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Amazing results- Third procedure--Dr. Ritesh Safaria 2000 grafts



Simple and straight talk, result speaks.

I am not any paid guy or here to promote anyone.

Had 3 hair transplants till now.

1. Dr. Glenn Charls- You can see my first blog and attached pictures


Don't know what went wrong but i just got 40% of growth back, result was not at all satisfactory and i was hoping to get some growth even towards the end of 1 year, contacted Jennifer and dr. Charles and he agreed on looking the result that its just 40% growth and offered me another corrective surgery- which i denied

Left with big scar and unsatisfied result.

Just like a monk i was seeking for something which would give me the peace of mind and worry free hair.

Second Procedure

Dr. AP-India, Delhi

Test graft of 600 grafts FUE--Right temple region

aDid a very clean and nice work-Packed and dense and could see that from my previous surgery .

Results--70-80% growth, i could see see the visible change but again, 600 grafts don't make that big of a change but now i was little more confidant and pull off my public appearance comfortably

Satisfaction level- moderately satisfied but still don;t want to pull my hair back and flaunt a hairstyle.

Third Procedure--THIS GUY IS A WINNER

Did not give and started my search again- Found a Dr. over internet and blogs-did my research about him and saw the results--I must say, those were amazing. I decided to get a procedure done.

Dr. Ritesh Safaria, India, Mumbai

2000 grafts, FUE- Frontal and sides

This guy has magic hands and he can see what actually suits you. I am not any paid guy or here to promote anyone.

Did an amazingly clean and packed work (He still says its was not highly packed though) - Better in any any way from previous procedures - I could see that in a week how it healed and i recovered.

Results--I can jump up and shout out loud- YAHOO-

I think i received 200% growth, happiest ever. Full frontal growth and perfect framing of the face, i could see myself differently and that reflected in my confidence level. Not worried about ant bad hair day anymore or hiding myself from gush of wind.

I will be going for fourth- If required with Dr. Ritesh Safaria

Check my photos for more results

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Amazing results! Do you have any "before" pictures so we can get an idea of how your density was pre-op?? Thanks!

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