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My FUE story in Greece.........I am from London!



After many years of suffering from the psychological effects of hair loss, I decided to do something about it. I started my research by plowing though the immense amount of information on the Internet and locals clinics. Where do you start, with such vast amount of information out there. I soon realised that the offering is the UK, London, where I am from, isn't that great and I started looking abroad. It is a daunting task and my research took me over 4 years as there are so many surgeons out there offering the same thing, but in different ways somehow. If I am honest I couldn't plug up the courage to have it either as I was scared of the actual surgery.

One of my friends, unbeknown to me, had it done and the results were amazing. That gave me the final push I needed and I went ahead and booked the best FUE surgeon (I felt) my money could buy. I must stress that money wasn't a hindrance for me as I would have saved up whatever was needed and it wasn't a deciding factor, finding the right surgeon was. After many months, of calling and getting quotes, I booked my surgery with Dr. John Gouras from the Hair Genesis clinic in Athens, Greece who is a European renowed expert in FUE. I am very meticulous and academic in my research and I felt that this was the best surgeon for me, due to reputation, past client base (famous figures in the media as well as various appearances in Greece/Cyprus Extreme Make over and many other accolades). What also impressed me was that I wasn't sold grafts, hairs and all that, as that's confusing but I was sold a total result. Much to my surprise it was affordable, which meant I could go ahead and not have to spend ages saving.

On the day of my surgery, the team of Plastic surgeon (Dr Gouras), anesthetist (Dr Panagiotis Lemonos), surgical dermatologist (Dr Katerina) and three nurses couldn't have made me more comfortable if they tried. I must stress that these people are experts and all they do is FUE from 8am till 8pm and their office was filled with international clients. I know this sounds weird but we had a great day and I wasn't in any discomfort at all. I spent the entire day chatting and it was clear that they were all committed to achieving the best possible result. After 8 hours the frontal area was completed and I was able to return to my hotel, so that I could return a couple of days later for the rest of the procedure on the rear area, for another 4 hours. I experienced no pain afterwards and swelling was minimal. I was extremely well looked after and I couldn't have had an easier experience. I think the quality of the surgery determined my speedy recovery, I was so surprised that I wasn't in any pain at all nor did it all look too bad.

Four months on, I have absolutely no scars, my hair has started to grow and I have a better hair line that I even had naturally. My confidence has shot up and I am seeing something in the mirror that I haven't seen in years......me....I just didn't look like me anymore before my surgery. I so wish I had it done years ago and I know I chose the right clinic for my FUE and all of my research paid off. Amazing result.....

Contact me if you have any questions. Regards Mark


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