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Thailand FUT - Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich

The journey is scheduled...

I've booked my FUT procedure with Dr. Pathomvanich in Bangkok for June 1st! I'm excited, but also nervous, which is normal for any upcoming surgical procedure, I suppose.

I chose Thailand for two reasons, I have a Thai wife, and I'm familiar with the high level of service in private healthcare in Thailand.

I originally booked an FUT procedure with another Thai surgeon, but after some internet research (on this site) I decided to cancel and switch to Dr. Pathomvanich. However, he was fully booked. With two tickets to Thailand already purchased, I found myself in a fix; stay with the surgeon with bad internet reviews, or cancel the whole trip.

I caught a lucky break when one of Dr. Pathomvanich's other patients cancelled and opened a near perfect timeslot on June 1st. I'll have 10 days in BKK to heal before I head back to the U.S. on June 11

Question: if I have the surgery on June 1st, do you think I'll have time to travel in Thailand after sufficient healing, or will I be bound to the hotel room the entire 10 days?

From the photos I sent Dr. Pathomvanich, he suggest 3500 grafts, which may change after our initial consultation on May 31. I've gotten two estimates here in the US, one suggested 2500 grafts, and the other (Bosley) 3500. My hair is thin, and low density, in my opinion. I'll post some pics soon.
June 2nd, 2017
The hair transplant was a success and Dr. Pathomvanich was able to get more grafts than his estimate. The total figures final were: Total Grafts - 3623 Total Hairs - 7486 1 hair grafts - 425 2 hair grafts - 2467 3 hair grafts - 698 4 hair grafts - 0 In the US I was told 3500 would be high, and to expect 2500-3000. My overall impression of the clinic and staff was excellent all around. Dr. Pathomvanich is easy-going and professional. His demeanor is such that you immediately feel at ease in his presence, and that you've made the right choice in physicians. On surgery day, the staff of 12 is full of hustle and bustle, but all the while you're taken care of in a warm and friendly way. Once the procedure begins, everyone knows their tasks and they get down to business quickly. Regarding the procedure itself, at no time did I feel anything that crossed the threshold of actual pain. There were a couple of moments of slight discomfort from from the local anesthetic being injected, but no worse than a tetanus shot. I was given a couple of sleeping pills (Valium) and found myself nodding off from time to time, which helped the 8 hours pass quickly. If at any time you want to take a break, go to bathroom, or eat a sandwich, you need only ask. In fact, if you don't ask, they'll ask you if you want a break. During the procedure, on the first break, they take you to the different work stations and show you what everyone's doing. You can tell his staff love their work as much as he does, and they are eager to share their tasks with you. I was a little groggy, so I didn't ask many questions, but it really is fascinating work they do. I took a taxi back to my hotel, and while the traffic took a while, I wasn't out of it and didn't fall asleep. Back in the room I showered (not my head), and picked up some to go food around the corner. I was anticipating a lot of pain when the anesthetic wore off, but nothing like that occurred. I took the ibuprofen, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, and sleeping pill and went right to sleep. Some slight discomfort, but nowhere near what I had been expecting. The next morning, 5:00AM to be exact, I woke up from a sound sleep and had forgotten all about the surgery. I soon touched my head and remembered, then sprang out of bed to check the mirror. No blood, just redness and a little swelling As planned, I went back to Dr. Path's office for a shampooing and post op visit. All good so far. Now it's the second night after the operation and I feel good, but a slight amount of pain. I haven't taken any ibuprofen since morning though. I'll take one, with a sleeping pill, and call it a night. One more thing, the head band. I've been wearing it, and I do notice some puffiness above the band, but none below. Although, the nurse told me tomorrow and the next day the puffiness will increase, but then decrease permanently after that.




Yaman or Cinik

Hi there
I have narrowed myself to two surgeons. Can any one give me any experiences with either of the above as I can't decide which one to go with




5 Months Result With dr. Emrah Cinik

Hey everyone,
It has been 5 months now since my hair transplant. Over all I am very happy about result but still not %100. I can see there are some weak spots in front. I can tell that hair is still coming out but just thinner than my original hair. When I compare my pictures, I can tell there is huge different and hopefully will get better result in overtime. I am still taking my vitamins and using their special shampoo that clinic gave me.
Feel free to ask any Question and visit my Facebook page to see more updates.





