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Booked with Demirsoy 8th Sept 2015



Hi everyone, I'll try and keep this short for now as this is my first time posting on here and I'm doing this from my iPhone and I've already lost what I've typed twice argh !!

Ok, I'm 39 years old been losing my hair since the age of 19/20. I have had two previous HTs in the UK just a few hundred grafts each time this was when my hairloss was in its infancy and I also took Fin at the time. I since had side effects from it so I'm just on minix, biotin and any other natural supplements which come recommend. The first HT was just to fill in my receding hairline and the second was to fill in a strip of hair between my 1st and 2nd 1/3 of my scalp. Neither one was satisfactory and as native hair continued to fall out this became very isolated and was left with a natural tuft in the front centre with transplanted hair including gaps surrounding it. It looks appalling these days and it's only getting worse. I have had no work done to the crown as yet and if I had my way I would have shaved the lot off s long time ago but have been left with the trademark scars which come with strip surgery especially back then. So after stumbling across HRN I discovered there was people out there just like me, and more importantly hairloss experts which offered help advice and support, suddenly I didn't feel so alone anymore and had given me so many options I never thought I would have. So after assessing my financial situation saving hard and taking the plunge I am now typing this from my room in the Asia City Hotel in Istanbul awaiting my procedure with Dr Erkan Demirsoy. I have booked through Health Travels and Dr Demirsoy's agent Clemens Weber. So far I have to say that Mr Weber is amazing, over the last 3/4 months he has arranged everything seamlessly from start to finish, even when I was getting cold feet about coming to Istanbul due to political tensions but his calming influence and his constant help had been nothing short of fantastic I really hope I have the pleasure of meeting him over the next few days. Ill try to attach a few pre op pics to this and update as I go, including when I return from the procedure tomorrow.

Thanks for now.

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So I have been in contact with David the moderator and he has kindly informed of how to create a thread, so when I return to the UK in a few days I will start from the beginning under a new title. I have been taking regular pics and have bought a new digi camera as it's quite difficult to document everything from my iPhone. So for now I'm gonna enjoy my last few days in Istanbul and update everything shortly.


Many thanks



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