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Minoxidil and Finasteride after FUE Transplant



Hi All,

i recently made the decision to have a Fue Transplant. I had 2800 hairs transplanted in the front of my hairline.

Before the surgery I had never used any hair loss medications. My doctor has recommended I start minoxidil and Finasteride for a period of 6months only starting Monday 25th of April. I am abit off the idea after doing some forum reading. A lot of people are saying Finasteride is a long term medication once started you should not stop. Also it could take up to year to even see the benefits, plus the possibility of the nasty side effects. I can't understand why I would be prescribed this for 6months only? Considering what ever gain I may make in the 6months will be lost once I stop these medications. Some feed back on any one that may have been prescribed the same over such a short time period or any advice really would be greatly appreciated.




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