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In need of advice for next hair transplant

Hello folks,
Firstly thanks to everyone who provide their opinions regularly on this forum, although this is my first post many of you have provided me with a lot of useful information over the past couple of years.
My story: Currently 22 years old male from London, started losing my hair at a very young age, got an FUE transplant at the age of 21!! In this thread I do not want to say who was my chosen surgeon, as I am going to write a full thread on my experience and before/after pictures etc. So at the time of my transplant I was on propecia, but unfortunately I had to stop taking the drug due to sides 6 months ago. I now use Finasteide gel (topical). Anyway, I had 3000 FUE grafts and it was an amazing result, however my hair loss is progressing and it doesn't look as good now. I use toppik and with that it looks good.
My plans: So I think a few people will think that my best option would be to wait, but I am planning on getting another hair transplant. My donor area is no longer plentiful, but I have been told I have 3,000-4,000 scalp hair remaining. I am thinking about going to Dr Umar for a transplant consisting of 1/3 scalp and 2/3 beard grafts, and adding density to the whole top of my head. I would keep the hair buzzed down and combine it with temporary smp. Dr Umar said that from the pictures, he estimates this could be achieved with 3,000-4,500 grafts (1/3 scalp, 2/3 beard). My thinking is that, say if I got 4,500 grafts, that would bring my total up to 7,500 grafts. This should provide adequate coverge in the nw5 area, right?
The purpose of this thread was to get impartial advice, I am already grateful for all that I have learned from this forum, and would appreciate some advice on my specific case.



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