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Post FUE appx 2900 grafts Dr Diep



whats up everybody, I have been a long time lurker and after years of research finally took the plunge and got HT'd. I decided on Dr Diep as he has shown very good results and is close to where I live. I wanted close follow up in person throughout the process and money was not a factor. Its been an experience so far that's for sure. I am 20 days post-op today and have had two unique things happen to me post HT. the first night I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and rolled off my neck pillow and dislodged some grafts, the next morning the doc said not to worry as we did so many. 9 days post-op I developed a moderate case of folliculitis-rare. 20 days post-op things are normal, most transplanted hair has fallen out and my scalp is a touch pink. Doner area still healing up and im almost ready to go about normal life again. I am curious if anybody out there has ever had folliculitis so early on and the final result they acheived. Wish me luck!


***Update - super happy with result! It's not 12-year-old thick but it's much much better than where I was at.


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Hang in there buddy!I also had a procedure not too long ago with about the same number of grafts to my hairline.Keep us posted ill do the same.

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