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27yo NW3 considering HT



I am 27yo and considering a ht sometime in the next 6-12 months. My hair started to recede when I was around 20yo and by 21 I started 1mg propecia and 5% rogaine foam (along the hairline). Since then, my hair has been fairly stable with the exception of mild thinning along the hairline and temples. I haven't noticed any hairloss anywhere else. I would classify myself as being close to a NW3 with a naturally high hairline. My dad didn't start losing hair until his 60s and some uncles on his side range from NW2-4. My mom's side is another story: I have one uncle around NW5 and another around NW7. I did a lot of research and almost got a ht when I was 23yo but came to my senses and waited. It's now 4 years later (27yo) and I am considering getting either an FUE or FUT procedure to solidify a mature hairline. I don't want to lower my hairline much because I want it to still look good in 30-40 years. I'm not sure which procedure would be best for me. I am considering Dr. Konior, Shapiro, Rahal, or Feller. The reason I am posting this is becasue I am worried about the uncertanties of getting a ht at such a young age (i.e. what if I am genetically destined to progress to NW7?). Any advice from someone wiser than myself would be greatly appreciated. I want a ht because my hairloss definitely affects my confidence. Thanks.


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