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    My video is now online!


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  2. International And American Hair Loss Associations: Who are ISHRS and ABHRS?



    A lot of people realize that after they decide to have the hair transplant procedure, there is chaos everywhere. Clinic websites have different designs and offer, but it is hard to trust information on a random website. After all, hair transplant journey is a long journey. There are agencies too but the problem is the same, these are all on the selling/profit side. You need someone objective to help you through the decision making process. This is where ISHRS and ABHRS come to aid. But what are they?

    ISHRS and ABHRS are two organizations, one international, one American. They are both non-profit organizations and aim to help people with hair loss and restoration. 



    Why Were They Needed?


    Hair loss was a significant problem for a lot of people. With the increasing life-quality of the society, a need for preventing hair loss was present. The high-stressful jobs and lives we have caused us to lose more hair. Therefore, people started looking for ways to stop it. In some cases, there was not any hair left to protect from the loss. For them, hair regrowth was necessary. These problems led doctors to start looking for solutions.  Many different ideas and inventions were in the market to solve hair loss problem. 


    In the 1990's, the need for hair restoration led to the invention of the FUT technique. The surgeons were using hair implants to fill the bald area with hair follicles. This new technology spread fast across the world. Many doctors from the different countries begun performing FUT operation. 


    Eventually, the FUT method was a significant solution to solve the hair loss problem permanently. However, this created a need for establishing the highest standards in the hair restoration society. In 1993, some pioneer surgeons in this idea formed the ISHRS organization. 



    Mini ISHRS logo hair transplant organization


    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


    The idea behind this organization was, educating its doctors with new technologies and inventions so that the people suffering from hair loss could receive the highest possible outcome from the surgery. They believe that this is only possible through educating their surgeons constantly. Consistent researching and development is ISHRS vision for its member surgeons.


    Naturally, ISHRS has requirements for its surgeon to participate in congresses and researches frequently while performing the surgery personally. In each conference, the doctors from all around the world meet in one city. For almost a week, participants demonstrate their inventions or techniques so that the doctors can perform it in their countries. The members present innovations in hair loss and restoration.



    ISHRS has a critical mission. The organization aims to educate and protect consumers about the increasing numbers of unlicensed personnel or physicians with minimal training worldwide performing hair restoration surgery. They want to inform patients about the dangers of medical tourism, and the importance of consumers researching a qualified hair transplant surgeon (ishrs.org).



    Dangers Of Medical Tourism


    We witnessed hundreds of patients each month suffering from the issues with the medical tourism. Especially in some countries, the share of the black market and technician use are increasing. Some clinics and doctors aim to increase revenues. One of the ways for doing so is hiring technicians. They believe teaching the hair transplant procedure to an ordinary person and supervising that individual is sufficient. The idea behind this strategy is to have multiple surgeries a day meaning various revenues a day. From a business point of view, this is maximizing profits.


    ISHRS aims to stop this, and they do not accept any of their members' activities involving these. If a doctor chooses not to follow this rule, the committee expels the individual. ISHRS believes a doctor should be ethical, and loyal to their oath. Because usually when the patients complain about their surgery, we generally see technician involvement. Imagine the outcome of operation when there is a risk even with a very experienced surgeon. Even the best surgeons make mistakes. Now, imagine a technician is the one performing everything. Even when the surgeon supervises it, can he stop a mistake before it happens? 


    Black Market

    There is something even worse than technician involvement. That is the black market. Some people don't want to pay a large amount of money for hair transplants. Or they care about the financial part of the surgery more than the outcome. People in the market who are aware of this sad fact buy the equipment necessary for the procedure and perform it themselves. 


    A lot of people don't believe that such a thing exists. But the ugly truth is, it does. The black market increased significantly in the latest years and became an essential topic in ISHRS. Today, ISHRS actively fight the black market to protect the patients.



    ISHRS logo


    Fellow Members


    In 25 years, ISHRS expelled many of its members for not complying with the rules. But still, there was an issue with the current members; some doctors joined ISHRS only for the benefits. Because it is the most reputable organization within the hair restoration society, doctors wanted to convert this into profits. By doing the bare minimums, they stayed active members in the community and kept their certificates. Also, some other doctors wanted to be active, but either they couldn't find time to participate more or afford the expenses, they stayed less active.


    This led to a need for a higher class of members so that the people could distinguish the active and honorable members more easily. Therefore, ISHRS introduced its fellow members to the society.

