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Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews Share your own hair transplant experiences with others here.

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Old 04-14-2017, 07:26 AM
hairtransplanthrowaway's Avatar
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I'm not trying to be harsh and while I do sincerely hope your results come out great, I'd quite like to see the results in 8-12 months time as opposed to getting all excited at this point of time.

Like you, I underwent a similar HT procedure (similar price) with another doctor in Istanbul. He provided me with consultation and what not but he didn't do a single thing in terms of HT.

The result is wayyyyyy below what I'd expected. I was all psyched after my procedure as well.

In any case, I really hope you'll get awesome results.
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Old 04-20-2017, 05:03 PM
TillerMaN's Avatar
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Default April 7th-15th Update

Hey everyone,

Here's an update with pictures from the first few days following my 2500 graft FUE procedure. I'll try to make these compilations as high resolution as this website offers, so feel free to zoom in with the magnification button.

These were taking after my flight back from Istanbul to LA, and as you can see, my head was still very red and scabby. I knew the airport security would look at my head in a "what the hell happened" way when I had to remove my cap while going through security, but I decided not to care about what they thought. Turns out they didn't care at all - honestly they probably have seen worse.

I'll follow up with pics to this current day in the next post.

Hope you're well.
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Old 04-20-2017, 06:01 PM
TillerMaN's Avatar
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Default April 13th - 17th update

Pictures from April 13th - 17th attached. Here is what I'm also doing to try and maximize my results:

Hair Routine:

-1mg Finasteride daily (If you're worried about this drug, I've been using it off and on (due to supply) for about 5 years and have always seen amazing results using it with no side effects. I've read people's testimonies about this drug, and I personally think people just drive themselves insane and blame this drug for the problems in their lives. You'll read things like, "Finasteride made me depressed!" No, I think you were already depressed for other reasons [maybe their hairloss?] and use Fin as a scapegoat.)

-1 mL mixodial twice daily, morning and early evening. (I use Kirkland, it's cheap AF on Amazon. Strongly recommended - I've rarely heard of any side effects to this drug and it's too cheap not to use daily. This with Fin is a 1-2 killer combo at making your remaining functional hair follicles healthy enough to spew forth thicker hair. Worked really well for me - you can look at my first post on this thread on before Fin / Minox and compare to one year later. Big difference.)

-10,000mcg Biotine pill (I use Nature's Bounty from Amazon. I use this because it supposedly feeds the healthy follicles what they need to produce hair. Super cheap, easy, why not try.)

Nioxin System 4 shampoo and conditioner every morning (Honestly I don't know how necessary this one is. Sure, I feel that scalp tingle when showering... "ooOo cool" right?? But seriously, I don't know if that's a good thing or not. People swear by it, but I've never seen great results just by adding this product. I suppose I have to use something, so I'm using this over priced product.)

On the 17th, I very carefully trimmed my head with a plastic 1.8mm guard. I read that you're not supposed to use a trimmer or buzzer on your head for the first few weeks... but I *highly* doubt I did anything to affect my already in place follicles.

I did this because with my already fine hair and now that I'm starting to get my 2 week shed, I personally think it just looks better super short for now. People just assume I've shaved my head, and maybe I have subtle rash or sunburn from the redness. (I've kept my head completely out of the sun btw, I've read that it can cause some SERIOUS pigmentation issues) Some people even say they prefer the shaved head look on me, so I guess I'm lucky with the right type of head shape lol thanks mom

QUESTION: Has anyone experienced their redness taking a while to fade in both the donor and recipient area? I've seen some people that lose the post-OP redness in a week or two. I'm just over two weeks and still quite red (and my recipient area is still numb, but I think that's common) I've always had some redness on the base of my neck which I don't know what it is, but I've seen others with it. You can see that in the pictures as well.

Thanks for hanging with me through this journey!

And a little side note - I didn't think I was going to tell anyone I had this operation done... I was going to wear a hat and the miraculously just have hair in 9 months. But I told a few close friends and their reactions have been nothing but incredibly positive and encouraging. I've become more open about it now told many people in my circle and honestly no one has sent any judgement my way. Yeah, maybe there are a few scoffing behind my back, but let's just open I have good results, or else everyone will think I'm a dumbass for spending a lot of money to fly to Turkey to get my head butchered! lol
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Old 04-21-2017, 04:43 AM
Spring15's Avatar
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Looks good. I'm still pinkish on my recipient area, normal for Caucasians?

I must disagree with you on Finasteride though, I definitely had sexual sides taking it.
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Old 07-05-2017, 11:36 PM
Rinaldi363's Avatar
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Hey man any updates? I'm looking to set up an appointment soon!
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Old 08-12-2017, 04:44 PM
lukeyb1687's Avatar
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Any updates? How js your growth coming along? I'm based in LA too and would love to see the results in person if possible?
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Old 08-13-2017, 06:12 PM
Misterpete's Avatar
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Default Are there reviews of before and after a full year??

I am interested because I like the idea of a professional team that facilitates the experience and procedure.

However, all i keep seeing is that people have been looked after well by the team, Dr Cinik is a gentleman etc; I am not seeing real reviews where we can see the results i.e. how well the hair has been transferred etc after a full year. There are some but they are few and far between..
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dr. emrah cinik, fue before after, istanbul, turkey fue

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