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Longevita Review ( Istanbull) - Trichologist Kazim Sipahi



Hi Everybody

Where to start......Well I am not here to discuss my reasons for choosing Longevita and my Surgeon Kazim Sipahi, but more to give an honest review of the whole process. I have been reading this forum for a couple of years, and due to personal circumstances, my window of opportunity for a HT was this month. By nature I am an indesisive person who would normally procrastinate over minor decisions. Why I chose Longevita boiled down to Value, Professionalism and Patient reviews. If your main concern when choosing a HT is value / price, well it would seem that Turkey is the place to go. There are probably over 40 clinics to choose from, and when reading reviews of the number of doctors an clinics, please remember that bad news travels a hell of a lot faster than good news.

Pre- Op Correspondence/ Communication

With such a competitive marketplace in Turkey alone for HT customers, I would expect nothing but excellent communication from any clinic and Longevita were no diferent. From the moment i submitted my initial request for further information, all my queries responded to by email or text with 24 hours. All texting was via Whats App with no charge our end. There were just some nice touches, with random texts asking how i was and if I had any further queries. I even started to build a raport with the 2 people i had dealt with over a 2 month period. Score 9/10

Choosing my Doctor

There are 3 surgeons with Longevita, who also include Dr Resat and Dr Karadeniz. To br brutally honest Kazim was the cheapest. A Tricohlogist in fact. I tried to source the exact details and diferences between a Tricholigist and qualified HT Surgeons without success. But what swayed me, was that it was a lot easier to find negative reviews on the other 2 doctors. There was actually very little information on the net regarding Kazim. It was not until I was in contact with a fellow forum member when I wassatisfied that KAzim was the DR for me. KAzim does not speak English and I was informed that the majority of hs patients are also non english speaking and hence it was dificult in finding reviews. Alo the Dr had over 7000 proceedures under his belt and was still quite young, so I went with my gut


Typical all inclusive package to include airport transfers in a Mercedes, 2 nights accomodation, proceedure for unlimited graphs and medical aftercare. This also included a pre consultation skype consultation with Kazim and his translator. All in €1900 + €250 flights. So I got 3000 graphs at roughly 75c per graph whoch on paper seems to be excellent value. Score 8/10

Day 1 Consultation

I will not go into the full background here, but please be aware that Longevita are an agency and not the practice. The proceedure was carried out by Estethica in Istanbull. On arrival to the clinic, I was a little bit shocked at the age profile of the people walking around in scrubs. Who were at least partly the techicians involved. I had a lump in my throat at the thought of some kid out of medical school taking lumps out of my head. Afterall , I was assured that the team that Kazim worked with, had been with him a number of years. Secondly there were probably 5/6 patients waiting to be seen. I cant say for sure that Kazim would be meeting all of them, but he certainly met with some. I was always aware at the start that there was a reason for budget prices and this was it. I was assured that part of my package was to include a host, who would be with me most of the day. However there was no host. I met with Kazim, and a translater in his office. We had a brief discussion after he examined my donar area with his fingers. It was only that I asked, that he informed me I would have 2200 -2500 graphs. Considering on the skype call, he had suggested they can do 5000 graphs in one session, and I had an unlimited graph package I was a little annoyed. I had asked if that included work on the crown and he said no. I told him i Wanted extra density at the back, and he said he would not recommend. I infomed him that regardless I wanted some, so extra 500 graphs was agreed. So a total of 300 graphs was agreed, which was the figure I had in mind. Considering I wanted to give the graphs and existing hair the best chance of recovery. Even though a translator was there, it was not an inviting consultation to have a good chat of the various pros/ cons. Simply due to people coming and going into his office during our meeting. I did not pursue his resaon for not recommending the crown graphs but suspected workload may be to play. A hairline was agreed at the first attempt. I then got the head shaved, a quick change into scrubs. The translator infomed me that he had to visit more patients, and i would see him tomorrrow. I never saw him again. Score 6/10


The room was small but clean. I thought I would be offered a valium or similar, but I wasnt. Kazim was present with 2 technicians. One of which was in his 30's which was a relief. Nobody spoke English, but i was infomed if I had any questions to ask for Eddie, a staff member who spoke English. I expected to see more of eddie but I didnt. First part was the anesthetic which was the only painful part. And now the extracting began.....

When choosing these budget clinics. It was my understanding that the technicians would do the majority of the labour, with the Dr playing a supervisory role. I was delighted when Kazim performed the full extraction of follicles. This took about 3 hours after which I had a toilet break. I returned again, and Kazim continued to perform the full 3000 punctures. In my eyes the extraction of follicles and the puncture of holes for placement is the skilled element of the whole proceedure. I was delighted that I had Kazims full attention.

After this was a lunch break. The food food was cold, but I didnt care. I was on cloud 9. After this the graphs were implanted by his technician. I didnt see Kazim again after lunch. Not even to asses the implantation. Eddie dropped into the surgery to ask if I had any questions, but it was to late really. I wanted to count the graphs but i couldnt comminicate this properly. Overall The fact that Kazim looked after the majority of the work which I wasnt expecting I was very pleased. Score 9/10

Medical Pack.

I was given painkillers, antibiotics, tablets for swelling, a hat, a headband and a spray and shampoo. What was a concern on reading some further posts was that I did not recieve any sterile spray or solution to use on my first night.

Day 2 Check Up

Day 2 was to involve removal of bandages, instructions for cleanup and a consultation regarding further medical treatments. Minoxidill & Propecia. The whole consulatation was non existent. I was led into a small room where Kazim removed the bandages and applied disinfectant. This was where the head was shaved. I then sat in a waiting room where I was joined by kazim and Eddie, amongst many other staff and patients. He told me everything went well. This was not a consuation or a confortable environment to have agood chat. I wanted to know of the pros/ cons of the suggested medicine, however I soon realised that I would find more objective information here. I also asked he he would recomment any natural products or vitamins. His answer was no. After that I didnt want to waste any further time. I realised that the internet and this forum in particular are better to get odjective information so I left. Score 4/10


I suppose I can only score this based on the assumed good results . If you are the type of person who needs there hand held and a more one to one service, well then pay the extra money. This is budget for a reason, and that is that they can charge less due to the volume of patients they treat. I personally have no problem with that. Would I recommend, YES. Score 7/10

2 Days later, How am I feeling

Its funny to think I was more concerened with what hat i would wear on the way home. I didnt wear any. I couldnt give a rats ass, if the whole airport turned around and pointed at me. It was over, and I was on my way home. Regarding the hairline, some may think its a little lopsided, but again I dont give a rats ass, causeI have a hairline which I didnt before !!

My own questions

Please feel free if i have missed anything or if you have any questions.

From my own perspective I would like to know, what you guys reccommend for aftercare ? Natural products / Vitamins / Sprays. The spray received at the clinic is called D-Panthenol which contains vitamins a, e and f. It is used before shmpoo

Lastly, I am been a little lazy as there are so many other blogs regarding minoxidill /propecia. I am aware of the potential side effects of propecia and Up to know I have decided to pass. I got a 3 month supply of minoxdill at the clinc, which I was advised to use after one month to the transplanted hair only. Is this right ? I have read a number of posts which suggest that on stopping using minoxidill, the new hair or stringer hair will fall out . This is not for me. I dont want to sign up for anything that invloves a lifetime contract


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