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dr Diep surgery 9/1/17

Hello everyone, I am 32 and I recently went fue surgery w dr. Diep on 9/1. I was a little out of it post surgery but I believe the number of grafts I got was 2347 but I will double check w the office. I did a ton of research and after 10 months made the jump to go w dr. Diep based off his positive reviews on this site, his YouTube videos, his references he provided me with and the overall consultation w him that made me feel comfortable. I am one day post op and the pain is not that bad. I had a strip surgery about 7 years ago and it was not that successful so that's why I got another surgery. I also may need a small one in a year around my crown but we will see when that time comes. For the past year I have been taking finasteride w no sexual side effects etc. for the past 7 months I have been washing my hair w nizoral twice a week. Any comments on how my grafts looks one day post up would be appreciated. Looks like he packed them in heavily in very front which I requested and needed. Also any advice on anything else pertaining to next few weeks/months would be greatly appreciated as well. I will do my best to update when I can




NW3 3200 grafts with Dr Erdogan

Update 30/09/2017
I have created a forum thread to follow my HT progress. Rather than duplicate here I'll just put a link to my forum thread here:
Hi Guys

I have been a long time reader of this site and have never joined or contributed.

I felt now was the time for me to hopefully give something back.

After much self debate and research I decided to have a HT with ASMED (Dr Koray Erdogan) In Istanbul.

It was hard making the decision to get a HT or not. Part of me thought just shave it off and get on with life, the other part wanted that hairline back. I am well aware that over time I will end up with thinner hair coverage and possibly bald areas on my head. Hair transplants aren't going to give me hair like my early twenties for life, and the transplanted hair will thin out a little over the years too. For me the most important part is my hairline as it frames the face. If I had a good hairline and were thinner round the crown it would bother me less than the receding hair line does. It changes your look entirely as I saw immediately after my transplant. My plan is to fix the front with the hair transplant then try to maintain my existing hair without fin. I may opt for another transplant or 2 in the future to blend the front hairline in gradually to the back as and when it thins out. I hope cloning will be about before I run out of donor hair lol. If not I would quite happily shave my head and get Micropigmentation to hide any scars if necessary and fill in the fill in the transplanted hairs to give the illusion of density. I quite like the buzzed look when you can see a good hairline.

I told some family, my girl friend and some friends before the HT and some afterwards but not everyone. I worried a lot about telling people but thought I would rather tell them than try to hide it. They were all supprisingly supportive, I am also quite fortunate that I am travelling from day 10 through to 3.5 months so I can go through the ugly duckling phase whilst away.

Here are the details of my HT

I'm 38 and this is my first HT
I take Minoxidil (I stopped taking 3 weeks prior to surgery)
I used to take Fin (8 years) but stopped 4 years ago due to slight sides and not wanting to be on meds for life
I use Lipogaine big 3 and Pura dor shampoo cycled every bottle (Stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery)
I use the Hairmax Laser Combe (Stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery)

The surgery cost 8000 I had 3260 ish grafts in the end. That included all transfers, hotel for 2 nights, surgery and post opp care package.

I will add the graft details later, I'm away travelling for a few months and don't have the details with me

My donor capacity was 8300 approx
My hair diameter was 0.63 Microns

Here are some pictures pre opp




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My thougts about getting a hair transplant

I have been thinking a lot about doing something about my thining hairline and of course i have been doing a lot of research on my options. It looks like a hair transplant is my best option at the moment. That being said it also looks like if I could wait for another 3-5 years, there might be some other alternatives to transplants. I have been reading about stemcells and the possibilities of a regenerative cure that stemcell research actually could provide us with.
My thought is: Sure i could wait 5 years for an effective, cheap and healthy cure for baldness but there might not be a cure within this timeperiod. That is my big dilemma, should i wait and hope for an alternative or should i just go for the hair transplant? They might even improve the way they do hairtransplants within this 5 year timeframe.
I have written more about this on my danish blog about hairloss if some fellow danes have the same thoughts or issues with their hair going missing.
I know that this is a lot of speculation and some might even think im stupid for having these thoughts. My reason for asking myself all these questions is that i am still young(early twenties) and i am afraid i might loose a lot of my hair in the future. Sure i could have a hair transplant now but whats the point if hair around the area keeps falling off, I might end up needing 4-5 hair transplants in total. I know i could use medicin like Propecia but I fear the side effects of the drug and I am not willing to take the chance. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no medicin or other treatment that has a 100% or just 90% successrate stopping the continuing hairloss. And if there is it must have some side effects that might change your life.
Please leave a comment if you also have been wondering about the future of hairloss cures and treatments.