Hair Loss Treatments for Women

The biggest trauma that a women can face is the hair loss. Studies reveal that around 33% of ladies experience baldness eventually in life.
Besides, after menopause, up to 66% of ladies notice diminishing hair or bare spots. Much has been composed about male pattern baldness and how it influences men, yet hair loss is less socially worthy in ladies, and can have a significantly negative effect on a lady's personal satisfaction.
In both genders, androgenetic alopecia, mostly called as female-pattern or male-pattern baldness, is the prevalent sort of hair loss. While in men, male pattern baldness takes after an example of retreating hairlines, some of the time advancing to aggregate hair loss, in ladies, the impacts are distinctive. Androgenetic alopecia in ladies brings about diffuse diminishing of hair. Ladies once in awhile encounter a subsiding hairline, and they once in awhile encounter add up to baldness.

Primary Reasons of Hair Loss in Women
Similar to men, androgenetic alopecia in ladies happens when the hair's developing stage is abbreviated, dragging out the time between shedding of a hair and development of its substitution. The follicles themselves likewise change, contracting, and creating shorter, more slender hairs.

Thyroid infection is a conceivable reason for baldness in ladies. In spite of the fact that tending to thyroid sickness can be unpredictable, when the thyroid is working legitimately, baldness because of thyroid ailment can be switched. Ladies with baldness frequently experience thyroid tests to decide whether thyroid issues are the reason for the male pattern baldness.

An immune system issue called alopecia areata makes hair drop out in patches, however can be treated with steroids. Other immune system maladies like lupus can likewise bring about baldness, yet on account of lupus, baldness may not be reversible. Despite the reason for baldness, the sooner it is tended to, the more great the visualization.

Medications Prescribed for Hair Loss
Minoxidil is the most famous topical drug for baldness in ladies. In the first place utilized as a treatment for hypertension, specialists later found that applying minoxidil specifically to the scalp can empower hair development without bringing on inward symptoms. Sold both as a non specific and under the exchange name Rogaine, minoxidil appears to work preferable in ladies over in men. Recounted prove recommends that a few people may show signs of improvement comes about by utilizing minoxidil alongside ketoconazole cleanser, which is sold under the exchange name Nizoral.

Topical products can provide help for some women with hair loss.
Essential Medications for Hair Loss
A few specialists endorse anticonception medication pills to ladies who have androgenetic alopecia, to rebalance hormone levels with the expectation that the baldness will be turned around, however they might be viable. The best way to know is to attempt the pills and see.
The physician recommended medicate finasteride, sold both non exclusively and under the exchange name Propecia, has for quite some time been endorsed for men with baldness. This medication restrains a chemical called 5-alpha reductase in hair follicles, decreasing the development of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is in charge of contracting hair follicles. Finasteride is for the most part not endorsed for ladies, since it is connected with genuine birth surrenders. Notwithstanding, a few doctors will recommend the medication for ladies who are past menopause, who can't end up plainly pregnant or who are honing a viable technique for contraception.
Hair Transplants
Hair transplants are not only for men. Truth be told, the hair transplant strategy called follicular unit extraction (FUE), long famous for men, is a suitable treatment for female baldness also. The strategy is done under nearby sedative, and amid it hairs are expelled from a territory of the scalp where hair is thickest (ordinarily the back of the head) and set in territories of the scalp where there is less volume. At the point when performed by an accomplished specialist, FUE is powerful and for all intents and purposes unnoticeable.
Hair Extensions/ Hair Wigs

Hairpieces made by gifted wigmakers can function admirably for ladies with diminishing hair. They're intended to mix in with a lady's common hair, and can be uniquely designed for the sort of scope she needs. For instance, hairpieces are made to give front scope, constrained top scope, and full top scope. A decent hairpiece can cost a few hundred dollars, yet numerous ladies observe it to be a powerful approach to adapt to diminishing hair.
for more detail You can visit http://www.epharmarx.com/




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Need help for Hair Transplant Surgery

Hello Everyone
I would like to ask if anyone has some feedback for Dr. Madhu Pathuri and Dr. Suneet Soni in India for hair transplant surgery. I am planning to have get hair transplant surgery and looking for some serious and real feedback. its about life changing desicion and i am very concern about it . that is the reason i want your help so please if anyone has anyfeedback please share or reply to this post..




