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Old 09-14-2010, 02:11 PM
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Default masturbation and hairloss

ok so bear with me,

during my research on the net ive stumbled across alot of threads and pages on many people suggesting that masturbating in excess will make you bald and loose hair???? lol

i came across a thread, a young man was so depressed about his hair loss and beleived it was down to wanking to much............ not only that but the people replying where also commenting back telling him yes its because you w**k?

after i stopped wetting my pants with laughter, i dug deeper and the explanation for this is that w*****G or masturbating results in test being converted to dht thus causing hairloss...

but surely if you havent got a genetic dispositon to balding you could masturbate untill you turned blind and still wouldnt go bald???

can some one please explain to me where the logic lies and if there is any logic in this the theory behind it as it sounds bollox to me!!!!!!

but never the less the amount of info on this on line is considerable, please see bellow i will paste a few comments etc found else where

any thoughts??

this is the boy i mentioned above

hello! i am 23 year old, like other young guys i start masturbation at my earlier age of 15, i was misguided by many people that masturbation doesn’t effect human health, but now i came to know it really does. an year ago i start my hair loss, and up to now i been lost about half of my hair, my head is not completely out of hair but yes i have lost half of my hair.their growth stops,their roots got weak, they fall every day. and other problem which i am facing with, is that due to over masturbation i got my physical appearance damaged, i got a shining face before but now when some one look at me they feel like i am an old man. i am really worried about it now.i say gud bye to masturbation 2 weeks ago. but now i want my hair back. could u help me how to get my hair back? and how will i make my personality attractive again like before i had?

and this was the repply, this poor kid needs to get some professional help

hanks for your consideration and visiting the website! Many people, especially modern doctors believe that there is no relation between over masturbation and physical debility, hair loss and weakness/dullness. Ayurveda, on the counterpart, firmly sticks upon its opinion that over masturbation does affect a man. It brings weakness, hair loss, and curvature of the penis, backache, pain in groin and testicular region and lots of other undesirable ill effects. According to Ayurveda, the semen is purest extract of all the nutrients we have in our body and losing it too much may draw all the vital energy and in some unfortunate case, it may even end up in infertility. Over masturbation is also described as one of the causes for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
Hair loss could be due to many reasons, over masturbation, being the one. If your hair loss is not due to hormonal changes, heredity or unhygienic conditions, you must consider the masturbation as your problem. To overcome hair loss due to any reason comes in a many ways. You can adopt some natural product that is comprised of natural ‘hair root strengthening’ herbs as in Zyx Hair Loss Remedy. I may also suggest you to include Bhringraj that is described as the best herb for hair care in Ayurveda.
To overcome masturbation, you can practice some yogasanas and meditation (dhyana). This helps in developing capability to stick to your decision. Do not look at arousing postures and video clips that may incline you again towards masturbation.

and something else i found
Does Masturbation cause Hair Loss?

Recent advances in the treatment of male pattern baldness have revealed that hair loss in males is directly related to DHT and the amount in your body. Numerous topical shampoo's and pills have recently come out to treat the effects of DHT on men's bodies.
The production of DHT can be linked to testosterone. But is there a link between hair loss and self gratification?
Overdoing self-manipulation converts too much testosterone into dihydrotestosterone(DHT). High levels of DHT overload the body causing baldness and possible prostate enlargement if blood circulation is poor in the prostate area causing a build-up of the compound. Reducing the frequency of your self gratification will help maintain low levels of DHT and avoid hair loss.
What's DHT

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is produced from the male hormone testosterone, by the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.
DHT is manufactured at a number of sites, but primarily in the liver and the skin (including the hair follicle). Many factors increase the production of DHT in the body, such as stress, genetics, hormones, and certain stimulants. The exact mechanism is unclear, but current medical opinion believes that the follicles may be genetically programmed to progressively grow smaller when DHT is bound to it.
Steps To Take

  • Reduce the intake of Hormone-polluted beef and dairy products. Red meat traps too much hormone-polluted blood. Instead bring more seafood and poultry into your diet. A vegetarian lifestyle has been adopted by many because of this fact.
  • Eat more seeds, nuts, and soybeans, which contain L-arginine (the natural growth-hormone agents) and Isoflavones (anti-cancer and liver function enhancement), to help prostate swelling.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits for more anti-cancerous hormones and anti-oxidants/vitamins/minerals. You can even try taking a multi-vitamin/mineral to get the antioxidant group into your dietary habits. Notable vitamins are C, E, A, and notable herbs that promote blood circulation are ginseng, ginko biloba and yohimbe.
  • Participate in more outdoor activities to exercise more, improve your heart function, blood-flow and to regulate testosterone levels of the body, rather than burn it into DHT. Try jogging or even taking a brisk walk. Any kind of physical activity is much better for your body than sitting around in front of a TV, especially if you don’t normally move around much.
Stress is also a source of hair loss and the more you stress about losing hair, the more hair you will lose. Try to eliminate sources of stress in your life. Cut back on the "Rosey palm" and other extraneous bedroom activity or at least make sure to reduce your frequency so your body will be able to replenish itself of the lost nutrients and hormones.
Jim Shaw <
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Old 09-14-2010, 02:49 PM
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I have a decent head of hair and would surely be a NW7 if that were true....bwahahaha
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Old 09-14-2010, 03:53 PM
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I saw the thread title - I saw the name of the latest poster - I chuckled.
I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.

