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Melbourne to Brussels - March 2015



Now 46 years old, I had my first strip procedure in 1992 @22 years old with Dr Barry White here in Melbourne Australia. This was almost pre internet, so research was very limited. I had 2 or 3 procedures with Dr White. I'm not sure how many grafts in total, but by today’s standards, the results were poor

Around 2005 I had another procedure with Dr Jenifer Martinick, during my consultation with Dr Martinick, I was told this would be last strip procedure as my donor hair was very limited. In 2006 I had strip revision again with Dr Martinick, the idea of this was to reduce my scar so I was able to cut my hair shorter,

During my surgeries in Australia, I would have had around 3500 grafts transplanted in total, to me it looked like about 1500.

I started to do some research online a few years ago and was very impressed by the results people were getting with the latest hair transplant techniques.

I then found this site and started looking for a surgeon.

As my donor hair was very limited, and strip was out of the question, I was looking for someone who was not only one of the best FUE surgeons, but also proficient in performing body hair transplants.

With a few different doctors in mind, and unable to fly all over the word for face to face consultations, I arranged to meet 2 doctors in Malaysia at the ISHRS convention in October 2014.

The first doctor i met was Dr Jose Lorenzo, who a lot of people speak very highly of...

The other was Dr Christian Bisanga, who also has an excellent reputation on this forum

To cut a long story short I chose Dr Bisanga, he was much more approachable and thorough in the consultation, and also felt he was more comfortable with body hair transplants and a lot more optimistic

If you were ever struggling to decide between which doctors to go with, or had a difficult repair case, I would highly recommend travelling to one of the conventions held. It’s the best place to meet with all your chosen doctors in one place.

After to returning to Australia, I made a booking with Dr Bisanga at the end of March for 2 days of surgery

I arranged for 3 weeks leave from work, and flew over to Brussels, I think it took around 26hrs. From Melbourne to Singapore, Singapore to Dubai, Dubai to Brussels.

After checking into the Hotel Catalonia in Brussels around lunch time on the Saturday, I pretty much slept a lot until my first day of surgery on the Monday.

I arrived at 8am sharp as requested, filled out the paperwork with a quick consultation with the Doctor, and changed into a gown, had some photos taken and ready for surgery.

It felt like I was in the chair, shaved down and getting the anaesthetic by 9am. The time seemed to fly.

A very easy day, 1200 grafts in total

The next day was a little harder. Not starting until 10am, I had another 700 grafts from my head, 557 from the beard and 335 from the chest.

I dont think we finished until 8pm...

The beard hair went into my strip scar, this was the only uncomfortable part of the surgery, as it was late in the day and i was beginning to feel a little restless

If you have previously had strip before, FUE is a walk in the park in my opinion..

Healing time is so much faster..

To cut a long story short, i was ready to fly back home on Friday.

I was given a black bandanna to wear and a letter from BHR, explaining i just had surgery in case i was questioned by customs.

I skipped through passport control and customs without a problem..

I was very happy with the outcome of the first surgery i returned again 12months later in March 2016

This time i had 1217 FUE grafts and 890 beard hair.

On this trip i returned home around 4 days before the Brussels airport bombing.

Security was a lot higher this time, looking back i suspect they knew something was about to happen

I was questioned on arrival on my reasons for visiting Brussels, and had to provide documents of my hotel reservations and credit cards

And on leaving when going through security they asked me to remove the bandanna, i showed them the letter, and was taken to a private room to show i wasnt hiding anything under there...

I wanted to write this up and share a little bit of my story on this site, as it provided me with a lot of information in solving my hair loss.

As you can see from the photos of my original work done, it wasn’t pretty.....

At least now i can go out in public without wearing a baseball cap and not feel so self-conscious











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Anthony I have just received your message. Many thanks!

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