My journey of hair transplant in Turkey

No matter how pristine you looked in your younger days, the real test of the facial beauty for a lady occurs once she hits her 30's. You end up spending half your life’s savings on cosmetics, spas and other beautifying techniques but what about the necessary attention that is demanded by your hair? I am guilty as I confess that, I was too one of those ladies who didn’t bother much about her hair. I mean yeah, I did the bare minimum but I failed when it came to providing the right nourishment to my scalp or my roots for that matter. And with time, it started to show on my head. A harmless amount of hair fall turned into a scary nightmare for me the previous year when, I noticed myself losing hair each time I even touched it.
So, without much thought I looked upto Google and was almost praying that this hair fall doesn’t turn out to be a symptom of some life-taking disease. But thankfully that didn’t happen. However, on the other side I saw extreme stage of thinning of my hair strands and rapid hair fall from the major area of my scalp. I went to a nearby physician and was made to realize that it was time for me to go for hair transplant treatment, as my hair condition was becoming edgy with every day passing by. Consequently, I initiated my search for an affordable hair transplant clinic in and around my home in New Jersey. The price range for every trichologist was startling in the States. I also came across this term “medical tourism” which was apparently quite a popular phenomenon for medical tourists travelling to other countries for an inexpensive and quality treatment. I noticed that Turkey was the much talked about destination when it came to hair transplant. I did the maths, and confirmed that a hair transplant in Turkey would cost me much lesser than the one within US, at least if I wanted a quality treatment and post-op facilities.

Last December, I went to Istanbul along with my sister-in-law and the clinic staff with whom we had booked an appointment had arranged for our conveyance and the lodgings. I met Dr. Shamam Hassain there and he explained me the entire procedure and by what time I can expect my hair to grow back to its natural length. He conducted the surgery with the state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology. The staff were very professional and within roughly 9 hours, my surgery was completed.
Soon after the surgery we explored the tourist attractions on Istanbul and the experience was really fulfilling. After a few more sessions with Dr. Hassain in Turkey, we landed back to the States. Post 5 months of my hair surgery treatment, I am satisfied with the results and compliment the hair surgeons of Turkey to handle cases like mine with such professionalism. Without burning a huge hole in my pocket, I have gladly retained my confidence over the past few months. I suggest hair loss patients to consider Turkey for their treatment, from my own experience.




Hair Transplant Date Fixed with Dr. Feriduni in June 2017. I am the happiest!

hi all, my name is Rahul and i am from India.
I have had 2 Hair Transplants Till Now. Both in India, with different doctors. First HT = FUT 2000 Grafts. Second HT = FUE 3000 Grafts (Grafts count, both time, as said by the doctors, but in India they are not ethical, and say something else, and do something else)

Now, My Whole STORY :

I have had 2 HT's till now and my age right now is 27 and a half. I know this age is too early to have 2 Ht's but i was totally naive and less educated. Plus you feel the anxiety to have an HT when your hair starts loosing rapidly, which happened with me. My first HT was FUT, to make the receded hairline come back to normal ( to make the hairline ). It looked fine to begin with, but within 2 years when the hair on the back of the hairline started thinning more and i was left with the transplanted hairline in the front, it became very evident that the Doctor who performed my HT was terrible, as he had Transplanted a totally unnatural Hairline with the temples way too ahead and that looked very awkward. The doctor's Name was Dr. Amit Gupta from Advance Hair Studio, Mumbai, India. At this point i would like to tell you all that never have any hair treatment at Advanced Hair Studios ( AHS ). They are only good in advertisements, not at all good in hair treatments. And to top it over, Dr. Amit Gupta is terrible, He does not at all thinks about the possible outcomes a young person can have due to a bad HT. These people are only interested in money.

Okay, so now i was 25, and i was having a totally UN-natural hairline and an FUT Strip Scar. And to top it over my crown hair started falling too. I felt restless and i wanted another HT. Also i want to let you know that i am an actor by profession, so for me, having good hair was important, otherwise i could have waited for another hair transplant. I used Toppik to survive, it helped me fine. But i decided not now. I wanted a good Ht now.

I had work to pursue and that requires me to be looking good with a healthy mop of hair, Genuine Hair. So, i decided, i am going to have another HT. My motive this time was to :

1. have density in the hairline and to make it look natural

2. to correct the temples

3. also to fill in the crown

I searched online and youtube, and i found one Dr. Gaurang Krishna, of Medlinks, New Delhi, India, whose work i liked. So, i went ahead and did a consultation with him. I told him about everything i wanted to achieve by this HT. He said okay, he will :

1. Give density and correct/repair the previous HT (only the hairline) to make it look natural.

2. he said he cannot correct the temples, and let it be that way.

3. for the crown, he said to wait for more 3 to 4 years as there is a chance of more hair fall there. And by the time he will give me PRP sessions to try to make my crown hair come back

Now, i was in doubt, to do the HT or not, this time it was going to be a FUE procedure. After thinking for some time i went ahead with him as i thought atleast the hairline would be natural and have more density, and i can use toppik at the crown till the PRP Sessions work. It all made sense to me at that time (and i regret that today, as in the heat of things and in anxiety to make things better i forgot that the donor is limited, i got to give it at a doctors hand who is the best in the business and can fix all the things, atleast could have fixed my temples, if not the crown ). So, he did the FUE HT and i was on a waiting period then, to finish the 12 months and let the hair grow to see the final outcome. In this time i started other work / other than acting and thought after i grow hair i would be back at it, as that was my forte. The only good thing within this time was that my other work flourished and it helped me keep off the tensions related to my hair!

