects of the Best SMP clinics are: 1) Experience 2) Needles 3) Pigment.

1) Experience. Experience is key to this process as the SMP Artist needs to know exactly where to place the pigment into the skin. Different racial backgrounds have different types of skin (some thinker, some thinner). As well, if the SMP artist is experienced, they will have dealt with the good and bad of different skin types (oily skin, dry skin, etc). If the SMP artist isn’t experienced enough, they could place the pigment in the wrong placement and/or use the wrong pigment for the skin type and make the treatment too light or too dark for the skin.

2) Needles. The needles used have to be the smallest in size and diameter in order to properly match the clients’ hair follicle size. A new or low cost SMP clinic may not be using the correct size needle and make the hair follicle simulation too large, and thus giving the client a polka dot head (follicles that are too big and look like big polka dots on the head).

3) Pigments. Yes, pigments, not inks. A new or low cost SMP clinic may be using inks instead of stable pigments. The reason stable pigments are so important is so that the pigment doesn’t change color over time and turn clients head blue or green. This happens when so called SMP artists use low quality pigments or inks that are not stable. Non stable pigments deteriorate over time by constant Sun or UV rays or the body may break down the pigment, returning the pigment to its natural colors of blue. The Best SMP clinics have been using their pigments for years and know that it is stable and will never turn color. If anything, once the pigment fades, it should fade into a charcoal or black/grey color, which is much more natural.

Unfortunately, Scalp Micropigmentation is a fast growing industry with many, many happy clients, however, there are pop up companies that are offering this service with very little training, poor pigments and the wrong use of needles, which may give this industry a bad name until these companies are weeded out, close down, or choose to take training from a certified SMP company with years of experience in the field. There are companies in the GTA that even after only a few months of being open are offering training courses, and claiming to be recognized “globally”, even though they aren’t even known or recognized in Toronto, Ontario or Canada.

It is very important for each client to have a thorough consultation with the actual SMP provider and ask questions before choosing the Best SMP Clinic. Scalp Esthetica are the leaders in the industry and are part of the global leaders the SMP industry, Scalp Aesthetics.

Scalp Esthetica is known in Toronto for their expertise in SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Tattoo, Scalp Tattoo and SMP Hair Density Treatments, and are known to be the Best SMP Clinic in Toronto.

Visit Scalp Esthetica at www.scalpesthetica.com for more information about Scalp Micropigmentation treatments they have available. Visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/scalpesthetica or www.instagram.com/scalpesthetica for more real before and after pictures and videos of actual clients, and to see live procedures being completed.

Visit The Best Scalp Tattoo Clinic in Toronto Online at:







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