    ISHRS Quote: 

    "In order to be considered, the hair restoration surgeon must achieve a specific level of points in a system of various educational parameters such as serving in leadership positions, American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) certification, writing of scientific papers, teaching at scientific programs, among others.

    It is a great honor for a member to achieve the Fellow designation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS). This recognizes the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field. To maintain this status, the surgeon must continue to meet established educational criteria over time." 


    This new class of surgeons within the organization ensured the highest standards possible for the hair restorations society. The most important reason is, these fellow members have to participate the community actively. They have to score a minimum of points continually. Otherwise, they are no longer fellow members. These members host workshops and teach the new generation about the best hair transplant techniques. 


    The fellow members also need American Board Certificate, so this brings us to the ABHRS.



    Mini ABHRS logo hair transplant organization


    American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery


    The United States market share in hair restoration is 5 billion dollars. This is more than the total market size of the rest of the world. Naturally, this created a need for the United States focused organization. Therefore, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery was founded by the American ISHRS surgeons to examine the doctors in the area. This organization helps the patients from the United States to continuously get the highest standard procedures from the doctors. 


    This means that the doctors who are members of this organization need to follow ISHRS rules. Also, you can assume a fellow member has the ABHRS certificate automatically as it is a requirement for being a FISHRS. People often refer to ABHRS as an American hair loss association but actually, they concentrate more on to the improving the standards for the hair restoration. ABHRS try to make sure the surgeons follow the rules of their practice to increase the hair transplant standards. 





    The Importance of ISHRS and ABHRS


    ISHRS and ABHRS are more than hair loss associations. With the first FUT operation in the 1990's, the evolution of hair transplants has begun. In time, a new and advanced way was founded, and the society called it FUE. Now, surgeons from all over the world try to find new ways to perform the surgery. You might have heard of bio-grafts or neo-grafts, which are the same as the FUE technique only with some small differences. In the future, more new methods and innovation will be explored. Adding the development speed of technology these days, it seems like we will have new inventions more often.


    On top of that, the population is multiplying faster, and the need for hair restoration increases exponentially. With more demand, more people will join the market from different sides. And not all of them will have positive intentions. All these reasons will make it essential for ISHRS and ABHRS to control the process. Not only control, but they will also need to guide it so that the optimum results can be achieved.



    How To Use These Associations Effectively


    So, these organizations try to make things safer and better for you. But they actually can help you make your decision. ISHRS and ABHRS are like a massive library dedicated to hair loss and restoration. Not using their knowledge to your advantage can be a significant loss. We know it is sometimes challenging to find things online. And we also know you don't have much time to read everything, evaluate and make the decision. However, the entire idea here is, helping you find your strategy in this. From a business point of view, it is not smart to give you any advice. It might come back in unexpected ways. We would prefer you make your strategy, and after the outcome is great, you take the credit for it.


    Similarly, ISHRS and ABHRS want the patients to know about each doctor and clinic. They want you to know what to expect from your doctor. You might think a member of these organizations would be more expensive, but there is a surgeon for every kind of budget in their organizations. And the best part is, it is for free. Even if you believe you find your surgeon, getting a confirmation from these organizations would be wise. You may find out that your surgeon is just like you thought he is. Or you might find out there is doubt the way he operates. They can help you make a better decision.




    Personal Experience vs. Information


    Ultimately, you will be making the decision. The thing with the internet is, it contains both the personal experiences and information. And most of the time, they don't match. You read something excellent but then realize people's experiences were different. Then it makes it difficult for you to choose because what is more important, experience or information?


    You surf the forums and see a lot of information about the same doctor. Some approved him while the others complain. Then you see actual results where some look great while the others are not natural. This is where these organizations step in, if you ask them, they will give you the accurate information. In a lot of forums and on the websites of individuals an ISHRS or ABHRS certificate is present, but is it valid? 


    The bottom line is, the internet is instrumental if you can find the relative and right information. However, many people end up finding fraudulent information and regret the outcomes eventually. With more research and active cooperation with these organizations, you can significantly increase the quality of the results. There is always a chance of failure and sadly today is about reducing that chance.



    Here Is A Guide For You Which Can Help You Choosing Your Surgeon


    Good Luck!



