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Michael James
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Dr. Parsa Mohebi
Los Angeles
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1 to 3 Years
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If your hair loss is impacting your self image and confidence hair restoration is a good choice for many people. Los Angeles features some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. The development of technology, advancements in medical science and the artistry of physicians makes it an optimal choice.

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I saw the devastating impact hair loss had on several friends. They began losing their hair noticeably in secondary school final years. I saw a change in personality and confidence in my dear friends. My awareness of the importance of self image grew from that point on. Presently it only seems natural for me being an advocate to help others in this way.

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Hair Transplant Primer - Part II

  Hair Transplant Primer - Part II Hair Transplant FAQ <!--[if !supportLists]--> 1.        <!--[endif]--> What is the similarity between hair transplants and organ transplants? Hair transplants are very unlike organ transplants. Firstly, it is an elective procedure not a life saving operation. Most organ transplants are usually a...

Created: 8/23/2012

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Hair Transplant Primer - Part I

   Hair Restoration Hair loss is one of the most common medical problems and it will affect most men at some point in their life. A complex hereditary condition androgenic alopecia – baldness can begin for some even in puberty. Women can also suffer from androgenic alopecia. There are only two FDA medical solutions that can positively affect hair loss; finasteride (Propecia)...

Created: 8/14/2012

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Basic Facts Regarding Hair Loss

  Hair Restoration – Knowing Basic Facts Regarding Hair Loss Losing your hair is not an exciting event in life. For most people it is very distressing in fact. Men and women who suffer hair loss regret this change in their appearance. Many of them resort to desperate measures based on non expert information. Here are a few facts that my help a man or women seeking hair...

Created: 7/26/2012

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Making the Decision to Undergo A Hair Transplant

Choosing a hair transplant as your hair restoration preference is an important and life changing decision. What are the things you need to know? Who can you talk to about it? It’s a decision that most people feel very private about and carries for many a certain level of social stigma. But the truth of the matter is you want hair. You don’t like being bald; the thought of taking your hair...

Created: 7/20/2012

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