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Hair Restoration Results Posted by Patients Feel free to post your hair transplant photos here.

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Old 02-13-2018, 03:40 AM
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Looks good to me. Be thankful for what you have. See how you feel in 20 years lol
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Old 02-13-2018, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by harryforreal View Post
I agree with the above comment.

I also think the fact that others have stated on here that the results look, "Great!" illustrates a clear difference in aesthetic acceptability. Moreover, the suggestion that the onus of patient satisfaction falls ultimately solely on the patient is morally and ethically abhorrent.

It is a simple thing for a doctor's office to say, "This is what you can expect: a lower hairline that is thinner in density than the rest of your hair and may not prove satisfactory, especially in direct or harsh light. A second procedure may well be required to fill in the density towards a more satisfactory outcome. Some patients have expressed concern over coarse or wiry hairs or even a pluggy hairline. Or, conversely, you may be totally satisfied with the outcome on the first try. Here are some photos of various outcomes."

I left my initial consultation with a brochure that promised a natural result with reassurances from the doctor with no mention regarding aesthetic limits of hair surgery. I went home and tried to find out more info online but didn't see much that I found applicable to my situation at the time (I think there's much more info now online) and so felt fairly comfortable after my consultation with the doctor and the brochure. Even if I had found more info online, I'm not sure I would have known what to look for in contrast to now that I've been through 2 surgeries. As a final point, when someone like Spanker, whose opinion and input I generally value greatly, says this is a great outcome, where do novices seeking out information find similarly experienced people who can provide a counter to say, "It's a good outcome, but look here and note the aesthetic limitations, so consider this before you undergo the procedure." For me it is not a satisfactory outcome. It's a good transplant, but aesthetically it fails to satisfy.

I will say HT0416 that Dr. Konior has suggested using nape hair to soften hairlines - a somewhat controversial position as others feel that nape hair is not as reliable as hair from the standard donor region. Still, I think it's worth considering. At the very least, added density I do believe will improve the aesthetic appearance, but I think you will still be disappointed by the coarseness/caliber of the transplanted hairs at the hairline unless you can use soft hairs like nape hair.
You don't actually say what the issue is though. Guarantee if he posted these same photos from a Belgian or Spanish surgeon you wouldn't be saying that because quite frankly its 100% baseless unless your expectations are way off the mark, which by the sounds of things they appear to be.

You say it's wrong for a doctor to admit that transplants aren't a magical cure-all, and then that your own doctor basically promised the world and it would be perfectly natural acting like this is a better alternative. Makes absolutely no sense. Are you honestly naive enough to believe that it is possible to achieve the same density and hair texture of the natural hairs prior to hairloss? This is just silly.

"It's a good transplant, but aesthetically it fails to satisfy."

What does this mean though? I don't think the hairline design is perfect, however Koray looks over it twice, including before and after the hair is shaved. He specifically asks for input, as do the patient assistants. He isn't a child, this result is consistent with other work from top surgeons and Koray, if he didn't like his hairlines he could have looked elsewhere and more importantly he had the ability to offer input, which he didn't. He even said he wasn't happy about the design so asked his assistant but made no comment on it himself. He also says he didn't say anything because he didn't know anything about how it should look, but as soon as it was created he magically knew perfectly well he wasn't happy. On top of this earlier in the thread he says he can see through it and it doesn't stand up to harsh lighting, yet in the last page he says its so dense that it looks like he is wearing something on his head. Huh?

Come on, this guy was a problem patient waiting to happen. Red flags galore.

"where do novices seeking out information find similarly experienced people who can provide a counter"

If you don't like it, choose a different surgeon. The nape hair option is a bad one because typically they are well known to be less stable in regards to miniaturisation than the rest of the donor which you admit yourself. Very few doctors dispute this, which is why they typically avoid this. You can't get hairline hair to place in the hairline once you've lost it to begin with so it will never be as natural as pre-hairloss. Some people have significant differences in hair texture, thickness and colour in separate parts of the scalp. This can't magically be fixed by a surgeon.

On top of this OP still doesn't post clear pre-ops despite being asked in multiple posts. Why does he hide the situation if he's so adamant that he has a problem? The reason is obvious.
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Old 02-13-2018, 05:06 PM
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Honestly mate your hair looks really good and most blokes would be delighted to have hair like that.

What I will say however, is that the hairline is overly straight, which gives an unnatural appearance. This is typical of Erdogans hairline designs from what I have seen. Usually surgeons prefer to stagger the hairline slightly to make it look more natural.

If you really wanted to, you could get a couple of hundred grafts into the hairline to stagger it a little.
Propecia since July 2008
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Old 02-13-2018, 11:08 PM
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Do u realize how dense n thick ur hairline is ? U had 3000 grafts , which means u were at least a Norwood 3 to 4..
U lucky to get that kind of hair in one procedure ..
Iím a Norwood 1.5 heading to a Norwood 2 n 38 years old .. havenít had any surgery but thinking about it .. Iím trying to get back my density to around what u got now .. be grateful n stop trippin.. u lucky u didnít get a bad transplant or low yield , u barely spent Any money n got a full head of hair ..
Dude Iím bout to spend $10,000 in the United States for around 1200 grafts on my hairline n it still wonít look as thick as urs.. donít jinx urself n get greedy . Be appreciative u got a great result ..
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Old 02-13-2018, 11:16 PM
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Oh yeah one more thing.. the doctor can give u hair .. but it’s up to u to know how to style it n make it work for u .. sorry if i comin off kinda negative .. but after reading other people’s experience on here that had failed transplants or didn’t get the yield they want , n paid twice as much as u n yet they didn’t complain , they just want a solution . N hoping for a better outcome the second time around. N . u over here complaining about a great result . With thick ass hair that u didn’t had before .. kinda makes me upset . Of course it’s not going to be perfect .. but u got a lot of yield with a good hairline at a cheap price from a top notch doctor .. what more u want ? Comb ur hair better n make it work for u ..
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Old 02-15-2018, 04:07 PM
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Sorry about the lack of activity from my side. Since i wrote my last post 6 months ago (16 months post op) i thought that was my final result. Since then i can honestly say texture of hair has got a lot better. I have stopped using Alpecin shampoo as i think that was one of the main reasons i was disliking my new hair due to it making hair look different colour. Before my transplant i never used!!! I stopped taking fin at 1 year then resumed it for 1 month at 15 months. Both occasions I had many side of effects. Stopped taking since i do see odd hair in sink and shower in morning.

Overall I would say i am alot happier with my hair transplant from dr erdogan!!!!

Rating 7/10 (with a little touch up to hairline would improve rating to a solid 10)
Touch up would let me expose hairline.

Before my hair transplant i had never had any surgery done before, i was un prepared for the journey. It's not a easy journey so many ups and downs, months disliking hair the way it looks. If you thinking about getting a hair transplant be prepared of the rocky journey and dont expect a full result till 2 years like doctor recommends even if hair has grown. hair grafts changed alot over the months!!!!

Also it took me a while to style hair differently.
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Old 02-15-2018, 06:03 PM
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Glad to hear u liking ur transplant now .. happy for ya
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