  3. The hair transplant procedure is only a permanent remedy that facilitates the process of regrowth of hair from the area where it is lost. The process of transferring the hair roots that involve the donor area and the receiving area are included to fulfill the shifting process of hair roots via the harvesting method. There are two methods of extraction/harvesting is applied in the hair restoration surgery known as the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. Notably, the strip harvesting process offers a greater number of hair roots that can sort out the problem of the greater grade of baldness. On the other hand, the target area for the extraction is the back and sides of the scalp that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out and hence offers the permanent outcome.

    Nowadays, the hair transplant in India has a greater impact and becoming a top-class choice to receive the hair restoration surgery. One major point that contributes a factor for luring the patient to visit India and take the benefits of the affordable hair transplant cost in India is about the renowned surgeons and Doctor. As a matter of fact, our India Surgeons and Doctor have international exposure because of their membership and recognition from the reputed hair restoration society, i.e., the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc.

    The time-to-time contribution of the Indian surgeon towards the reputed restoration bodies weighs their profile and achieves the reputed global presence in the restoration world. The Indian surgeons have remarkable stature for offering the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

    It has been estimated that every year around 70% of hair transplant cases are solved in India and the graph of offering the cosmetic surgery in India shares the 80% space. So, it has already been pointed out that the medical tourism in India has a healthy state.

    Why the Selection of Hair Transplant in India is a Worthy Decision:

    ·         One can get the reasonable cost of the procedure in India that is just 1/4t to the international cost pattern

    ·         The treatment offered by the pioneer Surgeon and Doctor ensures you about the best satisfactory natural outcomes

    ·         The artistic skills and quality of the Indian surgeons are outstanding

    ·         The facilities offered by the Indian clinics are well-standardized and match the American-standard for the safety & hygiene concern and all at an affordable cost option.

    So, it is always a good decision to get the surgery done in India and so, your next task to attend a consultation session with the reputed hair transplant surgeon.

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    Bill - Managing Publisher
    Latest Entry

    So today is July 6, 2018. I thought I would post some photos of my hair the way it looks now and then as my hair grows longer share some additional pictures. Perhaps members can provide their input and let me know what they think they like better in terms of length.  I guess that sounds strange but after all, this is a hair restoration forum :-)







  4. Hey guys,

    So just about 5 days ago I had my FUE procedure done with Resul Yaman. The doctor was very friendly and the procedure was fine, except that when it came to the implantation of the grafts, the assistants kept alternating between Manual and Choi method. All grafts were extracted at one time and placed after a 20 min break.. took about 10 hours in total. I thought the Dr. was very friendly and all was fine so there's generally not much to complain about - except the horrendous pain I'm having at my donor area that started around day 3. Pinching, burning and stinging sensations all over my donor area, which get even worse at night... Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are not very effective at relieving that pain and apparently it's very uncommon to experience severe pain after FUE. Please let me know what you think about all the things I mentioned above and what I can do to help relieve my pain, also some comments about the pictures would be much appreciated!!

    Thank you
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    I have suffered from Androgenetic Alopecia since my mid to late twenties. I recently found out that I am not a good candidate for a FUE hair transplant, so I have been searching the internet for other treatments to manage my hair loss.

    I notice that a lot of the blog articles on here are from people who have undergone hair transplants, but not much for those of us for which that is not an option. I thought I’d share my experience and what I’ve found for other people like me.

    In my research I’ve found there are A LOT of claims and promises out there. Some of which are clearly out there to sell you snake oils that don’t work, so be wise! I think that the best advice is usually the stuff that talks about your lifestyle as a whole, as well as genuine, results-driven products to try.

    It’s been a long process of learning, but there are a few interesting tips I’ve picked up on the way:

    1. The way you treat your hair is a BIG thing. I have to admit that I didn’t really care much about my hair before I started losing it. I used budget shampoos and a crappy old plastic comb that I used to rake through my hair. I’ve learnt that giving your hair a bit more care and attention is really important for keeping it.
    2. Eating the right food can also be really helpful to the health of your hair. In the past couple of years I have really cleaned up my diet and started making sure I was eating lots of protein and iron and I have to say I’ve seen a big improvement in the quality of my hair ever since.
    3. Medications can have side effects. It’s important to research them thoroughly before trying them, just to be sure of what you’re getting into. Also, hair growth supplements are basically expensive wee! I’ve looked into what’s in them and in reality, there’s nothing in there you can’t get from a good diet. If you’re getting enough of those vitamins and minerals in your food, your body won’t absorb any extra from supplements. Don’t be fooled!
    4. Avoid sulfates like the plague! They’re in a lot of (cheaper) shampoos to create the ‘lather’, and they’re also in floor cleaner, washing up liquid and engine cleaner. To think that I was applying the equivalent of engine cleaner on my hair makes me cringe now! Needless to say, they’re really terrible for hair and can impair hair growth and cause fall out.