FuT Hair Transplant with Dr. Diep in LOS gatos

I am a 27 year old male currently at a Norwood 4. I have been researching hair loss solutions since I was like 19 around the time I started noticing my hair loss. Like most guys with hair loss my self esteem took a big hit and I started styling my hair to hide my receding hair line/hair loss. I even reacheded out to some doctors when I was 20 just to ask questions about hair transplants. From all the research I did i came to the conclusion that it would be best to wait untill my hair loss was more predicatable. My hair kept gradually thinning in the frontal and crown mainly and I decided not to take any prevention meds like Fin and rogaine due to side effects and inconvience. I decided to just hold on to what hair I had untill I was ready for a transplant one day. My plan was to wait it out till my late 20's-30. Well after I got married at 24 and settled down for a year I actually came to a point where I just accepted that I would be bald eventually and decided to not do a transplant anymore. I got comfortable with where I was in life but was still self consious about my hair loss. I kept using caboki to hide my hair loss and it always took me a while to do my hair cause I was styling to hide the hair loss of course. Eventually it hit me that I need to do something cause my hair bothers me to much. Plus the technology is here so why not. I could also afford it so it just made sense. I started researching like crazy in the summer 2016 and eventually booked a hair transplant FUT 5000 grafts with Dr. Diep in JULY 2017.

Well July 20, 2017 I finally had an FUT procedure with Dr. Diep in LOS Gatos. I got 4818 grafts placed mainly in my frontal and crown. I am super excited about how everything went and cant wait for the results. I am following all the doctors post op care instructions religiously. Overall the process was great. I am only day 5 currently but so far everything looks good. I had some serious swelling the first few days due to not sleeping correctly and its also expected. Just wanted to post my story and show my results as time goes on. I decided to do FUT because I will most likely have advance hair loss so I wanted to move as much hair as possible. Plus I dont like to wear my hair short so the scar doesnt bother me too much (hopefully it heals good). My donor hair is pretty solid currently but since im still young that can change which is my bigest concern. I hope this transplant will last me a solid 10 years before i may need another one if I chose. Dr. Diep is great and he did a great job. He is a pro no doubt. Originally I was not gonna shave my head but Dr. Diep convinced me to get the best results I should shave so i did. I dont regret shaving at all because in the end its all about getting the best results. I got 2.5 weeks off work so I should be good to go by then. Feel free to ask any questions.




Dr Ball Surgery UK May 2017

Dr Edward Ball - Surgery June 14 2017

1991 Grafts (Initial consultation was 1250 grafts)

Hi All,

Just wanted to say hi as i'm a new member and also to post some pics of my recent procedure in the UK with Dr Ball at the Maitland Clinic.

Without going off on a tangent that i will leave for another blog regarding hair loss history, i basically wanted more density for my hairline and also frontal third of my scalp. Two previous procedures in the UK that i did not do my research well enough resulted in a stalky and very thin hairline that had to be brushed forward to conceal the work. My crown remains unaffected by hair loss and i am not taking any meds because of sides.

The Consultation

10/10 compared to what i had experienced before. I had a long discussion with David Anderson and then Dr Ball about what i was hoping for and what had gone before, the wealth of knowledge between them was fantastic and i knew very quickly that i had trust in them to do a good job. Dr Ball is so easy to talk to and as someone who works in healthcare I was very impressed with his attention to detail and skill at putting you at ease during the consultation.

David being very experienced and a veteran of many procedures also offers fantastic insight and it is very much a team effort between two guys who obviously live and breath hair transplants.

I left the consultation with zero doubts and for once all of my questions answered fully in a realistic and empathetic way. After two previous less than great HT's it was so pleasing to find that the consultation was every bit as good as the many before and afters i had seen of Dr Ball's work. The examination of my hair and also miniturizion was also done in a considered and non rushed way.

This was my 4th consultation and the difference between Maitland and any other UK clinic inc Farjo was night and day.

The Procedure

On the day i got a taxi from Portsmouth Premier Inn to the clinic and straight into the waiting room, no nerves as i had been down this road before. I ordered lunch with the receptionist and after 10 mins Dr Ball came in to greet me. We went into Dr Ball's office to begin hair line design and to discuss the day ahead and take some photos. Again compared to my other procedures where the surgeon had more thn one client in day Dr Ball took his time getting everything right and involving me in every decision. My previous procedures resulted in some rogue random hairs that were too low and in totally the wrong place so we discussed not being bullied by these hairs and making sure the temporal angles were natural and age appropriate (i'm 39). I left that office with 100% confidence in the man put it that way.

