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Support Group - Discuss personal issues due to Hair Loss Interact with hair loss sufferers by sharing your hair loss experience and how it has impacted you. Relate to others on a personal level and offer and receive helpful support

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Old 08-20-2012, 03:57 AM
hairs's Avatar
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Default Need to share my feelings here..

people at work make fun of the way my hair looks when it is combed... i've been told over and over that it looks like i am wearing a toupee... two men made a bet between eachother.. there bet was if i was wearing a toupee or not and called me over in front of all my co workers to ask me this question. so it even made thing worse... like it is a joke or something...

when people talk to me, they're always looking up at my hair.. I want to feel normal.. guys help me out here.. i am not feeling very good about myself and really depressed.

I think it is time to meet with Dr. Rahal so i can be normal once again.
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Old 08-20-2012, 10:08 AM
Icecreamman's Avatar
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Schedule some consults. Dr rahal is a great start! Good luck and don't let these assholes bring you down
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Old 08-20-2012, 06:48 PM
jerrycan's Avatar
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Default gradually shave down

What you are 'suffering' is horrible! When people have a full head of hair or near enough they do not know how it feels to lose this and it mentally affects everyone different. The irony of modern life is that people will more readily accept a man who embraces or reveals his baldness by having the confidence to display it than a man who tries to tone it down with a comb over or concealer!... although many bald men may not be as comfortable revealing it as they may make out. But you cannot win as they will slag you whatever you do

Ht's may not work if someone continues to lose all their hair to the point of a 'horse shoe' effect, and then you don't have the option of shaving it down due to the scar or scars
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Old 08-23-2012, 06:46 PM
Pipj83's Avatar
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Hi mate. I understand what you're going through, completely. It really is important to realise, though, that there is a great deal more to you than your hair. It is a shame that people pick up on any perceived insecurity and, rather than take action to build themselves up, find it easier to use words to knock other people down.
A hair transplant is a long term thing, but it's also a long haul procedure, nothing happens over night. I suggest that, if you're feeling depressed, think about some things you could do right now, independent of your hair, that could make you start feeling better in the short term. Exercise is great. Think about making marginal gains in all areas of your life. These will all add up over time and before you know it, you're confidence will have come on leaps and bounds.
Please don't consign yourself to the sidelines for a year or so, waiting for your new hair to grow (if you have a transplant). Focus on a point, three months from now perhaps, and think how you might ideally be able to look. Sure, you'll wish you had more hair, but better to be a bloke who wishes he had more, is fit, healthy, and confident in other areas, than a bloke who just wishes he had more hair. There are areas of your life you are not helpless in - for the time being, why not focus on them? It is so important to realise that people with hair, haven't done anything brilliant to achieve that hair! Their pride is erroneous and most probably masques massive insecurities in other areas of their lives. Look at people like Andre Agassi as role models. Be proud of what you achieve, not what you have simply been given. Hope I don't sound too pretentious, just want you to start feeling better about yourself :-)
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Old 08-23-2012, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by hairs View Post
people at work make fun of the way my hair looks when it is combed... called me over in front of all my co workers to ask me this question. I think it is time to meet with Dr. Rahal so i can be normal once again.
Keep in mind that all the people making fun of you have insecurities of their own....and probably lots of them. If it's not a physical insecurity it may be they had an abusive parent, maybe their wife/GF is cheating on them, maybe they are up to their ears in credit card debt...who knows. Even-though it's difficult to deal with, you must realize mean-spirited people are probably that way to cover their own insecurities. If they are human they have skeletons in their closet too. A big part of me getting over what you are going through was the realization that I was giving detractors power by caring what they if they had perfect lives...when in reality they had as many or more issues than I've ever had.

And yes you should start down the journey of fixing the problem if it bother's you. Make an appointment to see 2-3 top doctors. Don't put it off. Dont wait, do will help restore your confidence.

In the may also consider going to a top notch hair salon. Call an exclusive salon and ask who is the best at that salon. Make an appointment and tell them you need a few extra minutes for a consult with the hairdresser before your first cut. Explain your situation. That you are being teased about a comb-over look, that you plan on getting a hair transplant to have more to work with, but in the mean-time you would like a new cool look that makes the most of what you have. Once you have a new cut/look, you can if you want go to a typical salon or barber, but let a master do the "make-over".

It will take some "bravery" to do both. It will take bravery to get a new look and walk into work. It will also take bravery to get a hair transplant and walk back into work post-op. But as long as you're on the road to improvement, it's worth it.

Please keep us updated.
Dr. Dow Stough - 1000 Grafts - 1996
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Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,
but it doesn't stop the clock.

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Old 08-28-2012, 12:39 PM
almostdone99's Avatar
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Finding a good shrink or psychiatrist, while you're researching solutions, might be good for you; it is something I should have done and might have helped me avoid making rash decisions that left me with scars, physical and mental.
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Old 09-06-2012, 06:43 AM
SADbutTRUE's Avatar
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hang in there ,try not to let it get you down,i know how you feel ,i too get made fun of because of because of my hair losss and poor comb forward,its not cool at all, be strong and try to think about things that make you happy, find someone you can trust and express your feelings to them ,just talking about it gets it off your chest, you will feel better,remember your not alone in dealing with hairloss and its negative effects on selfesteem and confidence then form a plan of attack,meds ,research, and when ur ready, go for some consulations with some of the top docs out there, my favorite are shapiro medical hassonandwong and dr rahal, two of them do fue as well as strip soyou have plenty of options ,the first thing is to get your mind right ,then the rest will fall in place ,the waiting phase is the hardest part of the process ,good luck in ur journey
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