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United Kingdom

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I started receding when I was about 20. My grandfather on my mothers side (whom I am told I take after) had the same problem but never fully went bald. My father receded late in life but never want bald and my older brother has a full head of...

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Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern:
Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
How long have you been losing your hair?:
In the last 10 years
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Norwood II
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I'm here for support

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Other Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments:
Saw palmetto

Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Christian Bisanga

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Well I'm midway through week 4 post op. I really should get off my arse and do a good write up of the procedure but busy days have come since getting back into my old routine. So how's it been? Well good and bad I guess. Good in the fact that I have somethig to look forward to I can't wait until it starts growing in and I can really play with the comb. SO many different styles I want to try...

Created: 7/16/2014

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Day 11

 Not a great deal to share but I might as well. Still waitig on the op day pics from BHR and then I'll do a full report! Last week ws MURDER!!!! I was unlucky enough to get nerve pain in the back of my head (1 in 6 chance) and little did i know that occipatal nerve pain can simulate the exact symptoms of a migrane so not only did I have a very nippy back of my head but screaming...

Created: 6/30/2014

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Time stands still.......

Well I'm day 5 post op and feels like 3 months!!! Time is passing so slowly it's horrible, especially as I'm bored out of my skull with no excercise to do and a month off of work. I think I just want this week to be over as I'm constantly on edge for fear of bumping or accidentaly touching or scratching the grafts. On day 8 I'm allowed to go under the shower and gently massage...

Created: 6/24/2014

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3 weeks away

Well I'm having to write this blog from Firefox again as something seems to be blocking it on google chrome but doesn't matter! So, I'm just over three weeks away from my procedure and the emotional pace is beginning to gather. It hasn't helped that I've not been well at all the last few weeks. I started to suffer from panic attacks (at least that was the best diagnisis the doctors gave) last...

Created: 5/27/2014

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