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Iam good candidate?30 years old



First to say hi friends,coz its really nice reading all posts and helping each other.Iam new member but was behinde whole year here,think i read absolutly all posts :).

Now to say my story

iam 30 years old,started notice receding in my 20 age,probably before but lets say 10 years,was using minoxidil last whole year,now on break 2 months(i order year suply and wait to come),i never was on propecia but planing very soon,iam probably norwood 5.Iam planing my ht december probably,was in contact with one doctor(Demisroy).Question is

Should i go on HT now in december and use my 3500-4000 grafts absolutlo wisely,not even touch hair line(ablosutly not even mm).just put all over scalp,and with medications be ok some time,if i need second HT just go from front slowly to top and i wouldnt mind to have bad crown even after second,just some hair to frame my head,to say i have very very small head.

The worst thing i consider is Shock Loss,so ill be thankfull what someone think about this,is it worth to go?

Here my photos



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