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Old 09-14-2010, 09:56 PM
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There is simply no valid evidence that the two are related.
"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"

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Old 09-14-2010, 11:46 PM
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If you really want to save your hair don't stop masturbating, go all the way and get castrated. I thought I heard someone here say they went from a NW7 to a full head of hair after castration. Of course, there weren't any before and after pictures (up there or down there).
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Old 09-15-2010, 12:30 AM
Swimmy's Avatar
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Masturbation does increase hair loss. The evidence is very valid.

It increases prolactin in the body thus increasing DHT and scalp inflammation.

Biol Psychol. 2006 Mar;71(3):312-5. Epub 2005 Aug 10.Related Articles, Links

The post-orgasmic prolactin increase following intercourse is greater than following masturbation and suggests greater satiety.

Division of Psychology, School of Social Sciences, University of Paisley, Scotland, UK.

Research indicates that prolactin increases following orgasm are involved in a feedback loop that serves to decrease arousal through inhibitory central dopaminergic and probably peripheral processes. The magnitude of post-orgasmic prolactin increase is thus a neurohormonal index of sexual satiety. Using data from three studies of men and women engaging in masturbation or penile-vaginal intercourse to orgasm in the laboratory, we report that for both sexes (adjusted for prolactin changes in a non-sexual control condition), the magnitude of prolactin increase following intercourse is 400% greater than that following masturbation. The results are interpreted as an indication of intercourse being more physiologically satisfying than masturbation, and discussed in light of prior research reporting greater physiological and psychological benefits associated with coitus than with any other sexual activities.

Interestingly enough sex doesn't have the same side effect

"This current study examined the effect of a 3-week period of sexual abstinence on the neuroendocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm. Hormonal and cardiovascular parameters were examined in ten healthy adult men during sexual arousal and masturbation-induced orgasm. Blood was drawn continuously and cardiovascular parameters were constantly monitored. This procedure was conducted for each participant twice, both before and after a 3-week period of sexual abstinence. Plasma was subsequently analysed for concentrations of adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and testosterone concentrations. Orgasm increased blood pressure, heart rate, plasma catecholamines and prolactin. These effects were observed both before and after sexual abstinence. In contrast, although plasma testosterone was unaltered by orgasm, higher testosterone concentrations were observed following the period of abstinence. These data demonstrate that acute abstinence does not change the neuroendocrine response to orgasm but does produce elevated levels of testosterone in males."
Endocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm ... [World J Urol. 2001] - PubMed result
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Old 09-15-2010, 02:31 AM
j1j9j85's Avatar
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i think and still kinda do think thats its a load of bull,
but at the same time quite alot of people beleive it??????

but in my rational thinking is you dont have mpb or dht sensitive hairs no matter how much you masturbate your hair aint going no where,

similar in the way theat men take 500mg of testosterone steroids a week and still dont loose hair simply because they dont have MPB in the first place.

and surely any increases in dht conversion via the enzymes would be blocked or inhibited by finest or dutas any way? so test and cortisol could increase dramaticaly but would aromatise in to dht as the path way is blocked thus no hair loss?

and the test to dht conversion via masturbating surely in mintue and the natural aromatisation of puberty naturally would be far greater!!!!!

it sure is a wierd subject and one i never really considered??? i wish a dr could comment......

other wise im gunna be a dr evil in no time lol
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Old 09-15-2010, 04:36 AM
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hello chaps,it's little wonder i'm bald,but once i have my wrist elbow and hair replacement op's i think i'll be ok to resume my very time consumeing pastime,all have a nice day....
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Old 03-16-2011, 04:17 AM
hairfull0's Avatar
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LOL that's crazy although I did encounter some masturbation linking to hair loss in my search for causes of hair loss but only a few with really scientific backups. Personally, I don't believe it.
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Old 03-16-2011, 04:28 AM
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HAHAHA. What a thread.. I guess cause over loaded sex or masturbation where you force your body to climax can consume some of your nutrients. just eat well, sleep well and sex moderately around 3 times a week and you will be healthy as a black horse.
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