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 Hi friends, 

    I have recently undergone hair transplantation from Dr Radha Palakurthi of Vizag. My pre and post op pictures , i have attached along with this blog. Your expert comments and suggestions are greatly welcomed.

  As for my experiance with my surgeon, she is a wonderful trichologist, an expert surgeon, well read n well informed. More over she is very amiable to deal with.. She is very patient is more than ready to clear your each and every doubt. And she has got a really hardworking and dedicated team working for her. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her and her team. If anyone of you are looking for a nice HT clinic , I strongly recommend her..!!

  Regarding my transplant, I had about 2900 grafts done , by FUT method.. Todays the second post op day. Theres absolutely no pain. Mild itching is there. Im refrainin from scratchin or rubbing the recipient area. As I have been well informed by my doc, there is considerable edema, which she assured me will come down by 3 or 4 days. The rest u guyz see for yourself from my pics n pls give me your valuable comments.

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