Now 12-13 months passed, and the results of the latest FUE surgery were there, which i can see, but to my bad luck, it was not good, and not as i thought. What result i got :

1. Density was not as good as i wanted. Natural hairline was still not attained, the doctor only filled up as much he could in directionless manner. So, it was still very unnatural, with very less density.

2. temples were as decided, left alone, adding to the UN-naturalness appearance.

3. i had 3 PRP sessions, but they didn't work. I guess they did not know how to prepare a PRP in the first place, as if it would have been done correctly , some or the other benefits i would have gotten. But Nothing i got! Again i would say, Indian HT standards are way below the world.

4. The worst thing about this procedure was loosing some more hair from my Donor Area, which i might have used better if given those to an experienced surgeon.

So, Now, what next, as i am, as on 19 April 2017, about to be 27 and a half years old, and i have an acting career to pursue. I also have some very good Film offers lined up from 2017 end and so much more Acting work which i can do. Till now, in my successful previous time at acting, before the 2nd HT (FUE, 2 YEARS BACK) i have managed to show good hair on camera, either by using Toppik, or by using partial Hair Systems. But Now i don't want to fake. I have researched a lot in this time and i have found answers to my questions. Mainly because of these online forums such as hairrestorationnetwork.com or baldtruthtalk.com etc and i am fully aware of what can be done.

Also, in these last 2 years i have made friends with some of the Top actors here, and many of them have an HT, So natural, So good looking, Now i know that GOOD HAIR TRANSPLANTS can be achieved (but not in India). And after asking them, that how have they done it, all of them said that they have had an HT in U.S.A or in Europe. This was the affirmation i wanted, and i have it now.

From the Last 4 months i have been in contact with some of the best HT Surgeons Offices in U.S.A and Europe and i have finally decided to have a 3rd HT and this time not to regret. The best part till now in my case, as i see is that i still have a good donor area and my hair has stopped falling( thanks to using Finasteride and Biotin, and healthy lifestyle habits {No smoking, eating well etc } ).

I have decided on Doctor Bijan Feriduni, and at this point i totally think that he is among the best in the world. And i also have an HT Appointment in June from him. So, i'd be going to Belgium for the 3rd HT and i am super excited.

Shall keep you posted with my Hair pics and the procedure.




Dr cinik istanbul

Hi all. I went to istanbul from the uk last month on march 20th to have my transplant with Dr cinik. Everything from arrival to departure was 1st class. Im really happy with progress so far. I have shed probably around 40% percent so far and the remaining hairs continue to grow. Everything has healed perfectly and im really looking forward for the results.




4 months update

Hello everybody today is exactly 16 weeks since my hair transplant. So far so good. I can see big difference already. Last week I went to vacation first time after 4 months and had lots of swimming. I like to keep my hair short and don`t want be all salty. Only thing I had to do protect my head from sun.
Sometimes I feel very small bumps at planted area and they show up go away after 2-3 days. I asked doctor, he told me that is normal hair coming out other than no complaining.
Feel free to ask any question and leave comments below please.




Fue dense packing

hello everyone im new in this forum ,and i want to share my case I decide to make dense packing on my hair line i cantact dermaplast in ancara turkey And doctor keser told i need 1000 grafts My photo before and after surgery      




Hair transplant is an investment so choose the right clinic that has the right doctor

Hair transplant is a procedure that can make or break someone’s life because when we start to lose hair we start to feel insecure because it alters our personality. That is why when a person decides to take a bold decision and gets hair transplant he or she’s expectations are very high. Now one thing must be made very clear, hair transplant is a hair reclamation procedure and it is not possible to have the same level of density like it was before because it is simply not possible.
The reason for that is the availability of donor hair on the back and the side of the scalp. So it is not possible to cannibalize that hair to give more density because it will not look good. Fact is hair transplant is a “camouflage technique” to hide baldness. Those who say they can give complete coverage in most cases are not being truthful.
Why good clinic and a terrific hair transplant doctor are needed?
In India pretty much any doctor can become a hair transplant doctor and many have because it is very lucrative business. But the price should not be paid by the patient because if the results are not right the new hair will look unnatural and it will not match your facial symmetry. The fact of the matter is hair transplant is a procedure that must be performed by plastic surgeons because this is a cosmetic procedure.

