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  • Senior Member

The results are looking good!

Are you Planning for second round or you satisfied?

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  • Regular Member

I have no immediate plan because it takes so many months before you don't need a hat and . However, should I find myself in a position where I can work from home for a few months and I get another $10,000 to spend, I wouldn't be adverse to the idea. I'd like to get the top filled in as you see it's a bit thin looking.

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  • Senior Member

Well I guess around 1500 Grafts will be enough to fill your top or even Fin and Minoxidil will do the job.

Are you on Minoxidil or Fin?

Read your whole blog, well your journey was awesome.

Hope you enjoying your new hair :)

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  • Regular Member

No, I'm not on any drugs. I purposely got a HT because I didn't want to be on them for the rest of my life.


I stand corrected. $7500 then. ;-)

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