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Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews Share your own hair transplant experiences with others here.

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Old 07-09-2016, 05:52 AM
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Arrow Dr. Scott Alexander, Phoenix AZ Patient Documentation of Hair Transplant

Dr Scott Alexander Patient write up and documentation:

Two hair transplants, first with another local Dr for 2018 grafts. The second with Dr. Alexander for about 1978 grafts. Dr. Alexander threw in an extra 178 grafts! He really is a great guy. I really wish I would have gone with Dr. Alexander for my first hair restoration and not a other local one but that's now water under the bridge.

This is a post of my second procedure. If you want to see the progress of my first transplant, please see Nothing2Lose. I chose to go with Dr. Alexander for my second procedure instead of other for a few reasons. First, Dr. couldn't guarantee me that he would take out the existing scar so most likely if I went back to him, I would have two scars - not acceptable; Dr. Alexander said and did take out the original scar. Second, I needed to have the thin parts of my 1st transplant filled in but Dr. Freidman would only put grafts uniformly across my frontal area so I would again have the same problem after the second hair transplant - thinner area in the middle and right side front. Dr. Alexander said he would fill in gaps and from the look of the transplanted area, Alexander did just that. Third, I didn't like previous Dr's after surgery care.

Fourth, I think Dr. Alexander is really hungry to be the best hair transplant surgeon in the country whereas other local dr has his dermatology side of his medical bussiness. Fifth, in my opinion my results from other Dr were at best average - more like mediocre. Lastly, I learned that having a lot of experience in the hair transplant business is not really a feather in a Doctor's cap; I learned that a good hair transplant is about having a physician that is an artist as well as a good surgeon and I believe that Dr. Alexander is an artist and a great surgeon. Just like in every field, on a few people have extraordinary talent that shines above the others and I think Dr. Alexander has this talent. Also, I now know that a doctor that is a veteran of the hair transplant industry has a handicap.

Below are the pictures that Dr. Alexander took before and after my procedure. My hair preop was combed straight back. I will not be posting as frequently as I did for my first procedure.

The night of surgery was hard to get sleep. I cycled between sleeping for a few hours and waking up. Like my first surgery, I had a splitting head ache all night. The donor area was a bit more painful this time around probably because this is the second time through the procedure and my scalp was tighter. Needless to say I needed the pain medication

1 week post op

I got the stitches out today. The suture looks absolutely great! The scar is flat, the edges of the incision are together, there is only a linear line (no jags), and there are no crusts or scabs, unlike my first hair transplant scar at this time, which had lots of crusts/scabs, was wide, and looked like a sausage. I'm so glad that Dr. Alexander took out that old scar; I just didn't realize how bad it was until I saw the great job that Dr. Alexander did and compared with the pictures of my 1st HT. Dr. Alexander takes his time closing the incision and actually does a double stitch to close, in which he closes the deep layer of skin with desolvable stitches and the superficial skin layer with regular stitches. I KNOW that I will be able to clip down to a 4 or even a 3 with this scar no problem, unlike my old scar in which I could see the track with a 5 clip and even with a 6, albiet barely. I was very impressed that Dr. Alexander took the time to examine the incision and recipient area today because Dr. Friedaman didn't bother to see me when I had my stitches taken out in my first. I'll post pictures of the scar soon.
Healing is phenomenal and much better than my first, although you can see this for yourself from the pictures below. Dr. Alexander uses very small blades, which minimizes trauma to the area and allows him to get great packing density. I am amazed that Dr. Alexander was able to place grafts BETWEEN my existing hair. This must have taken meticulous work and explains why he takes his time to place grafts

Hairline - my scalp and hair has a little neosporing on them in all pictures

1 Month Post op

It's been one month post op of my second hair restoration. Pictures below are with my hair buzzed in the donor area with a 7 gaurd and the top (recipient area) at a little longer than an 8 gaurd. My hair is combed straight back and this is how I wear my hair out now that it is getting longer. As usual, no products are in my hair. At about 2 weeks I noticed significant shock loss along the incision line. I think the loss has stopped now but it is still noticeable at a 7 gaurd. I also see and feel stubble along the incision so, eventhough I'm concerned about this shock loss (mainly because it is a dead give away that I had a hair transplant and need to conceal), I'm confident that the hair in the donor area will grow back. My scalp still feels pretty tight but there is little to no pain.

