Balding Bob and Fleckie the Follicle

Can Hair Loss be Hilarious?

We think so. Find out yourself by following the Follicular Follies of Balding Bob and his hairline's lone surviving follicle - "Fleckie", as they navigate the world of infomercials, toupees, snake oils, hype and white coated sales people.

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While laughter may not be the best medicine for hair loss (try finasteride and minoxidil and or hair transplantation), it can give us a lighter perspective.

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

Episode 1 : "The Bald Lie"

Episode 2: "Bio Fusion Confusion"

Episode 3: "Bob and the Bio-Fusion
Make the Scene"

Coming Soon - Episode 4 – “The Final Solution: Balding Bob’s First Hair Transplant”.

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