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Year Born:
United States

Hair Loss Story

4000 Grafts with Asmed Dr.Koray

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Hair Loss Overview

Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern:
Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
How long have you been losing your hair?:
10 years +
Norwood Level if Known:
Norwood III
What Best Describes Your Goals?:
Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Treatments

Have you ever had a hair transplant?:
Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime:
Propecia (Finasteride), Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
Comments about hair loss treatments you've tried or are considering:
Will be seeing Asmed in Istanbul in March of 2017.

Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Koray Erdogan

Hair Loss Web Site

My Hair Loss Website

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Treatment Regimen

Propecia (Finasteride)

This FDA approved drug is one of the most effective hair loss treatments on the market today.

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Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

Applied twice daily to the balding areas, this topical treatment has been FDA approved and proven to stimulate hair regrowth. (Read More)

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Photos and Blog Updates

4000-4500 grafts with Dr Koray of Asmed in...

 It has been a long day coming! i am scheduled to see Dr. Koray the last week of March 2017. I have been losing my hair since I was roughly 12-13 years old. It started thinning in the front and then just kind of an overall thinning throughout my head. I had very thick hair as a child so I think this helped with me going so many years and it not being detected by others. Most still...

Created: 2/14/2017

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