I have had no shock loss in the recipient area and I attribute this to the outstanding care that Dr. Alexander used to place the grafts between my native and transplanted hair. What a difference from my first HT with Dr. Friedman as shock loss in the recipient area was substantial with him and this shock loss was my main anxiety with my first hair transplant. As I said, I think he killed native hair in the recipient area. There is still some noticeable redness in the recipient area from my second hair transplant and I hope this resolves soon. Even slight exposure to the sun makes the redness come out more. Lastly, I have lost most of the transplanted hair shafts and thus have begun the waiting game.

2 Months post op

This past month went by slow. Hopefully other months will go by faster. In the picts below my hair is cut with an 8 gaurd on top and a 7 guard in back. Donor shock loss is getting better but there still is a visible track along the scar. I still feel stubble so I think the shock loss will recover. Donor itches like crazy. I'm starting to feel and see some stubble. Albeit, it is thin. The distribution seems more uniform across the donor area than my last HT. Also, I'm getting some acne so the little guys are active under the skin. Cosmetic results are not noticeable yet.

3 Months Post Op

The shock loss has significantly got better in the donor area. I shaved my head down with a tight 7 in the pictures below. The track is slightly visible overall. In particular, my right side and rear has almost completely resolved, but my left side is still pretty bad. I think some of this "shock loss" is due to the scalp being pulled tight, which makes the follicle density less in that strip as compared to the adjacent area. This wasn't an issue in my first because I still had lots of density in the donor and didn't notice the thinning in the strip. I think that as my scalp relaxes and the hair grows in along the donor strip it will be unnoticeable. I still feel stubble a long the scar. I can conceal with hair spray.

I shaved my head to a tight seven clip, so my hair is shorter than my last posts. Consequently, I can't comb my hair straight back. In the pictures below, I just got out of the shower (hair dry though) and combed my hair forward. I'm still getting blatant pimples so activity is good. Also, I have stubble all across my scalp. My new transplanted hair must have started to grow in last month because I can definitely tell that my middle and right side have filled in and almost caught up with my left side density. In the hairline picture below you can see that there is a brown band in my hairline. This is stubble from the new transplanted hair growing in and it is actually about a half inch or so thick.

Overall, I think I'm ahead of schedule as it is only three months and my density is becoming more uniform. I'm anticipating a great result by 8 months. But you can judge for yourself. I would really, really appreciate your comments, especially from those that are contemplating on getting a hair transplant.

Shock loss on left side coming back !

4 months post op

The pictures below are at 4 months, 2 days post op with Dr. Alexander

The donor area shock loss is almost completely gone as you can see from the picture below. My hair is a little longer than normal as I didn't get a chance to buzz my hair for these pictures so I'm reluctant to say the shock loss has completely resoloved. I anticipate all shock loss will have grown back by my next post (5 mon post op). I still also feel stubble along the left side of the scar. Hair is growing through the scar, the scar is flat, and only a pencil line in thickness. Dr. Alexander did an IMPECCABLE job closing the incision.

I can't believe how much hair I have for only 4 months!!! I am so happy that I did my second procedure with Dr. Alexander - He is the best. I'm anticipating more hair over the next four months but to be honest even if the hair just thickens up and matures my expectations will be met for my 2nd HT. I only wish that I went with Dr. Alexander for my first hair transplant as I wasted money with my first given the growth I got plus I lost native hair on my first (both donor and recipient). Oh well, water under the bridge but I just can't stop thinking about how good my transplant results would have been if I went to Dr. Alexander for both. The new transplanted hair is still a bit thin and shorter than my old transplanted/native hair but it is not really noticeable.

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to Dr. Alexander for helping me get my hair back and that I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone considering a hair transplant - he truly is top notch.

5 months

I've been really busy with pharmacy school so I haven't had time to evaluate my progress or even think about hair this past month. I'm still getting some acne on my head so I think more hair is to come. The hair that has grown has thickened up a bit. I'm still very pleased and glad that I went through this procedure. I'll try to post pictures on month 6.

6 months

My hair in the pictures below has hair spray in it so that it stays combed straight back. I have no concealers like Toppik in my hair. It's a little longer than prior pictures. I'm pretty happy with my second procedure. I'd like to get your opinion about my hair progress. Thanks.

7 Months Post op

Well, I'm just shy of 7 months but I have a break now to post. My hair is cut much shorter than my previous posts. It is cut using a tight 5 clipper in the back (~5/8") and a tight 6 clipper on the top (~6/8"). I did this to get a good comparison of my hair progress. Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome of my second procedure. Of course I'm still hoping for more hair to grow in over the next 5 months. I still feel stubble on my left side but other than that I think this area is completely healed and is the final results. At a tight 5 clip, I don't feel completely comfortable going out because I can see the track where the donor tissue was taken. I think that the donor area will look fine at a 6 but I'll see next month. I haven't got any blatant acne in the recipient area for about a month. The hair in the recipient area is now uniform in density. This procedure worked so well that I'm actually thinking about getting another transplant from Dr. Alexander in about a year or so just to get more fullness. The pictures for some reason make my hair look thicker compared to when I look in the mirror.

