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Results Posted by Leading Hair Restoration Clinics Surgeons recommended on the Hair Transplant Network should post your hair transplant photos here.

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Old 09-14-2012, 07:41 PM
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hang in there , and try to stay positive,how is the scar, hopefully the hairs will mature and give you more coverage,
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Old 09-17-2012, 10:44 AM
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Thanks for the comments everyone. I really do appreciate y'all's opinion, even if it is very blunt and to the point haha. I can respect that. Since Bill took the time to write out such an elaborate response, I figured the least I can do is address some of his points:

For starters, let me say that I'm not claiming there isn't any growth. I know there is, and I think it's a marginal improvement, but there is no way this is the result of 3640 grafts. It appears as though half of that actually grew, which is what I'm truly worried about. That, and the fact that my donor hair supply has now been cut in half.

Originally Posted by Bill - Managing Publisher View Post
For starters, I wholeheartedly disagree with Sparky that TexAg's results don't look natural. While they may not be as dense as the patient wants, the results show a rather subtle but natural improvement in both the hairline and temple areas.
Eh. With all due respect, if I wanted subtle I wouldn't have opted for such a large procedure. I was planning to restore my hairline as reasonably as possible, and felt that 3640 grafts should have done so. Also, to address Spanker's concern, I wouldn't say it's a super aggressive hairline. If Kira can provide the post-op pics, I think you would see that it's pretty conservative.

However, I would have to respectfully disagree with Bill that it looks natural. You don't even have to zoom in on these photos to clearly see the individual hairs along the hairline in both the front and 3/4 view. In the temple area, I can literally count the grafts under any variety of lighting. The same can be said about the temple points. That's not natural.

Secondly, while TexAg still possessed a lot of natural hair prior to surgery, it's very common for a young man in their 20's to continue losing hair. Furthermore, trauma to the scalp during hair transplant surgery can permanently "shock" miniaturizing hair. While DHT resistant / non-miniaturized hair has a very good chance of surviving trauma and regrowing, hairs in the process of dying may not grow back. Thus, if TexAg possessed a lot of miniaturizing hairs in the frontal core, it's quite possible that these hairs may have died a bit prematurely. The good news however, is that they were placed by permanent DHT resistant hairs and will not fall out.
I understand your point, but that doesn't explain the poor yield and lack of growth in the temple areas where there was no (visibly) existing miniaturizing hair that could have died as result of the surgery.

Moreover, while it's true that many patients see the vast majority of growth by 12 months, studies performed by world class hair transplant surgeons have clearly demonstrated that hair growth can continue after 12 months and continue up to 18 and even 24 months. I often see some of the same members dismiss this reality during controversy, which is highly unfortunate, especially since it often stirs the pot instead of providing real information and encouragement to the patient.
Considerable growth? Or maybe ~5-10% growth with continued maturing? I honestly think I would need another 40-50% growth before I considered this a success. I can't see that happening over the next year...

Another important point to note is that we haven't seen any postoperative photos or interim photos showing the scalp 1 to 9 months after hair transplant surgery. Thus, if either Dr. Arocha's clinic and/or the patient have photos of his scalp immediately afer surgery or sometime before now, I suggest posting them.
If Kira reads this, hopefully she will be able to provide those. I took photos every month and stored them on my laptop, but unfortunately it crashed and my photos were lost.

I apologize if my post has come off as negative or that I was in any way neglecting your encouragement. I really do appreciate it, but at the same time I'm a realist and I know that at this point things are not likely going to improve drastically. I might experience a little growth and maturing here and there, but based off my research, it seems that the MAJORITY of growth should have happened by now.

Thanks again for the concern everyone. I'll be going back into Arocha's office in a few weeks for a full one year update.
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