So imagine a doctor who is trained to be a dentist or orthopedic surgeon decides to do hair transplant, they will fall short and the desired results will not be met leaving the patient sad, angry and disappointed. Hair transplant is an investment, nay long term investment so if you are careful about which mutual fund will give you maximum profit the same logic applies here. So if you have decided to get hair transplant choose the right clinic that has the right doctor to give you the best results.




My experience with finasteride

To any of you guys out there that are thinking of getting on some hairloss medication here is my own experience. I started taking finasteride approx 8 years ago and at first I believed I was suffering from the usual side effects but I now know that this was purely in my mind and have had great success with this medication and I have undoubtedly kept what I had from the day I started taking the meds !
I know some people are totally against the drug but in all honesty I believe that for guys that ar certain to progress to beyond a nw6 then the drug plays a vital roll in getting the best out of your hair transplant goals . It has in fact kept me off the surgeons table as I'm 100% certain I would have been very far gone without it . I got my medications from various online pharmacies in the begining but all very exspensive , over the last few years I have been put in contact with a gp here in the U.K. Via spex (hrn member) and now get approx 14 months supply of genuine branded proscar for around £160. This is a small price to pay to keep the hair you have and even improve hair quality if you are looking to go down the surgical route .
I hope this info can be of help and for interest I have had 3 children whilst taking the meds so "it's still working"
Here are the contact details for my gp who can help any of you U.K. Hairloss sufferers




Hair journal 3800 grafts fue

My journey started here locally in the states where I made a appointment with a hair surgeon place only to find out the cost would make this dream of having hair nothing more than a dream.

With a little bit of research and decided with confidence to head down to Mexico for a decision I would later repeat. Although you are never really sure about these things I am glad I took the plunge. I decided on Fue because so many people regret the strip procedure and many end up trying to cover up the scar. Also another falsehood is that you will get more hair or a better result with fut.

FUE will give you just as good if not better so don't let anyone tell you different. Fut is not bad I just would rather not have a line scar.

With that said I had 2700 grafts in the front and 1100 in the rear. My surgeon took two days because he said the grafts have a better survival rate the quicker they can be replanted back into your head.

After the second month I started to have shockloss and by the third month I really looked worse than when I went in. Now everyone is different and may react different to shockloss.

By the forth month I was seeing growth like I should but still not happy. 5th month things looked a little better and density really started kicking in now at 8 months I can say I like my hair. I did schedule another appointment this year to fill in some spots and add density.

Overall this is a waiting game and more than likely you will want two procedures to be happy so keep that in mind.

It takes years to lose you hair and might be unrealistic to think it will all be put back in one go.
Lastly I take 5k biotin and use a laser helmet.
No propecia. Gave me side effects and still not 100%

Any questions don't hesitate to ask.




HT from Dr. Radha on 20/02/2017 - 2731 grafts

Dear Members,
After much of explore, suggestion, experience and results in this forum, I have done my HT from Dr. Radha.
Thank you all for your support.
Please find my experience,
19/02 - Landed in Vishakapatnam and reached the hotel the pioneer (FYI - http://www.thepioneerhotels.com/ )
It took 30 - 45 mins to reach the hotel from the airport.
This hotel is very near to Radha clinic, just 2 mins walk.
Hotel is very nice, clean and staffs are very cooperative.
20/02 - Morning at 7.40 am I reached the hotel, Radha staff talked in genearl about the HT, she took blood sample for blood tests.
Dr. Radha came around 9 am, after few talks, she explored my hair density and hair line.
She suggested to have around 2700 to 3000 grafts max due to lack of densisy in the donor area (around 65/sqcm).
And went with procedure. she was interacting with me during procedure about if any pain and my comfort.
And the entire procedure was painless.
It ended around 6 pm.
She suggested few medicine (antibiotic, pain clear and sleeping tables ). Took just antibiotice, avoided pain clear and sleep tablets as I did not have issues with those.
21/02 - Reached clinic around 10 pm, Radha staffs did the first hair wash and had talks with post 15 day care.
And I started back to my home town in the evening.
Attached few photos took in the clinic before and after HT.




Life Changing Hair transplant result

Hello friends!!!
This is Ashish Joneja, 37 years, Pharmaceutical businessman,from Daryaganj, Central Delhi.
Like many of you I had the irony of baldness. After a good amount of hardwork I could establish myself in my non familial Pharma business. Like any young man I chased my dreams of establishing my name amongst the top names in my field. I am a social person who wants to enjoy the company of relatives, friends, partying with pals. While I was busy in establishing my business, I started loosing my hair from frontal head which gradually progressed. I tried many things including all types of head massage oil, Ayurvedic stuff, Finax tablet, Minoxidil lotion and many indigenous things. Very soon I realised that in my case nothing is working and the baldness is progressing at it’s will!

