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Old 09-02-2008, 08:59 PM
Capt'N Mop!!!'s Avatar
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Join Date: Sep 2008
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Last Online: 09-28-2008 04:44 PM

it twas a warm, yet brisk dusk when it happened...the type of sunset and perfect haze which exudes such robust, rich colors which have the ephemeral quality and mezmorizing power to intoxicate the more delicate and charming sex for ages; and it was couched on the horizon awaiting the rise of the pale moon and ebony curtains to end it's fleeting tryst...ok, ok, it was about 8'O clock ---TONIGHT--- in the stuffy elevator at my condo; which did, however inconsequentially still have the remnants of sweet perfume lingering to zee tips of my nosies, rather than zee typical chinese take out it reeks of!!!

where was I? Awww, yes! There stood an angelic figure: skin both soft and supple...lips: pouty and pure. petite, NAY! dainty!!! Baby face w/a naughty lingering lure... and...AND---HAIR! HAIR that could make the gods green w/envy!...and who was this goddess with?---

A BALDED BOZO! yes, it is true, I shat you not! A shiny skin, slap headed balded bozo. So I ask, perhaps it is merely the confidence we acquire from the mops of glory we seek which allow us to acquire the company of such fine felines? How could zuch a fine feline be w/zee likes of zee balded bozo I did zee her with? no? Did zee shine from hiz head do a wee wee danze and charm her like zee snake? no?

zat, is zee queztiOn!!!

a) do you think hair attracts women?
b) do you think confidence is more attractive to women than hair?
c) do you think if you had confidence w/out hair you could get the woman you want?
d) do you think the only way *YOU* can get your confidence (i.e. MOJO) back is your hair?
e) do you think these are too many questions?
f) do you think this quiz is never to end and it iz going to go on and on forever, no?
I am zee capt'N!!!
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