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hey dude been following your progress the whole way and I understand you dissatisfaction so far but I've followed a bunch of other people and with fut those last six months are the best,there's another guy on YouTube whose hair from months 1-9 was so so then ten improved and now it's insanely thick,try your best to not worry and wait out the 12 months and keep in contact with your dr best of luck man look forward to your next vid

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Thanks for the encouraging words bro! This month is looking better, but its hard to gauge it since I'm trying to grow it out now. Hard to stay patient, it's probably the worst part. Haha


See ya



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Saw the latest video and it's looking good man,I feel like your right on the verge of an enormous growth spurt..I know your probably checking the mirrors a bit but remember bro even the littlest bit of stress is no good,take it easy and enjoy the spring and your gonna be pealing the ladies off ya come summer time kid...see ya in a month

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