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My hair loss story Dr. Feller 2500 grafts Strip procedure



I have been gradually losing my hair for the past 20 years. I always wanted to get a hair transplant but was afraid. Last year I decided to do it and began researching Doctors. After much research and a recommendation from my hair stylist I decided to visit Dr Bernstein. I was examined by his assistant who told me I was a great candidate. He then called in Dr. Bernstein who agreed as well so I booked my appointment with him. The day finally arrived and I arrived at his office 7am excited and ready to go. He explained the procedure again and I went into the room. He then began examining my hair and to my surprise he told me he was unable to do the procedure because I had alopecia areata. Well needless to say I was shocked and dissappointed but thanked him for his honesty. He told me that I should get a series of injections once a month and my hair may grow back. I decided to go to my local dermatologist for the injections. After the 5th one my dermatologist believed that I was misdiagnosed and if I wanted to be certain he could take a sample of my scalp and hair follicles and send them to a specialized lab to be diagnosed. I agreed. Two weeks later the results were in and I had male pattern baldness. I then called and emailed Dr. Berstein to ask if he would reconsider. Neither he nor his office never responded ( very unprofessional ). I began doing some more research and found Dr. Feller and decided to have a consultation with him. Unlike Dr. Bernstein he has a great bedside manner and was very easy to talk to. He told me that I was a great candidate and I booked my surgery date. I just had my surgery done July 21, 2015 2500 grafts strip procedure. It was an amazing experience. His staff was very professional and caring. Dr. Feller is very passionate about his work and it shows.The entire experience was positive.

Dr. Feller I can not thankyou enough and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.


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