I sought many consultations for this hair issue. I was prescribed medicines and advised to go for Mesotherapy and other treatments. All the efforts used to rouse some hope in me but later alas! Everything proved to be futile.’
After tired of everything I lost the hope of getting my hair back. Gradually I put on weight and became regressive in my social circle. Even though every thing in my life was ok; good business, beautiful kids, caring wife, blessings of elder brother, bhabi and parents, there was something that I was lacking in the depth of my heart and mind.

In the meantime my cousin brother started reading about hair loss treatments for his baldness. He read a lot about hair transplant procedures in the net. Also find many clinic for hair transplant in Delhi. He realised that hair transplant results vary a lot depending upon the expertise of the treating doctor. He passed on the information that FUT is a cut technique and now better techniques are available. Even my common sense said to me that the end result depends upon the expertise of the doctor.

We get loads of advertisements everyday in each newspaper about hair transplant centres in delhi ncr including packages like Make my trip! Since hair transplant is a surgery and it involves a sizeable money I was not moving any step further. I had a doubt about the genuinity of the procedure because of so much commercial advertisements. Even though I hail from pharma business I was dubious about choosing a hair transplant centre.

During my business trips I came across one of my associates with a sudden look change after a 6 months of gap! I jumped to ask him what has happened to his hair! He revealed the story that he has got a hair transplant done on the frontal bald scalp 5 months back and hair are growing. I checked his donor area which was the backside of the head as well as the transplanted area. All was well. No marks on either area and my friend had no issues of pain or any problem. I took the name and contact informations of the Doctor from him. Fixed one appointment with the Doctor over phone for a meeting. The meeting was cordial. The Doctor was beaming with scientific knowledge. He revealed the limitations of the procedure. The most important thing which was conspicuous was that the Doctor was not pushing me for the surgery. He was giving me a holistic approach and trying to educate me about the scientific aspects of the procedure and left me to take the decision. Since I had already seen the result of his work and now seen the non commercial approach of this poised and confident doctor I intuitively realised that this is the Doctor ! My search was over. My decision made me travel away from Delhi to a distant city where the Doctor was established at that point of time.

I should admit here that I being a little sensitive person I was expecting a lot of pain during the procedure! The Doctor and his team explained the details of the hair line, the position of it, the artistry of the design, practical hair density in transplantation. After proper scientific documentation of the pre treatment pictures the procedure started under local anaesthesia. I had the feeling of initial few pricks which anyone can negotiate the whole procedure was painless. I received nearly 3000 grafts on that single day and travelled back to Delhi at night. I was getting proper follow up calls from the team and Doctor as well for the initial 7 days. After around 3 weeks a lot of transplanted hair started dropping! I was a little panicked but the Doctor assured me that the roots are inside my scalp and they will produce a new hair soon. Then the period of status quo maintained till the 4th month. I was getting calls and mails from the office of the Doctor about my wellbeing. But I was having my fingers crossed because I was almost like before the procedure!
I got a call from the Doctor after the end of the 4th month about my hair. By this time I had grown a lot of hair and they all were growing and giving me a new look everyday! I gave this good news to the Doctor.
I got what I wanted after completion of 6 months ! New look! New confidence! A new life!
The most amazing thing was that no one in my close circle could make out that I had planted hair. They were so natural in arrangement !

With such a natural looking hair and confidence I decided to loose my extra kgs so that I could get my body shaped up once again. Truly speaking the new hair gave me a renewed lease of life with a lot of enthusiasm! I again started socialising with a lot of energy and enjoyment. Everything I pursued in my business life was full of enjoyment. I started loving myself! I became stricter in healthy habits of food and exercises. My whole family started following my habits!

Since my baldness was of advanced grade the top of the head was not covered in the first sitting, even though it was covered well with the grown hair. After around 8 months I decided to do some more plantation on the top. This time another 3000 odd grafts were planted. Some 1000 grafts were also taken from my beard. Again another 2300 grafts were planted on my crown to cover it. So in total I received close to 8300 hair grafts on my bald scalp area. And after 6 months of my last sitting I am writing this post for fellow bald friends.

Over the last 2 years I came across a lot of people who were really searching for hair transplant in India. The amount of advertisements has increased and so also the confusion regarding the quality and the pricing. One Advt says they charge 50 thousand rupees for whole scalp and yet another one has Diwali offers! Depending upon the grades in the quality consciousness of the person he will get allured and confused in the myriads of websites, discounts and newspaper advertisements!

