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United States

Hair Loss Story

Losing hair since early 20s (over +10 years) in the middle of my college years. I didn't think much of it at first since I was too busy worrying about graduating school and landing a job. Shortly after graduation, the job market was difficult,...

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Hair Loss Overview

Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern:
Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
How long have you been losing your hair?:
10 years +
Norwood Level if Known:
Norwood IV
What Best Describes Your Goals?:
Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Treatments

Have you ever had a hair transplant?:
Other hair restoration physicians:
Dr John Diep
Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime:
Comments about hair loss treatments you've tried or are considering:
FUE transplant for hairline and frontal region.

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Photos and Blog Updates

52nd Week (One Year)

I finally approached my one year anniversary date! As a first time hair-transplant patient, the past year has been an incredible adventure. The first two weeks, I could not stop looking at the mirror. The 2nd and 3rd month, it was a difficult period of seeing most of my hair shed out. Then came 4th and 5th month where the fun began. Seeing my hair grew slowly day by day was exciting and...

Created: 12/17/2012

Updated: Updated 5 year(s) ago

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50th + 51st Week

Created: 12/1/2012

Updated: Updated 5 year(s) ago

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48th + 49th Week

Due to my previous photos discuss in a forum thread, I've decided to change the angles of my photos to better show my density. Previously, my photos were all taken with my camera around 6 inches apart, which makes it appear magnified by showing the scalp, and appear less dense. With the revised photo method starting on Day 331, I'm holding the camera's distance by stretching...

Created: 11/17/2012

Updated: Updated 5 year(s) ago

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46th + 47th Week

Created: 11/4/2012

Updated: Updated 5 year(s) ago

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