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Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews Share your own hair transplant experiences with others here.

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Old 05-19-2011, 03:11 PM
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Default My story and HT results at 1 yr

Hi Everyone.
This my first post on this site. I have been lurking around for a long while and thought I'd share my story and HT results.
I had a HT just over a year ago and I'm very happy with my results. My experience was a good one. Although I have to say I feel lucky to have had these great results. It seems a lot of people do not. I really think doing research and gathering up all the information I could find assisted me with my decision and positive results.
My Story:
I'm 43 and started losing my hair almost 10 years ago. Not fast....just typical receding and thinning over the years. But it really bothered me. Especially these last few years. I started spending more and more time on it in the morning using hairspray and a blow dryer just trying to cover up what was happening. It got to a point where I wouldn’t leave the house until it was just right. Then it started to effect my personality. I lost confidence in my appearance and fell into depression. So I started searching the internet for hair restoration options and stumbled on to Hasson & Wong's website. I was blown away by the blogs with HT results. I knew I had to look into this further. I then found the hair loss forums and my life changed...I had hope! I also had support for what I was feeling. I was not alone!! I did a lot of research and looked at just about every post related to HT’s. By the time I made my decision to do it...I felt like an expert on the subject. However, I needed to find the right doctor. Again, I searched and read reviews on a lot them. I made my choice based on several things (doctor’s results/reviews, travel, down time, cost, etc.) I picked Dr. Robert Haber and made an appointment. He put me on FIN immediately. (3 months pre-op) I probably should have been on it years sooner. I let my hair grow longer in back for the surgery so it could help hide the donor site once complete. I took 2 weeks off work and scheduled my surgery for a Friday so I would have 16 days to heal as much as possible before returning. (I work in an office environment and can’t wear a hat.) I also asked the Dr. not to shave the donor area or the recipient area. Again, I did this to help hide the HT once complete. The surgery was a breeze. Although it did suck to have to sit there for so many hours but other then that it was easy. The first 2 days post-op were a little painful and the tightness in my scalp was weird feeling and annoying but that went away within a week. Not much swelling at all either.
On the 15th day post-op my hair stylist shaped my hair to help hide the HT. Not much she could do to the recipient area but she was able to hide the donor scar real good. With some Dermatch and my new haircut, I returned to work without so much as a question as to what I did. Either people really didn’t notice or they were just being nice not to say anything. My wife said she couldn’t tell. I did everything I was asked to do by the doctor pre and post surgery. There were no surprises before or after the surgery. Here I am 12 months later and I am completely stoked on my results. I don’t even need Dermatch anymore. My only regret was that I had this done at the end of April which made for a rough summer. Special thanks goes out to Dr. Haber and his staff for their great work.
Here are some pictures of my journey.

1 year

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Old 05-19-2011, 03:26 PM
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Very nice. How many grafts did you have?
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Old 05-19-2011, 03:27 PM
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Very nice result dude!
I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a temporary/non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical equipment and products exclusively.
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Old 05-19-2011, 03:32 PM
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Hello Can't Decide,

I guess the amount of grafts would have been nice to include.
I had aprox. 2500 via strip.

@ hairthere...Thanks!
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Old 05-20-2011, 03:17 AM
David - Moderator's Avatar
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Welcome! Thank you for sharing the details of your excellent results with Dr. Haber. Your hair looks great!

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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Old 06-24-2011, 07:23 PM
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I am going to be getting a HT from Dr. Haber next month....any advice? I am assuming that you would recommend him. =)
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Old 06-24-2011, 07:48 PM
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That is an awesome result.....I can see why you are stoked!
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Old 06-24-2011, 11:19 PM
multiplier's Avatar
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They should put your results in their online portfolio, it's definitely that good.
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Old 06-27-2011, 06:27 AM
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Great results.
1 mg Finasterid M-W-F.
2,500 mcg Biotin.
1 mg 5 % Minoxidil once a day.
Fish oil.
Head and Shoulders every day.
Nizoral 2 % one time a week.
Emu oil.
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Old 06-27-2011, 07:50 AM
aaron1234's Avatar
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That looks like a yield of %110! Well done.
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