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recent FUE procedure 1400 grafts



Hi there


I have just had a FUE procedure to my frontal area. ( 3 days ago). it was performed at the DHI clinic.


I also had around 150 grafts placed into my scar. 1400 to the scalp. was suppossed to get around 1800 but they did not have a 1mm punch and the surgeon had to stop harvesting as he was transecting the larger hairs with the smaller punch and therefore stopped. they are planning on refunding me the difference in the hairs that werent transplanted.


There is a lot of excellent information on this website and i would appreciate some comments regarding my photos and post op regime.

so far all appears well. the only problematic bit has been the donor area which aches and oozes. i am applying fucidin on it and have only recently started washing the area with baby shampoo.


i am not sure when to wash the recepient area on the scalp and also the scar. the clinic recommended 3/4 days.


how do i do this? with a mild soap or anti septic pads and dab the area?


i am still taking the finasteride but not sure whether to start minoxidil and when?


is it ok to take anti histamines for the itchying?


thanks everyone for your input


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anybody out there? now day 9. hoping for some answers and support. come on guys...

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I have noticed that things are a bit slow on the blog comments (I myself am blogging my surgery). From what it looks like the surgery went well. Have you researched the surgeon who did your procedure? I do Minoxidil Foam and I was advised that after Day 10 it should be OK to use. I waited until day 15 anyway just to be safe. Never personally saw the facial transplantation but I guess that should work. How are you feeling so far??

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thanks peter


yeah i did look him up but didnt find much on him. however when i went to the clinic i met aother patient who had the procedure done and was very pleased with the outcome.


i am now at 4 weeks since the procedure. to be honest i am dissapointed that they shaved all of my hair at the time of the surgery. as i was fully aware that the receipient site would take time to fill in but now i have 2 really noticeable areas of bladness which i have no hair to cover with.


i have now resigned myself to use camoflage hair fibres until the hair hopefully grows.


i am taking finasteride, 7% minoxidil and various vitamins to try and get the hair to grow quickly.


i know its just a waiting game but its very frustrating.


on the facial side - that seems to be doing much better. most of the transplanted hair remains in place. i have yet to shave but hope to do so this weekend. i will post more pics up




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Ya I shaved my head down for my procedure as well. I did it simply because the surgeon expressed it's easier for him for implantation and to get a better idea on where I needed the most grafts. That sold me. Right now I'm still keeping it low so that I can easily apply the Scarguard to my donor area. Going to do it for 2-3 months so it kinda sucks because it makes the scar SUPER obvious for now. But I just look at is as a means to an end. Rather it look shitty now than risk a bad scar that would need correcting later.


Were you taking Finestride and Minoxidil pre-op or did you start that post-op? Also I've noticed, for me, that I had a lot of hairs from the surgery implanted that never shed but only on my right-corner hairline. Did you have a similar experience?


Other than that we both get to live in this hell that is WAITING, haha. Hoping for great results for us all :D

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