    These are just a few things I’ve learnt along the way which have helped me. There is lots of stuff online, like this article which explains what exactly causes hair loss, and also this article which I found quite useful. It’s more focused on hair growth and thickening as opposed to actual hair loss, but it’s got quite a bit of advice to make your hair better. I would take the ‘natural remedies’ section with a pinch of salt as I’m not sure that stuff would actually work.

    I hope my advice has helped some of you! If you have any more tips please do leave them below as I would love to hear them.

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    I am in my mid stages of Hair loss. I have lost hair only on the front portion. Can you all advise if PRP sessions are effective for hair regrowth




  5. Hi, I am 26 years old and live in the U.K.

    I currently wear a hair unit and have done for the past 3 years. I am now strongly considering a hair transplant for various reasons. One of them being that the unit involves a lot of maintenance, a lot more than I think I anticipated before having it done. Don’t get me wrong, its been great too as it has boosted my confidence and now I am really struggling coming to terms with shaving my hair off completely to have a transplant. The second reason is that I am moving to Barcelona in August and I know that the heat will drive me crazy, so I know it’s time now that I get something permanent.

    I have tried taking propecia whilst wearing the unit but that didn’t seem to work, and I have also tried the laser therapy for over a year prior to going down the non-surgical route of wearing a unit, this also didn’t work.

    I have looked at various options and I think I’d prefer the FUT transplant as I like to shave my hair on the sides and I wouldn’t want a visible scar. I have looked at various clinics too and the prices here in the U.K. are so much more expensive. I was convinced going to Turkey to have the procedure done would be fine until someone said but what if something goes wrong, then I’d have to travel abroad again etc, which has kind of put me off.

    I have attached some pictures of my hair without the unit, so you can see where I’m at with my hair loss now. The hair is there but it’s very thin on top.

    Any recommendation of clinics would be greatly appreciated, as would any comments and general advice as something I feel incredibly down about it all.

    Thanks guys, if you have any further questions. Don’t hesitate to comment.

  6. I arrived in India for my hair transplant, excuse the French still shitting my self haha I decided to get picked up from the airport from a driver who the clinic sent for me.. just thought I would for the first day to get settled, we drove to my hotel which I managed to get discounted with Dr bhatti absolutely beautiful place.. would recommend to anyone thinking of going over there its called the altius hotel in chandigarh.. anyways get settled in and few hours later the driver came back to pick me up from the hotel, to take me to see the DR Bhatti, got there and made me feel right at home straight away hes a funny man haha but we sat down and had a look at what he could do for me know he had seen me and checked my hair in person.

    we desided that around 2500 grafts in the front and 1200 in the back would be a good start for me.. he was realistic with everything and what outcome to expect etc even the out come I have now is a millions times better than I imagined.

    anyways next day I went for the hair transplants, no words for it really was such a smooth and well organised day, the only slight pain I felt through the whole procedure was the injection to numb your head, was just nice just to sit chill watch a few films while there hard at work giving me a hairline back thumbs_up.gif stopped half way through the day for dinner which was amazing get a menu of pretty much anything you want!

    anyways got finished there and got drove back to the hotel, felt absolutely ecstatic I finally had my hair transplant done and it was just a waiting game now.. that's the hardest bit waiting haha anyways got a list of instructions from the clinic with exactly what to do to look after the my head and everything that night so there was no confusion, plus what tablets to take which they provide pain killer etc

    anyways check out the photos

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    i am john form UK, 36 years old.

    after 6 years of suffering from baldness, i took the decision to have a hair transplant surgery, and after searching on internet, i found that turkey is one the best places to do kind of treatment,

    I attended a list of the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul. By comparing features and prices, I found that bestfue center is my best option, especially after seeing some of their previous clients results.

    I communicated with them, and They asked me some pictures of my head from all angles. They asked me about my medical condition and my medical history, To know whether there were any obstacles or impediments to the process.

