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Hair Piece for a young man



Good day,

I am a 24 year old male losing hair and considering a hair system the reason behind this is a was in a really bad accident, and have ugly scars on my head and I am a professional, and deal with clients on a daily basis and this affects my self esteem and my image and being a professional you need to look good.


In high school I was know for my hair we had an Oscar evening at our school where I won the Oscar for the guy with the best hairstyle, but know I would like to know should I invest in a hair system or not as I am considering it surgery is out of the option and being single will I ever get a Girlfriend again if wearing a piece and is the modern hair system undetectable? As I am very worried about my appearance to women and clients!

That being said girls are attracted to me because you cant see my hair is starting to thin but I want to make a plan, before it gets to bad and when I am bald and then all of the sudden have hair again.


Please serious responses only on this.


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