Anyway I was prepped for FUT strip removal as i already had a large FUT scar which Dr Ball was going to use and improve. Dr Ball uses a device that vibrated when the needles go in to numb the area and it really helps with the pain. We were off and Dr Ball and his team set me up with apple tv and i looked forward to some films.

The whole time Dr Ball was friendly, engaging and caring and you felt in a very safe pair of hands. The hours drifted by and everything went as i expected it would until finally it was over and i had 1991 grafts. First look in the mirror was a delight really as you could see the quality of the work and also the density so much better than the last two times at other clinics. Yes i had a weird shaved front hair style and knew a good nights sleep was a few weeks away but i was really, genuinely happy.

Dr Ball took some more photos which he promised to email me and Janna Shafer came in to see the results and have a catch up. As i left to get my taxi i got a hug from Dr Ball and made my way back to the hotel.


Finally a clinic in the UK that you can be really 100% confident in with world class people involved and i mean that when i say it. From the first contact i made to where i am now at 6 weeks post op I am glad i finally found the right man for the job.






Dr Nader Hair transplant

I just had my first hair transplant on 7/09/2017 after been in market to find best doctor for best price for 3 years. I normally dont do review unless
I really believe it is worth it. Doctor Nader is amazing, honest, patient, knowledgeable, and awesome at what he is doing. I had 3 consultation with
hair tranplant Doctor in the US, and I have today they just want charge you arms and legs.
I had my 4000 grafts in two sessions in two consecutive days, and I have to say it was really smooth and painless.
I did this review to prove to some people it is possiable to get affordable hair transplant and get good result too.
First 3 pictures are pre-op and two middle are 2 days post-op, and last 3 picture are 6 days post op.




2386 grafts hair transplant result by HHY hair transplant clinic

Name: - Yogesh Patil
Grafts: - 2386 grafts
Day: - 1 day procedure
Treatment Description:
Male pattern AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) grade iii a or frontal baldness including slight temporal and forelock recession without the vertex involvement with no family history aged 28yrs. After consultation started with combination therapy of finasteride 1mg, minoxidil 10% with amenexil topical application, multivitamins, L.L.L.T(Low Level Laser Therapy), hair loss control dietary regimen for a month and stopped the minoxidil 10% 15 days prior to the transplant.
Post control of hair loss problem planned for hair transplant of 2386 FUG’s by “BIO FUE NO ROOT TOUCH TECHNIQUE” punching done with cole's 9.5mm serrated punch.continued the combination therapy post-transplant as well. Pictures taken from all the angles and posted the images with clients consent.





Is it worth getting crown/whorl work done?

Hi, I had a hair transplant for the temple area a year ago and took video of it over 3-4 months but have not been able to upload it??? I am now currently in Turkey considering a transplant for the crown/whorl area but am concerned that it is not a bald enough canvas to work on, and as a consequence may end up doing more damage than good? I do have some photos rather than video but have yet to upload them. However, once I have worked that out I would appreciate any comments of whether to proceed or not. I have been offered 1000 grafts with the Choi implanter! I have managed to add a photo album but not sure how to add them to this post?? Any advice would be most welcome! Think I have got there! I am taking Finasteride and have been for around 10 months and have had several clinics say they could at 1000 grafts to the crown area but I wonder if some rounds of PRP would be a better option?




A successful hair transplant at "Elithair Transplant" clinic

2 weeks ago I was in Istanbul and I performed FUE hair transplant at ELITHAIR TRANSPLANT clinic.
I would like to write here about my experience because I am really satisfied about the treatment and it is the best way to thank Elithair and their team.
Firstly, I decided to do my hair transplant in Istanbul because prices are amazingly reasonable and also I have never been there before. So, exploring Istanbul and have the treatment (2 in 1). It was really a good idea.
I had to find a clinic so I started to search on internet and I contacted several clinics. I was confused but at the end I have chosen Elithair because of many reasons:
- They have long years of experience in hair treatment
- Their quick and professional replies
- Their honesty which I touched through their replies to me
- Dr. Balwi who is considered as one of the best surgeon in the field
- They do their surgeries in one of the best hospitals

In Istanbul, everything went smoothly and everything was exactly as we discussed. No hidden costs, no false information.

The procedure steps were exactly as they described starting with shaving the hair.
After that they started to extract the hair grafts from the back of my head (the donor area) and this process was done with a very advanced tool. They placed the grafts in nutrition liquid to preserve it.
Later on a micro channels were made in the bald area in order to place the grafts there.
Even the team who was working were capable of doing the procedures but Dr. Balwi was there all the time supervising and making sure everything is going well.
During the treatment, I felt very comfortable as I was on a fine chair and I had lunch break.