    Then they asked me to determine the date of my arrival in Turkey, and asked me to send a copy of the plane reservation so that the crew would be waiting for me.

    I took the decision, Booked to travel and I sent them a picture of the ticket.

    When I arrived everything was equipped, The reception staff was very helpful.

    The hotel was nice and 5 star, I rested on the first day and started preparing myself for the procedure the next day.

    I was scared at first but the doctors team assured me.

    Nur Deniz the specialist in hair transplantation in the center came to me and drew the lines which the hair transplant would based on.

    after that the three stages of the process began:

    A- The extraction of the hair follicles:

    B- The making of the incisions

    C- The transplantation of the hair follicle

    Everything was easy and fast, the process lasted 7 hours, and was absolutely painless.

    They then took me to rest in the hotel, I came on the second day to make the first wash in the center, which is very necessary, They washed my head and taught me how to wash it for the next 10 days, and They gave me a treatment bag, containing a special laundry shampoo and some creams and medicines needed during the recovery period، and Wish me a good trip.

    Their communication team stayed in touch with me throughout the past year, and my pictures were still asking to see the evolution of the situation and results, which is pleased me.

    This center suggested to anyone who wants to perform hair transplant, because it has a competent staff, good translators and ethical conduct, and the prices of their services are suitable for all.

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    Hi All,

    I am 28years old suffeing from hair loss since 20. I have have been looking on this site for many months for finding a surgeon. I have consulted varies Dr in India.

    Each propose different number of grafts and suggest different things.

    Dr Suneet Soni - 4000 grafts for frontal area good density

    Dr Madhu - 2300 to 2500 grafts for forntal area with medium density

    Dr Radha - two options

    option1 - FUT only- 3500 grafts for frontal area with medium density

    option 2 - FUT and FUE in one session - 3500 front and 2000 in the crown.

    I think option 2 with Dr Radha might be suitable as it will give good coverage on all my bald areas in one session. but it is so confusion which one to go for.

    Any suggestion will help.

    i will add my current picture








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    I’d considered doing something about my genetic baldness for years. But the truth is I felt awkward discussing something that personal with someone else… I didn’t want them thinking I was too vain or pre-occupied with my hair. Talking over the phone with Dr. Suneet Soni broke the barrier. He immediately appealed to me as a friendly, honest kind of person who understands how people feel about their appearance. He confirmed me about the aesthetic result and prepared me for the surgical procedure. Initially, I had many doubts and confusion, but all went off after receiving the pre-procedure consultation at Medispa.


    Before visiting Dr. Suneet Soni, a few others had turned my way, saying that essentially my situation was hopeless. I remember leaving their clinics with a great feeling of dread and sadness at the prospect of living with a hat on my head for the rest of my years. From the moment I met Dr. Suneet Soni he gave me a feeling of great hope though I remained somewhat skeptical.



    He explained to me to need to be self-restraint as the FUT technique of hair restoration would be a 5 steps process to do it. I appreciated his reluctance to not do it all at once, get his money, and move on… though I wanted it fixed for the very next day!



    Glad to say that I received 4120 FUT grafts in a single session for the grade NW-V baldness.



    Finally, Dr. Suneet was the first transplant surgeon I ever met who did not discuss his fee as his first order of service. He was very gracious with the cost of hair transplant and allowed a modest cost of the procedure. Bottom line is that I genuinely felt and still feel that he wants to help me and understands my situation. He is down to earth, friendly and best of all… accessible.



    His entire staff has been and continues to be absolutely wonderful in accommodating me and I also feel they care about the end result for me.



    Thank You, Dr Suneet Soni and the entire Medispa team.


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    very unhappy with my hair line, this is ok from a clinic like Asmed. This is the second surgery what i had in Turkey, first one was in 2012 with a noname clinic, then i went with Asmed dr Koray, my hair line look very pluggy , i talk with my rep from Asmed he thinks is ok and is just me.

  7. Name: - MR. D.MANOJ

    Age: - 39years

    Grafts: - 6000 grafts

    Treatment: - FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT

    Day: - 3 day procedure

    Treatment Description:

    Male pattern AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) grade 6 or frontal baldness including slight temporal and forelock recession with vertex involvement with strong family history aged 39yrs. After consultation started with combination therapy of finasteride 1mg, minoxidil 10% with amenexil topical application, multivitamins, L.L.L.T (Low Level Laser Therapy), hair loss control dietary regimen for a month and stopped the minoxidil 10% 15 days prior to the transplant.

