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Hair loss research scientist



Hi All-

A word of disclosure to begin this blog. I am directly affiliated with and compensated by HairGenesis®, a naturally derived product line focused on the treatment of pattern hair loss. Although its not my intention or desire to use this forum as a platform to pitch my spiel, I want to make it clear that what I do for a living these days, has a a lot to do with the HairGenesis® product line. That said, I believe my years of experience in this industry may provide value that transcends pointing candidates toward a treatment product, mine or anyone else's. Instead, I'd like to offer myself as a passingly experienced professional resource, able to pass along and discuss the latest advances in hair loss research as well as some of the underlying mechanisms which influence the disease process --- some of which that are only now coming to light.

Some of you know a lot about the physiology of hair loss, and the treatment options available. Some, very little. I'm not an M.D. and I cannot and will not offer medical advice. But I will bet there are few out there, regardless of their credentials possessing the depth and breadth of knowledge I possess in this area.

Because I've also spent more than ten years as a partner in a surgical hair restoration clinic I think I can offer a generally sensible opinion in and around that subject. Moreover, prior to my involvement in transplant surgery, leading to pure research today, I spent several years working in a center that dealt solely with non-surgical hair replacement systems. So I learned a bit about that side of the industry too.


It might interest you to know that I entered this field with a genuinely personal agenda. When I was about 24 years old my previously thick and dense head of hair began to thin -- at an alarming rate (at least it was alarming to me). Because I was working as a professional model at the time the loss of my hair impacted my livelihood, not just my ego. Though more than half a lifetime ago, I still remember the sense of incredulity and anguish I felt at the dearth of good treatment options available in the mid 1980's. Pretty quickly I decided I could do more to help improve things working from the inside rather than lamenting from the outside. Twenty six years later, and though my contributions have been vanishingly modest at best, I'm still at it. This then is a bit about me. I will close where I began by promising to offer as unbiased an opinion as someone in my position can offer. Let's see if I can be helpful --- that's really my intention here.


Geno Marcovici, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer



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