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My hairrestoration story



Hi all,

My name is Antanas Molis. I am from Lithiania, Vilnus. I am an engeer. And I am traveling a lot beacuse of my job. I dont live the same place for one year. I am traveling different countries. And I am often forced to change my lifestyle. I have a lot of stress. Of course this effects my organizm.

5 years ago I felt that my hairs getting loss special on the top of my head. It was getting nerves to me. But I didnt have a time to do something about that. But 1 year ago I saw that I got a bald, and I dont have a hair on the top. In that time I was in Istanbul and working there. One of my colleague told me that you should go one doctor here, also he added that medical system is really good in Turkey. Honestly, I didnt believe him and thought that when I will back my country I go to the doctor. But he forced me and I went.

I wanna talk about my first imperession when met with doctor Dr. Cinik and employers there. I was surprised. Hospital was really good, modern and clean. Dr. Cinik and his team was very kindly and friendly. They were trying to please me. I was examined by Dr. Cinik. He explained me everything with details and wrote my inspection report all. And after 1 month ( because I didnt have a time to do my surgery earlier) he did my surgery. After surgery he gave medicines to me and after one day his assintans wash my hairs and they explain how I can do it at home. That was really amazing. Surgery was very good. I was watching TV while surgery. They did a local anesthesia to me. And I didnt feel any pain. And each month I was going for inspection to the hospital. After 4 month my surgery I backed to Vilnus. But they always contacted with me and asked how I am. Now 7 month passed from my surgery and I am really happy with my new hairs. It seems like I have never been bald. And I look like 10 years younger than my age.

I am really thankfull to Dr. Cinik and his team for the great job.

And who have this problem I suggets him and his team indeed. You will be pleased!


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