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Is there any possibility of reversing premature graying of hair?



It is the beauty of hair that adds to the beauty of a face and overall appearance of a person. It is not an exaggeration, but an actual fact. We are very much interested to enhance our overall look by styling our hair in various ways. Nice hair is actually a boon gifted to the people by the god. Everybody wants it to be attractive.

Whether you are in the 20s or 50s, seeing gray hairs coming in, is definitely symbolic of aging and the passing of time. But, any physical sign of aging is not something to be ashamed of. It is indeed social obsession relating to youth.

Normally, aged people do have their hair gray. However, there are other factors, like genetics and environment that cause gray hair prematurely. More detail can be found at Gaizupath. The graying of hair is genetically set. But, the problem is with the premature graying of hair. So, let us first attend to some of the conditions that cause hair to go gray before it is supposed to be:

Disorder of Thyroid: The thyroid gland if doesn’t work in right order, can have devastating effect on your health, including the hair.

Anemia: The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can turn hair gray. Lack of consumption of animal products, or inability to absorb the vitamin may lead to this problem.

Smoking: Addiction to smoking contributes to the untimely graying than necessary.

Early menopause: Early arrival of menopause might lead to early graying of hair.

Vitiligo: It is an acquired skin disease characterized by patches of unpigmented skin. It also leads to graying of hair.

Now let’s move on to the main drive of the topic: Is there any possibility of reversing premature graying of hair? Can it be reversed?

Researches in different countries like the USA, UK, Europe, and Japan have been carried out in two directions

  1. On mice using stem cells, and
  2. Dipping and removing the development of hydrogen peroxide that is responsible for the removing of the color of the hair.

Research for Stem Cell: The main thesis of research is that the stem cells go on repairing and building our bodies by creating more and more cells. The researchers found out that the point where the cell material enters the body, the hair began to grow there. The original color of the hair that was lost comes back alive. The process that functions here is the rekindling of melanin which is responsible for keeping hair black.

Research for Hydrogen Peroxide Reduction: This research based on the hypothesis that gray hair is the consequences of the natural build up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. Now, the question is whether reducing and removal of that chemical from the hair follicles help preventing the graying of hair.

The researchers in the two areas showed much promise to restore color. It is just the matter of time for the methods to be in use for hiding gray hair. Now it is the time to say no to the activities of the past. The experimenters are very much positive in getting effective results in reversing the gray hair.

Graying of hair is very natural to human being. If it is not of your choice, there are lots of options to turn it as you like. But, what is more important is that anything you do must be preceded by adequate knowledge.


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