9 months post op

In the picts below my hair is cut with an 8 clipper (1"). I just got out of the shower, hair dry, and combed straight forward (no style). I am still very happy with my second procedure and have decided to do another procedure with Dr. Alexander to thicken behind the hairline. Shock loss has resolved but I still wouldn't feel comfortable going out with my hair clipped below a 6 (3/4" is the limit to where I can just begin to see the track).

10 Months post op

Here are some picts at exactly 10 months. My hair is cut with a 6 clip (6/8") - I feel completely comfortable going out at this length in regard to the scar. My hair is just combed forward. Although I don't see any improvement from month 7, I am still very happy with the results. And if this is the final result, I feel like I got my monies worth from Dr. Alexander.

12 months post op

I had my one year visit with Dr. Alexander. This is actually 13 months post op. I had to meet with him late because I wanted to get done with a very intense quarter. Anyway, he took some pictures of my hair and they are depicted below. My hair is substantially longer than usual (about 1.75" long). I have to say that my hair looks much better when it is longer compared to when it is buzzed. But I'll let you be the judge of that. The incision has healed completely and I feel comfortable going out in public (can't see the track) with my head buzzed with a 5 - 6 clip (5/8 - 3/4" in length); at a 4 clip, the track can be seen for sure. As always, I would apreciate your comments.

This will be my last post unless I do another procedure with Dr. Alexander, so good luck to you all.

Dr. Freidman's work, 2018 grafts (just before Dr. Alexander's beautiful work as shown in above photos)

13 months post op my repair


Feel free to visit my website and take my free ebook:

Representative and Patient Advisor for:
Dr. Alan Feller, Coalition Member , Dr. William Lindsey, Coalition Member and Dr. Scott Alexander, Coalition Member
I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. I am salaried by all the surgeons I work for.

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Old 07-09-2016, 09:44 PM
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Thanks for sharing. I have a couple of questions.

First, how long was it between your first and second procedure?

Were you satisfied with the results of the first doctor's work initially, but simply continued to lose hair over the years? Or were you dissatisfied with the first procedure from the get-go?

Do you have any pictures after the first procedure when it looked its "best"?


Do you have any pictures
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Old 07-11-2016, 10:52 AM
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Here was the patient before any HT work 2011 before his first op :

Then 11 months post op with his first Dr. ( NOT Dr Alexander )

The patients words are as below 11 months after his first session prior to going to Dr Scott Alexander :

This will be the last post on this webpage because I'm going to have my second procedure soon. I will post results of that procedure under Nothing2LoseII. The pictures below were taken at 10 months, 21 days post op. I let my hair grow a little longer and combed it straight back to reveal the recipient area. Normally I comb my hair forward so that it looks like I have more coverage. Again, I'm glad that I went through with the procedure because I did get cosmetic improvement but the improvement I got is a little below expectation. Inbetween the two smocks of hair, I didn't get the growth, and hence, the coverage I expected. The same can be said about my right side. I'm very happy with the left side. So, across my frontal area, the density is not even. My second and last (no matter what) HT addressing the frontal area will address these deficiencies from the first HT.

For this upcoming procedure, I got an exceptional doctor in Dr Scott Alexander.
Feel free to visit my website and take my free ebook:

Representative and Patient Advisor for:
Dr. Alan Feller, Coalition Member , Dr. William Lindsey, Coalition Member and Dr. Scott Alexander, Coalition Member
I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. I am salaried by all the surgeons I work for.
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Old 07-13-2016, 05:48 PM
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Looks much improved and more natural after the repair.
2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.

Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.
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Old 07-16-2016, 12:35 AM
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Thanks for the comments. It was a pleasure to work with and help this patient move forward.
Please feel free to visit our website : Dr. Scott Alexander website and online consultation form

Dr. Alexander is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians
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Old 07-19-2016, 11:45 AM
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Indeed - Yet another great example of how patients lives can be transformed when surgery is performed well !

Feel free to visit my website and take my free ebook:

Representative and Patient Advisor for:
Dr. Alan Feller, Coalition Member , Dr. William Lindsey, Coalition Member and Dr. Scott Alexander, Coalition Member
I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. I am salaried by all the surgeons I work for.
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