    Post control of hair loss problem planned for hair transplant of FUG’s by “BIO FUE NO ROOT TOUCH TECHNIQUE” punching done with cole's 9.5mm serrated punch. Continued the combination therapy post-transplant as well and cyclical vitamin therapy and hair growth serums. Pictures taken from all the angles and posted the images with clients consent.

    These are the results post 6 months at Hair harmony and you by dr.shaktiraj @ BBSR

    Book your free hair consultation now,

    Subscribe our YouTube channel now,

    #hairtransplantmumbai #hairtransplantbhubaneshwar #hairtransplantvizag #hairtransplantdelhi #hairtransplantbangalore #hairtransplantkolkata #hairtransplanthyderabad #hairtransplantdubai #hairtransplantcanada #hairtransplantemirates #hairtransplant #hairloss #baldness #hairtreatment #besthairtransplant #colespunch #vitaminsforhairloss #haircare #hairhealth #fuehairtransplant

    #scalpmicropigmentation #hairphysicians #androgeneticalopecia #malepatternhairloss #prpforhairloss #hairtransplantinguwahait #hairtransplantinassam





  8. Hair loss is always so much more than a few strands you find in your shower drain, and it’s a part of aging for so many men that can alter self-confidence. I’m at a pretty young age to start losing my hair, but the truth of the matter is that my father is my future in terms of my receding hairline. As a young millennial man that’s a scary thought, especially considering the ever-growing desire for perfection that so many young women grow up believing is a necessity for a boyfriend or even a husband.


    Now, don’t get me wrong, I could care less about the hordes of petty women out there, and that’s kind of a unanimous opinion for all balding or bald men, but that still doesn’t mean that you can’t take an alternative path to rediscover your hair growth. The point is that if you are interested in going through the arduous procedures of laser therapy for hair growth, or even formulas like Rogaine, then first and foremost this is an endeavor you need to do for YOU and no one else.

    There are so many ways for men, and women, to re-grow their hair on the scalp, but a lot of times these more conventional methods take a lot of time to show any kind of results, and it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance to maintain those results. In today’s digital world where instant gratification seems to be the norm a new healthy and efficient hair loss remedy has emerged, laser treatment.

    Laser therapy for hair growth has become more and more popular in recent years and it helps fix just about an kind of hair fall so it doesn’t necessarily matter what the cause of your hair loss is when it comes to a procedure like this. The procedure technically entails non-surgical therapeutic lasers that help to irradiate the areas around the patient’s head where there is no hair, and it’s important to not that these are cold lasers so you aren’t going to experience heat on your scalp at all.

    What’s so amazing about this procedure is that the laser itself will be absorbed by hair cells underneath the patient’s scalp, which then will trigger hair growth through increasing the amount of microcirculation and overall blood flow to the struggling hair follicles.

    Of course, there are several pros and cons that come with this type of procedure, and this is what we’re going to dive into deeper right now!


    At home use

    There’s no doubt about it that people’s daily lives are getting more jammed with responsibilities than ever before, and so that’s why more and more people are choosing to do their hair treatments in the privacy of their home on their own time. There are certain devices like the Theradome LH80 PRO that can offer really incredible results in terms of laser hair growth treatment. This device is a helmet that you can wear around your home and do whatever you want, but it will work efficiently in terms of regenerating your lost hair follicles. So you can do whatever you want at home while working on your hair treatment!

    Efficient Sessions

    For the most part each laser hair treatment session will last around 30 minutes when you go to a clinic, and this could even be less time depending on how much surface area of your head you are treating. These types of treatments typically should happen about two to three times a week, or less, and you’ll stop needing these maintenance treatments after a certain amount of time. So what’s great is that it in the long run takes much less time and investment than supplements and shampoos that you pretty much constantly have to keep up with.

    Painless and permanent

    When you utilize this therapy and certain products like iGrow, you have a really good potential of getting permanent results, and the entire procedure is painless and does the trick in terms or getting hair on pesky areas of your scalp. These two benefits is why this type of laser hair treatment is often more popular than hair transplants.

    Budget Friendly

    Laser hair growth can be relatively inexpensive, especially when the patient does the treatment from home, so the cost advantages of this kind of treatment is actually really great, especially considering the potential for permanent results!