I got many instructions from Dr. Balwi about how to clean my head, how the new hair will fall and grow again, how to sleep, what to eat, not to do sport…etc.

Before departure I had time to explore Istanbul. It is a really beautiful city. I recommend everyone to go there and also if you want to do the hair transplant, do it with Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi. They are the best.
I will update you with my photos so you can see the progress




Scheduled Another FUE with Rahal in Nov 17

I've had 2 FUE procedures with Dr. Rahal. I'm now a 48 year old male who had extensive hair loss and was a NW 5A to 6. My first procedure was in 2014 where Rahal did a 2,000 graft restoration to my frontal zone. The second, a a year later in 2015, where he did another 1,500 grafts to add another band of coverage right behind the frontal zone. My crown is still relatively untouched, so since I've had some excellent experiences with Rahal, I've decided to go back for another 1,000 to 1,500 grafts to add some more coverage and shrink the size of the bald crown. I certainly know it won't be full coverage, but given where I started, I would be really happy to just decrease the size of the bald crown. I've attached a pic for any comments or suggestions. I know Rahal will make it look natural and I'm very confident in his skills. I'm from the NJ/NY area and decided to go with him because he would do FUE rather than FUT for my case. I liked the fact that he did my cases in stages - no large 3k or 4k graft sessions, to ensure graft survivability and growth.




Deposit and flights.....

Hi Guys

So just a quick update.

I have paid the deposit today which was £1500 standard.

I have also booked the flights to Larnacas airport in Cyprus from London which came out at £180 return which I thought was really good, so pleased about that. They have also arranged for a driver to pick me up at the airport and drop me off as part of their service.

Accommodation is provided by HDC too which I will let you know about when I arrive.

I'll keep you updated as things go on





Dr. Kyriakos Maras of HDC in Cyprus - hair transplant booked!

Hi All
I have recently booked a hair transplant with Dr Kyriakos Maras of HDC in Cyprus.
I am understandly nervous but also looking forward to possibly seeing an end to this terrible curse of thinning and balding hair
I booked Dr Kyriakos Maras and HDC through reviews and reccomendations on this site and so I hope I am in good hands.
So far I have been dealing with a gentleman named George who is their customer relations guy. He is very charming, efficient and has been a pleasure to deal with. At no point has he tried to upsell me anything or coerce me into any decisions which has been good. So far so good and great first impressions.
SO I have booked for 3-4th July to have 3000 grafts done at HDC. I am staying from the Sunday before the proceedure (2nd July) to the Friday (7th July). I am staying in the accomadation provided free of charge by HDC and I'll let you guys know what thats like when I arrive.
I have saved up to have this procedure done and so I really hope it is as good as the before and after pictures HDC display on their website and on here.
I will keep a regular blog for you guys and any advice along the way from you will also be welcome.
I am nervous as hell but here we go!
I have uploaded some pics of my current hairline.
All Best




Dr. Alexander Recommendation 2800 Grafts

I had a hair transplant through Dr. Alexander on June 2, 2017, and so far I couldn't be happier. I had spent a considerable amount of time researching the different surgeons in the Phoenix area, and ultimately chose Dr. Alexander based upon reviews and his before and after photos. The other surgeons whom I had reviewed their work looked unatural, whereas Dr. Alexander's patient photos had normal nice looking heads of hair. In my opinion the big company around the nation does discount work, and when it comes to investing in the appearance of your hair, a discount doctor seems high risk.
My consultaion was straight forward, and the price was very reasonable given what I knew of the prevailing rates. The surgery itself was actually quite pleasant. His staff is kind, caring, and attentive, which immediately put my mind at ease. Dr. Alexander is a great guy with a good sense of humor. I actually had a good time during the procedure, between conversations with the staff and Dr. Alxander, and watching my favorite movies during the surgery. I mean come on, if you have to have elective surgery, what could be better than watching your favorite movies?
Now unfortunately I had to have a strip surgery because the back of my head had a big bump on the back and folds of wrinkled skin, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 1) Dr. Alexander got rid of the weird wrinkled skin, and 2) the scar is already very small. I have seen some of the scars online and they look like leather face, but my hair is at a 1 guard and you can already barely see it. That's after 12 days, my guess is the scar will be tiny when it fully heals.
Recovery is not that big of a deal. I only had to take the prescribed pain killers the first day, and took tylonel for a couple of days after that. I wore a hat to the office while it healed, and at day 12 I have almost no scabs.
As far as appearance so far, I am pretty damn happy. I did have the shock loss for most of the hair which 97% of patients experience, but I still have quite a bit of hair, and the hairline looks great. I mean look at that noggin before hand, that stuff was weak! When it comes in full it's going to be like I am in my twenties again.
So, for anyone considering a hair transplant, stop considering. The procedure is really not that big of a deal, recovery is quick, and if you are looking at Dr. Alexander, I recommend you look no further.




