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FUE Technique for Hair & Hair transplantation effects



FUE stands for follicular unit extraction which is the best invasive method in hair transplantation more comparatively treatments like strip harvesting, the traditional technique in where in a strip of skin is removed from a donor site and cut into individual units, FUE uses an instrument to remove multiple groups of one to four hairs.

Hair Transplantation has some crucial side effects varies according physical human body likely for men and women respectively. There are some side effects crucially defined in the following points as

Hemorrhage and infections : he hemorrhage generally causes due to inexperience operating on scalp. It can be avoided if the patient consults an experienced cosmetic surgeon of repute.

Scarring : Scarring generally occurs with patients who have done strip plantations. It is seen that some patients develop genetic predispositions towards extreme scarring.

Cysts: Cysts generally develop when the hair follicle damage and push deeper the skin layer. They are mainly pimple size lumps that are mainly benign in character.

Hiccoughs: Hiccoughs are often common experience with the patients of hair transplant. The extent of trouble may vary from one person to another. Consulting with a doctor may sooth this trouble.

Numbness: Numbness may prevail until several weeks after transplantation. If it does not reduce after such a time, one should consult a doctor without delaying.


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