    Specific hair type benefits

    It’s true that laser hair growth is a proven method in terms of regenerating the health, quantity and overall thickness of hair on a balding head, but it’s also true that it’s been proven to be more effective for traditional hair loss patterns. This is commonly known as androgenetic alopecia, and this is because of the nature of the laser lights to rejuvenate and energize struggling hair follicles to stimulate healthier growth.

    If laser hair therapy generally isn’t working for you then you may want to delve into the overall causes of your hair loss, because this could be a big factor in determining why your results are being impacted.

    Skin color dependence

    Laser therapy is known to work much better for those with fair skin as opposed to darker skin tones. A lot of times the hair follicles compete too much for the laser’s attention for people with darker skin.

    Skin Problems

    Sometimes laser therapy can actually be the cause of certain skin problems, and that’s why it’s really important to make educated decisions in terms where you end up getting this kind of treatment. You are going to want to make sure you are receiving laser hair treatment from someone who is licensed and certified for this kind of procedure.

    For more information about this kind of hair treatment check out https://www.lilianalaser.ca/ where you can ask any questions you may have about the procedure and get expert advice from some of the best laser technicians in North America!

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    What up what up???

    So, I have decided to pull the plug and go with the HT surgery. I am scheduled for surgery April 11th, 2018 with Dr. Hakan Doganay in Antalya, Turkey.

    I’ve been suffering from baldness since I was 23 yrs old. I’m 43 now and couldn’t be more excited to finally get the procedure out of the way to open a new chapter in my life.

    I’ve been wanting a HT for about 15 yrs now. I was never excited about getting it done because of the strip scar (FUT). I’m a Norwood 5 and am looking to get around 4500-5000 graphs done.

    I've been speaking to a gentleman by the name of Mustafa for the past 3 months now and I couldn't be happier of his professionism and props response.

    I will post pictures and keep everyone updated of my travels and experience...
  9. Ok so I purposely waited until the end of March to post again as I started to see new hairs sprouting so thought I would give it a couple of extra weeks and then update and take some photos. Given you aren't really meant to see growth until 4-6 months and even then it's very gradual I'm really pleased with where this is heading!


    So the bits to watch for between 2-3.5 months is a dry scalp and I've used a coconut oil on my hair every 2-3 days called Kokosa (it's a baby coconut oil) and kept my hair completely nourished. I have also bought a lot of paraben free shampoo to make sure I give the new hair every fighting chance. I have to say every day since the two month mark has been exciting, waking up seeing another hair sprouting and the little fine hairs getting stronger. I came into this process with low expectations so as not to be disappointed however, I can honestly say pick the right surgeon like Feriduni and really take care of your hair in the first couple of weeks and you'll be over the moon like I am

    Given I'm now just over 3 months I can only imagine what this will look like at the 12 months mark which is the real time to make an assessment.


    really funny a friend of mine recently said wow it's a lot of money to spend after he just bought a new car and I said I have always believe the first investment you should me is in yourself and I'm thrilled so far with mine





  10. Ne laissez pas les menaces sur la confidentialité entourer vos smartphones et iPhones Android

    La technologie avance de jour en jour avec ses propres avantages et inconvénients. Les gens sont entourés d'un nombre énorme de technologies autour d'eux. Les smartphones et les iPhones Android sont la prochaine génération d'innovation technologique. Ils sont eux-mêmes chargés d'énormes inventions techniques qui ont rendu les individus dépendants d'eux. La génération actuelle d'iPhones et d'appareils Android ouvre la voie à des innovations présentant à la fois des avantages et des inconvénients. Il est très difficile pour chaque individu de comprendre et de différencier les avantages et les inconvénients de leurs iPhones et Smartphones.

    Divers experts techniques qui sont impliqués dans le domaine technique sont en mesure de comprendre et de différencier entre les avantages et les inconvénients des caractéristiques techniques de différents téléphones intelligents. D'une manière ou d'une autre, ils sont capables de reconnaître la majeure partie de ces Smartphones. Ces Smartphones ayant tant d'applications pionnières en vedette installés dans ceux-ci entraînent une menace pour la vie privée de vos brouilleur telephone et iPhones.

    La plus grande question qui se pose est que - Comment les applications ou logiciels en vedette nuire à la vie privée des Smartphones?

