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About two and a half weeks ago, I received my second FUT procedure from Dr. Parsa Mohebi.  I had my first about a year and a half ago, just shy of 2100 grafts, to fill out my hairline.  I went back to increase density with about another 1500 grafts.  Everything is healing nicely, and I decided to track and share my progress here.  This is just the beginning, so I thought I'd start by showing my hairline back before any procedures (~1.5 years) and where I'm at as of a couple days ago (a little over two weeks after my second procedure).

Although some of the transplanted hair has fallen out (as usual), a fair amount of that hair seems to be sticking around.  If I remember correctly from last time, my scalp tends to be a little more stubborn and takes about three weeks to shed the transplanted hair and allow it to slowly start growing back.  I'm going to try to update bi-weekly or monthly in the beginning to show as much of the process as I can.  The next update will most likely show less hair than this one.  For now, here are the first images.  It'll be interesting to watch the process more closely this time around and see a detailed timeline of how post-op transplant results look throughout the first year.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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