I started getting a lot of calls from my circle about my story in hair transplant. Believe me they were not as lucky as I was in choosing a doctor. Most of them were in the higher strata of the society with good business. They all were confused! But when they all saw me in person and heard me speaking about the procedure they all got confidence. They gave one encouraging feedback to me that I am good in giving the scientific informations and clearing their doubts. Most of them were thankful for the informations I passed on to them. I felt better that even though I am not a doctor, people are trusting me, thanking me for my invaluable help! There were many well established national level businessmen and page 3 personalities who got the counselling from me and are grateful to me for my advise! All these encouraged me to take up this non commercial venture to guide prospective hair transplant patients to take decide upon hair transplant in India.

Since my baldness was of advanced grade the top of the head was not covered in the first sitting, even though it was covered well with the grown hair. After around 8 months I decided to do some more plantation on the top. This time another 3000 odd grafts were planted. Some 1000 grafts were also taken from my beard. Again another 2300 grafts were planted on my crown to cover it. So in total I received close to 8300 hair grafts on my bald scalp area. And after 6 months of my last sitting I am writing this post for fellow bald friends.

Since hair transplant is a surgery and we all have a limited source of donor hair on our body for one life time we should do it at the right place in the first go. I have seen many people getting their donor hair damaged at wrong, inexperienced hands because they found the cheaper option. Second thing in hair restoration is the natural look. Only growing hair is half of the story! The most important is the natural look of the transplanted hair. Only an experienced thinking doctor can do it.

One more important thing in hair restoration is a holistic approach to baldness. Some times the early baldness does not require a hair transplant, only medication help it. And in most of the cases hair transplant in addition to medications to prevent the ongoing hair loss is required. To take judgements upon these issues needs a lot of experience by the doctors.

It is obvious that a doctor who does hair transplant as a part time work in addition to other cosmetic practice will have less expertise than a doctor who does only hair restoration. At many places the doctors don’t do the procedure themselves! It is done by non qualified people, mostly technicians under the umbrella of the Doctor. These centres usually allure patients with a lot of advertisements for offers, discounts and packages! So, it is very important that patients should meet the treating Doctor before getting the procedure. The bottom line in choosing a doctor is to get a lot of references of people who have got the surgery done from that place. If they have many happy patients then they will be providing a lot of numbers. If these patients are willing to talk to new patients and meet also then that shows that they are happy patients.
I volunteer myself to help any person who want to decide upon hair restoration.




2600 Grafts with Dr Bhatti

Hi ,

Wanted to share my HT experience in case it could help the fellow members of this forum as I benefited greatly from reading others experiences. I recently had undergone an HT from Dr Bhatti, India. It was a 2 day procedure (requested by me) and the final tally was 2600 odd grafts.

Now a bit on the doctor selection process, initially I was keen on the ARTAS procedure even though it was 3 times more expensive, the more research I did I realized that manual FUE is still the best way to go. After that I narrowed my doctors to Turkey and India, ( I reside in India). Among the doctors in Turkey I finally drew up a shortlist of Dr Erdogan. Dr Doganay and Dr Karadeinz. My prime criteria was that the doctor should perform most of the procedure if not the complete procedure, I was just not comfortable with techs doing all the work while the doctor just drew the hairline especially when anesthesia is also involved, that kind of ruled out most of the above except Dr K who was really prompt in his replies and very courteous however when I tried getting in touch with his former patients no one replied back. In the meanwhile I came across Dr Bhatti who came highly recommended on this forum, when I checked out his work and the reviews I was very impressed, also he does most of the procedure so that checked my main criteria. I wrote to him and got a very informative reply and somehow I ha a gut feeling that he is the guy and this concluded my 6 month hunt for the right doc !

Now a bit on my hair... I had a very pretty good mop of hair till I was 32-33, I am 35 now. My dad lost most of his hair by 32-33, so I thought I beat the system but in the last 2 years I went from a Norwood 1 to a Norwood 4, pretty dramatic . Dr B suggested a 3000-3500 procedure which I agreed with. I don't know if this is a postive or not but my native hair is pretty spaced out , except the crown is showing but I could have gotten away with the rest of it for maybe a couple of years. Also I was not on finasteride or rogaine.