    Trouver une réponse à cette question équivaut à battre le pot. Les gens aiment utiliser des applications nouvelles et innovantes inconnues du fait que divers malwares et virus indésirables attaquent aussi avec votre accès à l'application. Les personnes qui ne connaissent pas la technologie ne sont pas non plus au courant des menaces qui y sont liées.

    Il y a certaines personnes dans ce monde qui abusent de la technologie pour des intentions dangereuses. Ils créent ce type d'applications, qui peuvent sortir vos données personnelles de vos Smartphones sans entrer dans votre connaissance. Chaque fois que vous installez une nouvelle application sociale, il vous est demandé d'autoriser l'utilisation des données pour l'application. Vous aussi, sans y réfléchir, donnez l'autorisation pour l'utilisation des données à l'application en appuyant sur OK. Dès que vous appuyez sur OK, tous vos détails personnels sont transmis aux pirates informatiques qui peuvent en abuser.


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    Ainsi, il est humble de demander à chaque utilisateur de smartphone et d'iPhone, de toujours être conscient de ce que vous faites avec votre téléphone. La confidentialité de votre téléphone est entre vos mains. Ne faites confiance à aucune application inconnue si facilement en voyant ses avantages. La technologie peut être plus dangereuse plus tard, causant ainsi une destruction accrue de votre Smartphone et de votre iPhone.

    brouilleur GPS est un bon outil pour bloquer le signal et protéger la vie privée, sans pour autant vous inquiéter de la fuite de votre vie privée.

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    Hello folks,


    Firstly thanks to everyone who provide their opinions regularly on this forum, although this is my first post many of you have provided me with a lot of useful information over the past couple of years.


    My story: Currently 22 years old male from London, started losing my hair at a very young age, got an FUE transplant at the age of 21!! In this thread I do not want to say who was my chosen surgeon, as I am going to write a full thread on my experience and before/after pictures etc. So at the time of my transplant I was on propecia, but unfortunately I had to stop taking the drug due to sides 6 months ago. I now use Finasteide gel (topical). Anyway, I had 3000 FUE grafts and it was an amazing result, however my hair loss is progressing and it doesn't look as good now. I use toppik and with that it looks good.


    My plans: So I think a few people will think that my best option would be to wait, but I am planning on getting another hair transplant. My donor area is no longer plentiful, but I have been told I have 3,000-4,000 scalp hair remaining. I am thinking about going to Dr Umar for a transplant consisting of 1/3 scalp and 2/3 beard grafts, and adding density to the whole top of my head. I would keep the hair buzzed down and combine it with temporary smp. Dr Umar said that from the pictures, he estimates this could be achieved with 3,000-4,500 grafts (1/3 scalp, 2/3 beard). My thinking is that, say if I got 4,500 grafts, that would bring my total up to 7,500 grafts. This should provide adequate coverge in the nw5 area, right?


    The purpose of this thread was to get impartial advice, I am already grateful for all that I have learned from this forum, and would appreciate some advice on my specific case.






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    i really don't recommend you to go to rasul yaman clinic, you will see on internet that he is famous , but he is actually a busniessman , he know how to market himself,

    all the work done by his technitions ,

    my concerns :

    1)rude interpreter .

    2)posting my photos on social media without asking me , when i asked to stop the guy letraly said i will keep posting your photo everyday .

    3)no follow ups after the surgey , if you have any question the interpreter will answer it from his own without reaching out to the dr .

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    I have seen a few threads on coloring transplanted hair but I wanted to see if there is anyone that has colored their transplanted hair in this group and are there any watchouts/concerns? I am 3 months post op and have quite a bit of hair growth after a 8000 graft transplant. I am wanting to blend the new hair in with my existing hair and possibly use something like "Toppik" to create a bit of density until my hair has really grown out in 12-18 months. There seems to be mixed advice on when you can color your new hair...I have heard you can color once the area has healed properly (3- 4 weeks) but I have heard as much as only after 5 months you can color the hair.

    Many Thanks


  11. I am 43 years old with Norwood 6 Baldness Scale had a Pain Free Operation with Dr. Cinik. The reason I chose pain free operation I have Needle Phobia. My donor area was not strong enough, my doctor decided to use my beard and chest area. Now, It has been 5 days already. All my donor areas healed nicely. Dr. Cinik was able to pull out 1400 grafts from my beard, which was very impressive and my beard already recoved nicely. I am so excited to see result.

    Albert Gonzales