Parsa Mohebi Review

I've had 2 FUE beard-to-scalp procedures w/ Dr. Mohebi years after 2 strip procedures elsewhere (3,000, then 1,600-1,800 from same strip). In 2015, 1,300 FUE combined beard-to-scalp (900) and scalp-to-scalp (400) w/ Dr. Mohebi, then another 1,300 beard to scalp (100%) in late 2016. Overall, I've been quite pleased w/ the entire experience. Dr. Mohebi is very reassuring and calming. His voice is so soothing and relaxing, he could probably do hypnosis or meditation recordings. The staff are very attentive and helpful. From the start, everyone ensures comfort and all needs are taken care of. It's a long day and difficult to be stationary so long, but the staff does everything possible to make it tolerable. They provide a nice lunch, plus water, snacks and ice cream in the afternoon, if desired. They will also play movies or music.

Unfortunately, I have poor hair genetics and started thinning in early 20's with significant balding by late 20's to early 30's. To make things worse, I don't have great donor hair with very fine texture and lack of density. As a result, the 2 strip procedures helped slow the balding effect into my 30's, but couldn't do much beyond that and before long it was sparse coverage. I tried cover-ups and other things, but it was a futile effort and eventually got to the point that I needed something else as what I saw in the mirror wasn't who I saw in my head. I investigated hair systems, but couldn't swallow the ongoing frequent maintenance and high costs. I preferred to have more of my own hair permanently. I felt out of options and was ready to start shaving my head, but had a sizeable strip scar to consider. Luckily, I came across information online about beard-to-scalp transplants, then found Dr. Mohebi who performs them. I'm not fortunate enough to have an amazingly thick beard either, but it was good enough to be a realistic option after meeting w/ Dr. Mohebi and felt much more optimistic. He takes time during the consultation to provide realistic options and advice based on his experience. He also meets in the morning of the procedure to review and update the game plan, then again at the end to review the procedure, post-op instructions, etc. The instructions are very clear and the staff does a great job answering questions, too. A nice kit is provided with a neck pillow, hat, shampoo, etc.

The anesthesia injections may be the worst part as the scalp is sensitive, but it numbs the head and donor areas to make the rest more comfortable. They did re-inject a few times as it wore off, but that isn't unusual. They'll provide some pills to help relax and make everything smoother. I didn't want heavy meds, but still was relaxed enough that I even fell asleep in the chair at one point.

Honestly, I felt disappointed with the outcome after the 1st procedure with Dr. Mohebi until about the 8-9 month mark when I finally had enough grow in for an appreciable difference. It would've been ideal to do the procedures (1,300 each) on back-to-back days, as he suggested, but I simply couldn't afford it. Instead, I delayed a year between them and now waiting on new hair to grow and fill in to provide a more symmetric and full look. We decided to focus on the middle and off to one side initially as I was combing my hair to one side and using a topical cover-up product, but it's starting to fill in now.

The beard donor area heals very rapidly. There were dots for a day or so, then it looked like a sunburn and gradually faded until it was hardly noticeable by 4-5 days. After the 1st procedure my donor areas on back/sides where they shaved were patchy and apparent for a while until it grew in (worse w/ my thin, fine hair). I planned the procedures prior to vacation w/ time off work, but I was fully functional and felt fine the day after w/ no limitations. I had no bruising in the donor or recipient areas, and slept w/ an extra pillow the first couple nights, plus used ice packs. I didn't take any pain meds, only the steroid to minimize swelling. There was definite shock loss w/ my first procedure, but not as noticeable after the 2nd w/ the other transplanted beard hairs to provide cover. I used Propecia for a few months before and after both procedures, in addition to Rogaine, which has been long-term. There was some itching after that can be annoying, and 2-3 weeks after I developed some pimple-like bumps (folliculitis). It was never extensive, just one or two at a time w/ little sore, inflamed bumps, but they heal within a few days and after a while resolve completely. The key w/ hair transplant procedures is to have a long-term approach. It isn't an overnight change. If looking for that, go get a hair system or shave your head as that will be an instant change. Overall, Dr. Mohebi and his staff do a wonderful job. I'm already eagerly anticipating my next procedure trying to obtain an even better head of hair.... just have to save up as it is expensive. No one ever said relocating hair was cheap!




Month 2 after surgery

Most of the transplanted hair has shed and new follicles have started . The new hair seem to grow slower than the rest, so trimming needs to be done every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it even.

Pictures taken after a haircut.