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New Zealand

Hair Loss Story

Hello peoples, regards my hair these days after undergoing prior operations that were carried out back in the early 1980�s when at that time all that was available was the old punch graft methodology after extracting from the donor region, so...

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Hair Loss Overview

Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern:
Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
How long have you been losing your hair?:
10 years +
What Best Describes Your Goals?:
Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Treatments

Have you ever had a hair transplant?:
Other hair restoration physicians:
Dr Bruce Fox
Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime:
None, Hair Replacement Systems

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Treatment Regimen

Hair Replacement Systems

Today's hair replacement systems, also known as hair pieces, alopecia wigs, etc. are a viable option for balding men and women, especially those with advanced baldness.

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