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The story so far....



Just registered and thought I'd post to say think it's great that a forum like this exists to support and inform.

in brief I've always had a problem with a lack of hair as I was born with a rather large hairless cyst type growth on the crown of my head. My hair didn't fall out in this area it was just always there - a raised perfectly circular bald patch. Not a great look for a teenager! Fortunately when I was very young I had thick hair and this covered it - I started losing my hair young and with the existing bald spot this looked a lot worse than it was.

Anyway, concerns from my Doctor that the 'cyst'' was growing and my dislike with the way it looked led to me having it removed a few years ago. This left a nasty scar but for a while it looked ok to me.

Fast forward a few years and my hair loss has accelerated, I've lost a lot of hair in the crown area, the scar is very noticeable now.

I visited a trichologist around 7 months ago and started propecia, it, felt good to be doing something positive about my situation, she gauges me at a NW 3. No big changes so far, but I've decided to take it for 12 months before judging. If things look good at the 12 month stage I am hoping to visit Dr Farjo to discuss FUE. I feel I would need to have a test surgery first as not sure how transplanted hairs will take in my scar. Also I currently buzz my hair very short (sometimes a 1/2 grade) and I don't think this would be possible after FUE, so I would like to get an idea of the FUE scars on a small scale first. I think I have fairly realistic hopes - a diffuse filling of hair in my thinning crown and my scar camouflaged would be ideal. Would really like to still be able to buzz my hair but maybe to a grade 2 or 3. Keeping everything crossed! Any feedback or comments welcome, I'm not posting pics currently maybe in time as I get more familiar with the forum - best of luck everyone.




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