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Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews Share your own hair transplant experiences with others here.

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Old 09-13-2017, 10:36 PM
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Thoughts on Nader in Mexico? I've seen good results from him and I can't find anything negative about the guy on these forums besides the fact that his website stinks (no photos) and he's just gotten around to hiring staff dedicated to handling calls/scheduling.

You guys have probably seen these, but here's one of Nader's patients from beginning to end, 2 separate visits.
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Old 09-14-2017, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by HTsoon View Post
Forget about lists, i've been seeing Dr. Feriduni listed as a top doc ever since I signed up to this site, and I haven't seen more than 2 patient results published here in the past 3 years, everyone tends to regurgitates the same lists, what YOU as a potential patient have to do is actually research, look for REAL patients who've posted their results on websites such as this or through other platforms.

As far as FUE goes the doctor with the most published results from real patients is probably Dr. Erdogan, while researching you have to understand what holds more weight, clinics only put out their best work obviously, so it is essential to see unbiased reviews of patients, if a clinic doesn't have enough unbiased reviews then it might be best to look elsewhere. Also be very wary of someone posting a review of them already at 12 months, you want to look for doctors who have patient's posting their results since day 1 up to the 12th month mark. Good luck on your research and remember this is YOUR head and it's YOUR responsibility to research.
Whilst I would agree there are not so many results posted by Dr Feriduni, I would not agree his name is regurgitated for the hell of it. I think one reason we may not see so many patient postings is because the vast majority of his clients are European and do not frequent this or other U.S sites. After speaking with the Dr he did tell me it is hard for him to publish results as the vast majority of his clients wish to remain discreet. If you do go for a consult however, he has literally thousands of results on his computer with almost each and every type of hairloss pattern. IMO he has built a name for himself not through marketing but through respect and recognition from his peers. He showed me a bunch of presentations he makes to HT congresses (not sure what they are called, they are kind of like symposia). Along with guys like R. Shapiro, Erdogan (KEEP), etc he is one of the leaders in the field constantly evaluating, studying, and improving on new techniques to drive the field forward. Results are obviously part of it but who are the guys really driving the field forward with onnovation? There are a handful of guys that do this and he is one of them. I would also add that a "top 5" is too narrow. In any case I wish the OP the best of luck.
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