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My experience with hair transplantation in Turkey


i am john form UK, 36 years old.

after 6 years of suffering from baldness, i took the decision to have a hair transplant surgery, and after searching on internet, i found that turkey is one the best places to do kind of treatment,
I attended a list of the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul. By comparing features and prices, I found that bestfue center is my best option, especially after seeing some of their previous clients results.

I communicated with them, and They asked me some pictures of my head from all angles. They asked me about my medical condition and my medical history, To know whether there were any obstacles or impediments to the process.

Then they asked me to determine the date of my arrival in Turkey, and asked me to send a copy of the plane reservation so that the crew would be waiting for me.

I took the decision, Booked to travel and I sent them a picture of the ticket.

When I arrived everything was equipped, The reception staff was very helpful.

The hotel was nice and 5 star, I rested on the first day and started preparing myself for the procedure the next day.

I was scared at first but the doctors team assured me.

Nur Deniz the specialist in hair transplantation in the center came to me and drew the lines which the hair transplant would based on.

after that the three stages of the process began:
A- The extraction of the hair follicles:
B- The making of the incisions
C- The transplantation of the hair follicle

Everything was easy and fast, the process lasted 7 hours, and was absolutely painless.

They then took me to rest in the hotel, I came on the second day to make the first wash in the center, which is very necessary, They washed my head and taught me how to wash it for the next 10 days, and They gave me a treatment bag, containing a special laundry shampoo and some creams and medicines needed during the recovery period، and Wish me a good trip.

Their communication team stayed in touch with me throughout the past year, and my pictures were still asking to see the evolution of the situation and results, which is pleased me.

This center suggested to anyone who wants to perform hair transplant, because it has a competent staff, good translators and ethical conduct, and the prices of their services are suitable for all.



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