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My experience



I want to share my experience on my FUE operation which took place on 8th of June 15 in World Hair Center Plast for a fue HT. On that day I was picked up by the driver and another guy whose name was Mahmoud, they were waiting for me at the airport. He drove me to my hotel. All included in the price of 1850 dollars as the summer's package. Mahmhoud the guy I mentioned was with me as a translator and he almost accompanied me to everywhere.

I'm currently 21 years old and since the age of about 18 I have been losing my hair, well that did not make me surprised because my whole family got the same problem. So I needed to have hair transplant surgery, I started to search the net to get info about a good clinic/ doctor and finally I found this clinic.

I have been in touch with Houry who was in charge on facebook's page and phone calls, she explained everything to me with details, in January I called her, and I was so glad because she informed that I am going to have a good result due to my pictures that I sent to her. On 9th June just one day after the operation I was sent to her place where she washed my head with Shampoo and showed me how to do for the next 2 months. I really want to thank Houry for her kindness with me.

On my day of surgery I was picked by same driver and Mahmoud again and driven to the clinic, which provided me with a good first impression. First, I met the doctor and his staff and they started to look at my head, I was glad because they told me that I am going to have a good result because I am young and I have strong hair in the donor area. For month I was watching all the customers’ pictures that have done operations at World Hair Center Plast. I am glad that I did and I've just received 5000 grafts. I had PRP as well, and I was told that PRP makes hair stronger that it was, I really hope it does!

Although I don't expect to see results for at least 3 months, but I am glad that I chose this clinic as my choice. They were very professional, informative, reassuring and helpful through every stage. At this moment in time I can't comment on the outcome because it’s just been 4 days, but I will regularly keep you all updated on the results with photos and hopefully expect excellent results as I was advised that it was a very successful operation.

I would personally like to thank all the staff at World Plast Hair Center for everything and the professionalism that they have. Thank you.

Now all I think about is result, because all I have done was for something that I am going to receive after 6 months, I hope it deserves!

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Just to confirm you had 5000 Grafts not 5000 Hairs done? Do you have any before pictures to give an idea to what level of hair-loss you were pre-operation??


Glad you had a great experience!!!

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