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Hair Transplant Fail in Reno, Nevada



I'm a native to Reno, Nevada and there is only one hair transplant doctor here. Dr. Wesley Hall Sr. (AKROS HAIR RESTORATION)

His father was a reputable plastic surgeon in town and now his youngest son is a plastic surgeon too. 3 generations.

my doctor Dr. Hall senior was our hospitals chief of staff. I had no doubt that he had a great pedigree.

im still not sure if I'm a case where transplants just don't work or its my doctors fault.

After two procedures of 600 grafts each I have extremely low yield / density. Almost nothing.

Doctor wants to do it a third time, at no charge but I've lost hope and consider going to Dr. John Diep in San Francisco for repair.

I also have pitting at recipient site where my doctor claims it is just how my skin reacted and not his fault. He doesn't know why the grafts aren't taking.

Suggestions? Comments? Input is welcome


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