Ok so the big day finally arrived. I had asked for a 2 day procedure since I read that the graft survival rate diminishes in long procedure. I don't know if this is true to be honest, but I erred on the side of caution, Dr Bhatti was kind enough to oblige. I flew a day before op for a consult with the doc. Now the purpose of this review is to keep things as real as possible. A lot of ex patients of Dr B were very happy all round so I expected a very courteous doc and I was not disappointed, I did feel a bit rushed in my consult. Dr B performs 2 surgeries a day and my consult was 6 in the evening so needless to say he was kinda beat, he drew a hairline which was lower than I wanted. I also asked him my donor capacity was he indicated was around 5000, not the best not the worst. I was told that my donor area wasn't the best by other docs when I sent my pictures, was a bit bummed to hear this but was glad Dr B kept it real. He also gave me a very good piece of advice that my hair will never be like how it was before so best be strategic about this procedure and make sure it looks good aesthetically and go big on the front and the crown and not to focus on the mid scalp which he said can be taken care of by meds. I was thinking to carpet bomb the entire area . He told me that would be a waste and to think it over, consulted my advisors throughout the night who concurred with the doc. I did however take the hairline towards the vertex and didn't want any grafts wasted on the temples, I thought those 300 could be rather invested else where

Now I am going to list out the highlights of the procedure.. Day 1, 1450 grafts were extracted. half side of the donor area was used. The doctor did the punching , the tech extracted the grafts , this took 2 hours 20 mins. The doc then made the slit area on the recipient area which was the front part /hairline, we broke for lunch, I recommend asking for the pizza, it was yum ! The tech did the implant, that took another 2 hours so entire process took around 5 and half hours.

Day 2, 1150 grafts extracted. I was disappointed with this since the target was 1400-1500. Dr B said that this was because if more bleeding that the other day and he said that is the problem with 2 day procedure, again I am not a doc so I don't know the logic but guys going for a 2 day procedure should keep this in mind that possibly the entire harvest could be lesser than target, same as yesterday a bit longer on the implants because the crown was being worked upon.

Pain Level for the entire process was 3/10.The whole crew was super sweet especially the techs,the drivers and of course the doctor who was very patient with all my questions and I peppered him with questions every time I met him. I stayed back for 5 further days, dropped in every day for a hair wash and a bag of questions for the doc which again patiently answered, so some of the city and tasted the food, I would recommend spending 2-3 days in Chandigarh.

So, my priorities for HT were a bit different. First was, it should be undetectable, didn't want any jabs at work and no scarring. I am on day 23 right now, highlights from Day 1 to Day 23 are; my donor area healed pretty good and by day 5 from far was undetectable apart from the redness. Scabs in the donor area which weirdly a lot of people don't talk about were gone by Day 7 but there were a lot, applied aloe vera lotion from day 5 onwards. My implanted scabs didn't budge though by day 14 30% scabs were off which was weird, I guess I was being super cautious , the doc said to step into the shower ( was leaning my head over the sink till then). By day 18 I had a clear head . I stepped out of the house on Day 21 without any head gear, bumped into my friend who didn't mention anything about my head nor gave me weird looks. I started my workouts on Day 22, got busted I guy asked me "hey can I ask you a personal question".. I knew where this was going, I bolted 15 mins later, but the guy himself had undergone a HT , so I guess guys who have had a HT know where to look. I still think my recovery has been pretty good and that's a testament to Dr B's work.

Couple of important points again because these things rarely get mentioned... while I mentioned the pain was 3/10 for the actual op, the donor area however.. good god.. somewhere around day 5 it was like my donor area reestablished contact with its mother ship, excruciating is the word. I'll try to describe the levels and types of pain I felt. One kind was a short of electric pulses, another was I would get this sudden burst of chills , like a cold wave hits you and involuntary shakes. then the plain vanilla pain. If someone asked me if I would recommend an HT I probably would have said hell no !! pain level would be 7/10 and I have a really high tolerance of pain. This lasted a week, I loaded on pain killers 3 times a day, sleeping pills in the night cause I couldn't sleep in the night, a horror week. Day 14 onwards it reduced and as of today non existent, My recipient area has been kind of numb and pain free from day 1 to day 23, it feels like door rug right now, pretty hard, doc says that feeling should go away in a month.

Second, if any doc says you can return to work the next day or 2-3 days, run ! For someone whose priority is keep this incognito I'll tell you this, donor area looks super fine by day 14, in my case recipient area by day 21, caveat .. mine was a smaller procedure and each heal differently, I would put myself in the lucky category especially since no redness everywhere.

So that's about it, uploading some photos, I'll post an update every month, please feel to pm me for any advice or have any questions






Two weeks after my surgery

These pictures are from 2 weeks after my surgery. I am so happy that it recovered very fast . As you can tell that hair start growing nicely. Almost none of my friends recognized that I had hair transplant